Siam Separation – The Play of fate (Part 2)


Thanks for ur cmnts guys it really made me happy… Ur support means a lot to me.. Thanks for dis guys.

The epi starts with a voice saying ” who said there is no one to feed Shatrughna??” ” I will feed him” . Everyone turned back and saw Sita along with her sisters.. Shatrughnan is super duper happy to hear dis from his mata like bhabhi Sita.. Sita asks ” can I feed u my dear son?? ” Shatrughnan accepted with a broad smile in his face. Sita sat near Shatrughnan and started feeding him. Sisters started eating along with everyone. Matas r very happy to see this sequence..” Then u will bot feed us ah Sita ma?? ” Lakshman asks in a longing childish way. Bharat also joins him.. “Why
not u three are always equal to me” come dear sons I will feed u, said Sita.. So matas started to feed their bahus but kaikeyi is still busy in feeding Ram.” Then u will not feed me ah Siya??? ” asked Ram in a chidish way.. When Sita tries to speak Lakshman interrupted and said ” Ram bhaiyaa, mata Kaikeyi is feeding u so there is no need of sita bhabhi to feed u.. so first have that first bhaiyaa.” Hearing this the whole family laughs.. The night went with the sleeping of the whole Ayodhya with a happy and satisfactory face..

On next morning sun rises and it is brighter than ever indicating the rajyabhishek of a suryavanshi, Dasharathnandan Ram.. The whole raj sabha is awaiting for their king to enter with his queen.. Three matas and guru vashisht is waiting in the court. There Ram is getting ready with the help of his beloved brothers and here Siya is getting ready with the help of her beautiful sisters..
After some time both entered the court with brothers and sisters. The whole sabha chanted ” Siya var Ram chandra ki jai!!!” , “Jai Siya Ram !!!”. The whole sabha is happy to welcome them… When Ram enterd the court, he saw Mahadev and Parvati disuised in the form of a sage and his wife.. He greeted them knowing their original form… Guru vashisht also identified them.. When Ram was about to take a step near the throne he stops and asks Sita to step first and sit in the throne. . At first sita ignores but without any way she sat first on the throne and then Ram sat next to her… The sabha is happy to see Ram’s act.. Then guru vashisht knowing the presence of shiv and uma, insisted them to crown Ram and Sita as King and Queen.. At first they were not willing to do.. But Ram signs them to do so.. So first Mahadev take a crown and places in the head of Ram and later Parvati takes the crown and places in the head of Sita..
The whole Ayodhya chants in a happy manner.. The mist awaiting moment has took place with the blessings of Mahadev and parvati and the great saints..
Ram sits in the crown like a sun which has thousands of sparkling rays…

Thanks for reading guyss.. pls do cmnts and share ur views..
Jai Siya Ram
Jai Siya Ram
Jai Siya Ram

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  1. wow such an happy episode, loved the bhabhi -devar scene . it was so cute when ram asked sita will she not feed him and lakshman replied to him .overall a happy wonderful episode

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u dear… happy to see dis cmbt

    2. Padmaja

      First I thought to write that reply as Kaikeyi s but ended up writing this.

      1. oh….its fine di , this scene was also very cute

  2. Vanshika

    Sooooo cute dii u r a star sparkling,,. All scenes so nyc u r d one who had been sent by Narayan to bring a smile ? on my face aftr I was tensed studying fr the history exams.. So cute so lovely ☺ ☺… OMG I AM really happy ?.. Bt there’s no Precap ☹ ,, CURIOSITY remains.. Post next soon.. Love u ? n jai siyam ?

    1. Padmaja

      Omg!!! I am really very happy.. and it is all lakshmi Narayan’s blessings and all the best for ur history exam dear..

  3. Thanmathi

    Padma u nailed it my dear showed bahabi devar relationship my god please update next part soon lots of love and hugs thank you so much for writing such wonderful FF

    1. Padmaja

      Tanu dear thanks a lot.. it really means a lot to me..

    2. NABANITA626

      Where are you tanu?find you many days after.our skr page is missing you……….
      Even we all miss you dear???

  4. Padmaja

    But guyss this is my third part tu posted it as second part. Second part is not posted yet don’t kbow y??? But I am happy that u all liked it.

  5. omg padma di its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good .i loved it a lottttttttttttttttttttttt!!! it was soooooooooooooo good.i mean i just want to read all your ffs again and again and again. loved the brothers and sita scene.when ram asks sita if she will not feed him was the best part.

    waiting for the next one

    1. Padmaja

      Realllllyyyyy. I cant believe my eyes I didn’t expect dat this part gonna do this… I am sooooo happy after reading. Verryyy thank u for ur cmnt…

  6. Padmaja

    My second part contains all r busy with arrangements for coronation. Then on night the whole family is presented on the dining hall. At first three matas started to feed their sons.. Kaikeyi Will feed her beloved son Ram and kaushalya will feed Bharat and Sumitra is happy to feed her Soumitra.. Then Shatrughnan was left alone. Then Lakshman plan to tease him.. On that time four sisters was busy in arranging the foods. Lakshman says “Shatrughna eat bro y r u sitting simply.. All started eating and u r the one who is not eating. ” Shatrughnan gave a cute angry glance.. Then they a heared a voice.
    This is the thing in my second ff but don’t know y It is not posted..

  7. Awesome…bhabhi devar conversation is really cute …thank you so much fo this ff as I am feeling very good after reading..waiting for next part…

    1. Padmaja

      Tharu diiii thank u soooo much.. this cmbt made me happy…

  8. Anushya

    ram asking sita will she not feed him romba sweeta inrunduchu…. loooovvvveeeedddd the epi…. yen precap illa…. love u and ur ffs akka… :):)

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u chellam… actually Naan precap type panrathu munnadiye theriyama submit panniten.. and I will update the next Epi tmrw.. and love u too chellam and thanks for ur support..

  9. NABANITA626

    Aisa bhabi devar ka rishta har ghar me ho….
    Frankly speaking your ff rock today……..
    It is realy good and we all waiting for the next part padma.

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u naba dii.. and ya aisa rishta har gar me ho. And ya I will try to update tmrw dii.

  10. Shrinithi

    di its lovely lovely lovely its awesome di i realllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy loved it!!!!!!

    1. Padmaja

      Oh!!!!! Thank u dear… happy to see ur cmnt… Thank u Soo much..

  11. Shrinithi

    when s d nxt part akka ennala wait panna mudiyala seekiram post panunga plsss

    1. Padmaja

      Shrinithi I will try to post it today dear… if not tmrw morning surely I will..

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