Siam Separation – The Play of fate (Part 6)

Hi guys. Hope all r gud. Here is my next part. Pls do read it and share ur views.

The epi starts with the whole family is sitting in the sabha. Just then Janak and sunaina arrives. Janak comes to Ram and says,” Really I am very happy that I am going to have a grandchild soon. And according to the tradition of Mithila the first child should be born there. So can I take Sita with her sisters to Mithila??” Ram replies, ” pitashree, u can take them. I have no objection with that decision. And it is important to follow the tradition. So u can take them.” Janak and Sunaina smiles hearing this. The sisters became very happy after hearing this. But sita is not willing to leave Ram and go there. Her face becomes sad after the permission was given by Ram. Ram notices this. Some time passes.

After some time in a small town of ayodhya, a quarrel was happening in a house between a husband and wife. The husband, named Bhadra, is doubting his wife’s purity. She had gone to her mothers house to look after her as she is unwell. While returning she faced trouble because of heavy storm and rain. It is impossible to cross that river in the heavy rain and it is already night . So she decided to stay in the nearby house. The man in that house is of her fathers age. So she thought him as her father and stayed there. The man also decided to help her. On next morning after returning to her house she was questined by her husband that where she stayed last night. She narrated the whole incident. Her husband misunderstood her and declare her as a impure woman who stayed in another mens house for ine night. The woman though she has justice with her, has no one to help her. So she decided to go to the king to seek justice. So a group of persons along with Bhadra and his wife started their journey towards the palace.

In palace, sita is not happy in Rams decision. She is sitting sad in her kaksh waiting for Ram’s arrival. Just then Ram arrives finishing his duty. Sita on seeing Ram heads to him. She asks Now I am going to talk to Maruada Purushotam Ram or my Raghunandan. Ram says, Sitae ur Raghunandan. She asks” really u love me or not???.” Ram becomes shock. He says,” I love u a lot”. ” Why r u asking this kind of question??” She replies, ” if u love me a lot then why u gave permission to take me to Mithila??” Ram replies, ” As a king I have to follow the tradition. Ur father want to take u to Mithila. So to follow the tradition I accepted hos decision. She says, ” Raghunandan then to follow the tradition, u r even ready to leave me???.Ram replies, Yes Sitae if a situation arises, then this Maryada Purushotam Ram is ready to leave his queen but ur Raghunandan will not leave u anytime. ” She become sad after hearing this. Then Ram continues “Sitae I am bounded by customs and traditions. So I cannot stop u from going to Mithila. But as a daughter u have the right to say to ur father about ur decision. On this siya replies, ” As u r bounded by ur customs and duties, I am also bounded by my fathers love.

So I cannot reject his decision”. Saying so she leaves from there.
Ram worries. Janak, Urmila, Mandavi,Shrutakirti is having a conversation. They asks about Mithila, the beautiful Palace and their favourite garden. Janak answers them that all the things were same as when they left. The sisters smile on hearing dis. Just then sita arrives there. Janak welcomes her and hugs her. She was seen sad. So Janak asks the reason she says that, ” Pitaji I am so sorry. I can’t able to come with u by leaving Ram. So I want to stay here itself. I know u will get hurt after hearing dis. But pls understand my situation.” Janak replies, ” Putri, I can able to understand ur situation. U can stay here itself. Sita becomes happy after hearing this. She hugs Janak. After some time Janak and Sunaina leaves to mithila.

Sita was seen chatting with her sisters. They all r happy because the family is to welcome the baby soon. Sisters tells sita that they r going to become choti maa soon. They all ask sita that what child u want whether a boy or girl. She replies any of them is ok for me. But they have to be calm and good. Urmi says” oh jiji more like me ah?” Suddenly a voice says, ” no mila, bhabhi wants a child who Is more like me.” They all turned to see lakshman standing with his brothers. All laugh hearing dis. Urmi says,” No didi is not wishing to have a rakshas like u.” Mandavi raises her eyebrows in confusion and says” hey urmi didi said the child wants to be calm and good and not like a rakshashi. So I think didi wants a child like me.” ” No mandavi bhabhi doesn’t want a child who gets fear for everything. She wants a child who is brave and calm. So I think it can be me.” Hearing dis kirti says, “Omg!!! U started ur fight ah?? I think ur fights has no end. She doesn’t want a child like u guys. I know how her child will be. Kirti said, ” the child will have bravery more like jijashree”. Shatrughnan continued, ” calm and kind character of Bhabhi.” Siya and Ram gave a huge smile after hearing all of their talks. After some time , The couples went to their respective kaksh and slept peacefully.

Precap- Bhadra seeks justice from Ram. Ram is shocked after hearing Bhadras words.

Thanks for reading guys. And sorry for the late update. Pls do cmnt and share ur views guys. Love u all ♥♥♥♥.

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