Siam Separation- The play of fate (Part-10) Last part

Hi guys!!!! Happy new year to all.I am here with my ff again. The last part of this ff. Hope u all like it.

The epi starts with tears wetting her cheeks when she heard that Ram has abandoned her. She couldn’t control her emotions and cried out loud. Lakshman was sitting down on his knees, pleading her to forgive him. Sita just made her mind clear and came up with the happenings that KING RAM only has abandoned Sita, not her RAGHUNANDAN. Her eyes became red as she was weeping. She saw Lakshman and Lakshman continued, “bhabhi, I will never let you to live in this forest alone. Please come back to Ayodhya. I will never ever return to Ayodhya in ur absence. Come with me bhabhi”, he pleaded her. Sita looked firm. She said,” u don’t want toseek forgiveness for what u have done. U done ur order, the king’s order and its ur duty. So Lakshman its time for u to return to Ayodhya.” Said Sita. Lakshman holded her feet and pleaded her not to enter the forest. When Sita walked forward Lakshman followed her. Sita turned and drawn a line btw dem. Lakshman looked confused. “This is Sita rehka. U shouldn’t cross this. U know wat happened when I crossed ur rehka. And that is the reason I am here now. So don’t cross this rehka and invite any miserable consequences ur own”.Said Sita walking into the forest. Lakshman couldn’t step ahead nor behind. He was in a greatest dilemma in his life. He returned to Ayodhya without the Queen, without his bhabhi, moreover without his mother. He reached Ayodhya. Finally he is in the palace, head hanging down while walking. Now the total family is against Ram. Everyone raises questions to him about his decision for which he remained calm. Everyone refused to understand his situation. He got separated not only from his wife, he got seperated from his soul, his breath and his everything. Fate always plays with true love.
SIAM separated. But their love remains the same. Their love is eternal. Physical separation cannot affect any spiritual love. They are two bodies and one soul. True love is far beyond physical separation. Such a love is Ramsiya’s.

After 7 years……

A woman is seen in Valmiki’s ashram. She just runs behind two little kids with a bowl of rice in her hand. “Lav!! Kush!! Pls stop running.” She screams. “No mata, we won’t” Kush giggles running. Sita who fails to stop them sit under a tree getting tired. Then her past life flashes in her mind which made her eyes to release some pearls of tears. Lav Kush notices this and thinks that they are the reason for her tears.They came in front of her and started to ask forgive by crossing their hands by holding their ears. “Mata, we will never do like that hereafter. We behave like good boys and never trouble u.” Said Lav and Kush. Sita smiled hearing this and hugged them tighter.
And the grand palace of ayodhya was seen very far from that place. InIn one of the chambers was seen a woman screaming “Angad, Chandaketu pls stop. I am tired of following u” with a plate of food in her hand. Angad and chandraketu started giggling and ran even more faster. Urmila tired on following them sits in a sofa. Suddenly her earlier life with her sisters comes flashing in her mind. They will run all Across the garden refusing to eat. Those are the happy days in her life.This memory brings a lone tear from her eyes followed by some more. The two kids noticed this and ask to forgive them and assured her that they will not trouble her again. Urmila just wiped her tears and hugged her children tightly. Finally they finished their dinner. After some time Urmila crossed across Ram’s chambers where she saw her husband pleading Ram bhaiya to come to eat for which he refuse. “Bhaiya” Urmila entered the chamber with a smile playing in her lips. Ram also smiled seeing her. “Bhaiya I know how ur life changed after sita didi left to the forest. But it not ryt to refuse eating and sleeping. She feels sad when she comes to know that u r not taking care if urself. So now pls come and eat” said Urmila with great care. Lakshman just nods. “But Urmi” Ram was interrupted by Urmila “no bhaiya, wait a minute. ” saying so she left the chamber. She returns with a plate of food for her Ram bhaiya. Lakshman made Ram to sit and he seated himself under his leg holding his thighs. Urmila also takes that position. “Urmi pls just hear wat I say” Said Ram. Urmila interrupted” Bhaiya u have to listen me now. First eat this. And u can talk whatever u want” said Urmi extended her hands to feed him. Ram had no way other than to accept. He ate that spoon of food given by Urmila with tears brimming. He states” I always feel that I am away from my children. But u two never make me feel like that in ur presence. Really I am blessed to have u two.” Said Ram with tears in his eyes. “No we r blessed to have u bhaiya” lakahmila stated, lying their heads on his thigh. After some time Ram finished his dinner. Urmila made Ram to sleep and signed Lakshman to give him some privacy. They too left the chamber. Ram got up from the bed and stared the moon from balcony thinking of his Sita. In the ashram, Sita made LavKush to sleep and stares the same moon from the ashram thinking of her Raghunandan.Urmia who come acrosa Ram’s chamber to check that he fell asleep or not happened to notice Ram in that state. Tears started flowing from her eyes after seeing hher Ram bhaiya in this condition. She knows that his happiness left along wirh Sita and he cannot be satisfied without her. She always try to keep him happy. But she also realised that his happiness only lies in Sita happiness. And on the other hand Valmiki noticed Sita in that state. He had tears in his eyes on seeing this.Their night passed on thinking of each other.

*************** THE END *****************
So guys how is this??? Wat is ur fav part of my ff?? And I finished my ff. I will come back with my another one. Pls leave ur valuable cmnts below. Love u all ♥♥♥.


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