Siam Separation – The Play of fate (Part 3)


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The Epi starts with Ram and Sita was crowned as King and Queen.. Ram wants Bharat to crowned as prince.. But Bharat refuses and tells “This post is suitable for Lakshman only, he deserves it more than me. I am not at all equal to Lakshman in any ways. So pls give this post to him.” Lakshman gets shocked hearing this. He said ” bhaiya, Bharat bhaiya is only suitable for dis post. I am younger than him then how can I take that post.”. He says to Bharat ” yes bhaiya u r not equal to me because u r more than me.. Pls accept this post.” Then Bharat tells to Shatrughnan to accept this post. Shatrughnan refuses by saying ” if u two r not eligible for this post then how I will be eligible. Pls don’t punish me by giving this.” Then Ram says ” As a king of Ayodhya, I give the responsiblity of Prince to my younger brother Bharat”. Bharat has no other way than accepting because it is a irder if the King not a brother. So Ram make Bharat as crown prince The whole Ayodhya people wish them..

After some time, Sita is sitting in her kaksh, thinking of the past memories that how she married Ram , then came to Ayodhya and so on. When she is thinking a past memory strikes to her.

The FB begins,

It was the time when Sita got married to Ram and all the four couples came to Ayodhya.. Ram married Sita by breaking the magnificent shiv dhanush and not only that he has killed Tadka and Subhahu and Mareech was thrown away by him. This news circled the whole world. Whole world was astonished by Ram’s bravery and power. So many marriage proposals came. One day when Sita and Ram was chit chatting in their Kaksh suddenly a dasi came and told Ram that Maharaj Dasharath is calling him. So Ram told to Sita and went. Then Sita heared from dasis that it was the call for the marriage proposal to Ram. Maharaj Dasharath not only considered it as a personal issue but also as a political issue. So Ram was called by the King to select his second wife. Hearing this Sita started crying like a child that her Raghunandan will marry another woman and become a husband to her also.. she can’t able to bear this. When Ram came after sometime, he came with four portraits. He plsce them in his bed. Sita who is crying didn’t want her Raghunandan to see her like this. So she turned so that Ram can’t see her face. She asked controling her tears , ” Raghunandan can I know y pitashree called u??” Ram says “y not sitae. U know, pitashree has called me to select a girl as a wife out of four girls and here r there portraits. How can I select without ur permission. So pls open the portraits and select a suitable match for me sitae.” Hearing this Sita began to cry bitterly. She couldn’t control. But she gains the strength to control and without even seeing the portrait she began to talk. She removed the cover of one portrait and without seeing that she said ” This girl is not suitable for u Raghunandan”. And she removed the other portraits cover and said ” she is not equal to u”.

And she removed the cover if the third one and said “she will not be suitable for our family”. And at last she removed the cover of the fourth portrait and said “this girl is not looking as a perfect match to u”. She said these words in a jealousy way because she want Raghunandan to be her only,she wants to be his one and only wife. She don’t want another girl in the place of her. So she said these words to her Raghunandan. Hearing this Ram says, “Sita I am going to marry these four girls.” Because she is ” Videh raj ki Vaidehi” and she is ” JanaknandinI Janaki” and she is “Mithila ki Maithili” and the last one is “Bhoomis daughter Bhoomija”. Hearing these words from her Raghunandan Sita turned to see the portraits of her and became very happy. She hugged her Raghunandan tightly and asked forgiveness from him. Ram said ” Sita u r my only wife and will be. No one in the earth will take the place of u. U r my life, my breathe and no one will take me away from ur heart and nor my heart.” Hearing this Sita smiled and cried in happiness.” FB ends

Now Sita’s eyes is filled with tears of happiness by thinking this moment.Suddenly Ram enterd the Kaksh and happened to see Sita in this state. He asked what happened Sitae?y r u crying like dis?. She says everything. Hearing this Ram smiles over the past. Suddenly they heared a voice,” Ram bhaiya , Sita didi” Siam turnes to see bardavi,lakshmilla and shrusa coming there. Lakshman told bhaiya and Bhabhi,matas r calling all of us. Ram says OK we can go. They all left the Kaksh and went to see their matas.

Precap- Next morning it is the birthday of our Janaki.
Wait and see what is the gift she is going to get.

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  1. wow akka suppera irundhudhu , fb was the cutest part of the episode , i read that part again and again . sweet episode , update next part soon

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u dear. Happy to hear dis. Thank u a lot dear.

  2. Shrinithi

    di i also saw that fb epi n another ramayan…i thought skr will show but din….anyways its awesone….exciting precap…

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u dear and ya I also expected skr will show that but they didn’t.

  3. Ooh….so nyc…..

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much Remya..

  4. Vanshika

    OMGGGG……. What an epi dii.. U should becum a writer.. Wen I was reading i thought one portrait will b of siya, bt all four ????.. I know what b’day gift ? janaki will get.. Sunaina n Janak will come perhaps ??

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much vanshu cutie.. and some changes will take place in that gift also….

  5. Malvi

    Flashback ????
    The storyline ????

    But I’m just ????in front of ur writings !! Awesome !! Waiting fr the precap !

    1. Padmaja

      Malvi pls dont ever say like this…. pls u also have unique talents in ur writings in ur own way and u r best in that way dear.. pls dont say like dis.. u know I loved ur ff on lakshmilla..

      1. Malvi

        Lol !! Lol !! Whatever u say u r my inspiration fa sure! :p but yeah I’m talented too !! ??

  6. Awesome…flash back of ram and sits conversation amazing…precap is nice…waiting for next part….?

    1. Padmaja

      Thanku Soo much tharu dii..

  7. akka i love this ff sooooooooooooooooo much .it is tooooooooooooooooo good.especially the siam scne .mindblowing.Love your ffs so much.sorry for the late comment

  8. scene

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u Soo much dear.. and no Sry btw sissys OK..

      1. ok akka

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