Siam Separation – The Play of fate (Part 5)

Hi guys!! Really I am extremely sorry for the very late update… I am very busy with my school works and I am out of station for 2 days so I couldn’t update… so here is the epi.. Hope u like it..

The epi starts with Ram is very happy to hear from Sita that she is pregnant.. His happiness knew no bounds.He was just in cloud 9 after hearing that.. Ram hugged siya tightly. Then Sita’s sisters came. They r very happy on hearing that.The four shared a hug.

Time passes. It was Sita’s godhbari function… The whole ayodhya was filled with celebration.The palace was decorated in an awesome manner. Sisters was busy in making siya to get ready. The whole family members was busy in arrangements. Then sita was made to sit. The sisters stands behind her. The palace is filled with dance and music. Mandavi and urmila also joins them and dance. The brothers look on happily. Then at that time sita happens to notice a ruby ring in Ram’s finger. Suddenly a scene came to her mind.

The scene was, One day Sita was extremely angry on Ram. But it was a fake anger, to test him. Ram tried so much things to cool her but all gone in vain in front of his angry bird. Then Ram came to know that the anger which she was showing is fake. He just stared sita who was sitting with a cute smil on his face. So he came and sat near her. But she turned in opposite. She was just controlling her laughter.Then he came up with a idea. He pulled the ruby ring from his finger and drops down knowingly. The ring rolls and rolls and rolls as fast as it can. Siya just stared at dis. Ram walks behind that ring to catch that and ended up failed. ( He was just acting ) . The ring just ended up lying down the table..Sita who is already controlling her laughter couldn’t control now and she burst out in laughter. Ram also smiled seeing this. He done this act for his beloved to make her laugh.Sita came and picked the ring to hand over to him. But Ram refuses and extended his hand. She made him to wear the ring. Both of them came to know heir mischievous act.. They two smiled at each other.The Fb ends.

Now siya is smiling on remembering that scene. Just then Janak and Sunaina arrives. The sisters smile seeing them and runs to hug them.They all share a hug. Janak and Sunaina comes to sita and blesses her. They two hug her. The four brothers wishes them. They wish them back. After some time the function gtes over.

Some days passed. Sita was with mata kaushalya. Other matas was also present there. After some time sita is heading up to her kaksh. She happens to see a small baby in her kaksh. It was the baby of a dasi. She just cleaned the room and left her baby there to get some water for the baby boy. So when siya came to her kaksh, she saw a cute baby. She just lifts the baby and started to play with hin forgetting the whole world. She was not in this world. She is just playing with that child in a cute manner. Just then Ram enters the kaksh and happens to see his beauty playing with a baby. He was just mesmerised in the beauty and cuteness of his beloved wife. He was lost in his thoughts. He stares her without even blinking his eyes. Just then Lakshman came there to call Ram. But Lakshman saw Ram in this state and looked into the kaksh that his Sita mata is playing with a baby. Urmila came following him. On one second the whole couples arrive there. The three couples notices siam. Lakshman in a shocked manner says ” Omg!!!!! Sita bhabhi delivered the baby so soon ah!!! I cant believe my eyes. The baby is luking soo cute.” On hearing this everyone laughed seeing his innocence except siam who was in the other world. Urmila angrily says ” O God pls give some brain for him. I think he doesn’t know anything than war”. Lakshman understands the situation and tried to make up the happens. Then davi says ” Urmila stop ur fight. Don’t disturb them.”

They all smile. Ram is unaware that his whole family is standing behind him. Bhardavi on seeing siam says” such a lovely couple”. Shurshat repies ” Yes, they are”. The silence was broke out by the dasi. She enters the room and sees the whole family there. She rushes to siya to take the baby. Ram returned from his dream world. He just turned and saw the whole family. All the faces are covered with mischievous smile. On that time the dasi took the child with her and left. Here Ram thinks how to face this situation. Ram asks, ” What u all doing here?” Just then siya joined with Ram. She didn’t know why the whole family is standing here. Then Lakshman replies, “Bhaiya I came to call u to finish a work. But while coming here only I came to know that u r already busy in some work. Ram couldn’t handle this situation. Sita cannot understand what is happening here. Sita then asks urmila,” Urmi what is happening here”?? When urmi came to speak lakshman interupts her and says,” bhabhi I will tell u” Aware of the situation Ram says that,” U all three come with me immediately. We are having an important work tp finish. The three brothers along with their wives leave that place smiling. Then Ram smiles seeing sita and leaves from there.

Precap- Janak and sunaina is seeking permission to take four daughters along with them. Sita refuses to go.

Guys pls cmnt. Sorry if I had bored u. I think this one is a bit boring. Pls cmnt and share ur views guys. Hope u all like it. Thanks for reading.

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  1. wowowowowowowowowow!! finally , i have been dying for this ff akka.omg akka it was amazing and loved the flashback .it was very cute and the siam scene rocked as usual. and i love lakshman s innocence so much . he is really funny and waiting for the next ff akka.

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soooooo much cutie… happy to see ur cmnt… love u a lot dearie… I try to update the next part earlier..

      1. even i have immense love for akka and r u excited for today s episode akka

      2. love for u akka

  2. Thanmathi

    ??? to u dear

    1. Padmaja

      Love u too tanu… Thank u soo much for cmnting…..

  3. Anushya

    🙂 🙂 🙂 just loved it…. superb writing akka…. beautiful penwork… loved the flashback…. love laskhman scenes and siam scenes…. waiting for next epi

  4. Padmaja

    Thank u sooo much dear… happy that u liked it… and I will post next Epi asap…

  5. Superb…flashback scene is amazing ..really loved it..waiting for next part…

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u sooo much dii.. happy that u liked it.

  6. This made my day???
    Thank you for writing it!

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much dear… and ur cmnt made my day?????

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