Siam Separation – The Play of fate (Part 4)


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The epi starts with Sita is sleeping. The sun rises and its rays fall on Sita and she woke. She turns and sees that raghunandan is no where in the kaksh. Then only she remembers that it is her janmadin. She gets down happily that after soo many years she is going to celebrate it with the whole family. So she gets ready. She goes to subha and sees that Ram is busy in some rajya work. So she will not him and goes silently. She will reach her kaksh with a saddened face because she cannot able to meet Ram. Then she hears a call ” Didi, Didi, Where r u ?” She turns and see her three sisters.. They enters and hugs Sita and wish her. And then they all leave for dining hall to have breakfast. There, three mothers r waiting for Sita. Sita comes and takes blessings from them and also from father who is presented there in the form of statue. Mothers and sisters cooked favourite food for Sita.They all have breakfast. And Sita notices that all the three brothers r missing since morning. She asks Urmila,” Urmila, where r my devars?? I didn’t able to see them from morning”. Urmila struggles,” Didi, that is…. Didi that.. they.. r..” Mandavi says” nothing Didi they r busy in rajya work, so they can’t able to meet u. This is the reason.” Sita nods in a dilemma. Everyone finished having breakfast and decided to leave. Sita and her sisters go to Ursula’s kaksh and have a chit chat there.

There Lakshman arrives and unaware of sita’s presence he says” Mila we have finally finished making gift for bha…”. Then when he happens to see sita there he discontinues the sentence. All others gets a bit relaxed. Sita in a confusion asks ” Lakshman, wat u tried to say?? And y u didn’t complete it?? ” Lakshman struggles, “Ah, bahbhi.. That is.. Ahh. I said that I have finished the work given by Mandavi bahbhi. Bahbhi I am saying correctly only no??” Mandavi says” Ahh ya Didi I only said Lakshman to finish a work.” Then Lakshman says,” Sita bhabhi, bhaiya called u. He returned from subha. So go and meet him.” Sita leaves from there and enters her kaksh. But there iss no one in the kaksh. So she sit in the bed. Suddenly, two hands closed her eyes from behind. She touch the hands and says raghunandan. “Janmadin shubhkamanaye sitae”, Ram wishes her. She see Ram and become happy. He asks shall we go for a walk in the garden. She agrees.

In Urmila’s kaksh,
The other six will leave for garden. Suddenly Ram stops in one place and says” Sita, u just continue to walk I will come back in a minute. Pls don’t ask any qns. Obey my words.” He goes from there. Sita continues to walk and unknowingly she steps in a rope. Suddenly a rain of flowers is blowing over her. She felt very happy. When she raised her head, she happened to see the whole family is standing in front of her including Ram and all wishes her at the same time. She became double happy. Then when she gone near to them they all move in two parts. In the centre of the garden there will be a statue made of plant and flowers. The statue portraits Janaki as a small baby in the hands of Janak and sunaina. Her happiness reached the heaven on seeing this. The gift of the family remembers her the childhood of Sita. She she’s the tears of happiness. Then suddenly she felt a warm hands in her shoulder. She turns to see Janak and sunaina.

She became extremely happy to see her parents. She hugged them tightly. Janak and sunaina wishes her. Her happiness knew no bounds there. She didn’t expected this much. She became very Happy that her family gave her a awesome surprise on her special day. Then everyone gone to palace and had lunch together. Then Siya and Ram was in their kaksh, chit chatting abt the day. Then suddenly Siya felt like vomiting. She ran towards the washroom. Ram couldn’t bear dis and called matas to his room. They went and saw Siya and confirmed the news. The four comes happily from there. Ram gets confused and asks Mata wat happened to her?? Is she is unwell?? Can I call rajvaidh here??. Kaikeyi says happily no need of Rajvaidh ,instead call prohit here. Ram gets utterly confused. He says, Raj prohit?? They all leave the room happily. Ram in a confused state runs behind them.

Precap- Ram comes to know that Siya is pregnant. The whole ayodhya celebrate the day with happiness. Janak and sunaina gets happy.

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  1. Anushya

    Padmaja akka hats off to you…i love this ff… ur writing skills great…. love the last line… I can just imagine the whole episode happening…. supera irrundhu akka

  2. NABANITA626

    It’s amazing……so good……
    Keenly waiting for next epi??

    1. Padmaja

      Naba dii thank u sooo much dii…

  3. Padmaja

    Thank u sooo much anushya…

  4. Shrinithi

    akka super ah irrundadu ram surprising her beloved was awesome…ya waiting for precap

    1. Padmaja

      Shrini thank u very much dear.. and ya I will try to update today…

  5. Nice written

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much joy da

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  7. akka wow!!! loved everything.each and every scene was amazing.Loved the surprise like anything

  8. Padmaja

    Thank u dearie..

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