Siam a recap episode 1


This is actually for Siam fans

Now I will list down Siam scenes from beginning of Skr
Share ur favourite in the comments section below and if there is any line u love especially
And pls do say if I should come with more polls for Janak Sita etc
But if u share a line which touched u most it will be more useful. For the line may be useful in our life and thought provoking too

We may have forgotten so sharing a line which was said by the character or anything u feel about the moment in a line( though the first would be preferable)
Reading my rules don’t forget to share ur fav Siam moment along with the line
(Rules are meant to be broken?) but i would be glad if u keep Maryada like Ramji
So let’s begin I will give short summary for each scene as u may have missed episode
1)The first time ram hears about Sita when the army chieftain praises her for taking care of ashwamedh horse and takes her cloth which she tied around the horse and tells Sita
2)Sita hears about ram and wishes to meet him looks above at the mountains and cooks for him and when laxman tells when u meet him you’ll also love him ,the way she blushes awww
And she will go up the mountains but will not be able to meet him( all the vishmitra ashram scenes which involves Sita)

3) when laxman tells about Sita and ram rushes to meet her and they catch a quick glimpse of each other but I am not sure if ram saw her in that scene
4)Sita hears that ram killed tadka and daydream about ram and urmila teasing Sita and Sita accepting the swayamwar with really sensible explanation
5)Siam meeting at gauri temple
6)Siam meeting in the morning at the top of the mountain cliff where he declares to Sita that he will follow ekapatni virat
7) the eyeloocks in the swayamwar and ram speaks about Sitas respect and Sita garlands him
8)ram saves Sita but ram says Sita saved him
Whatever the stopping of the water flood
9)the way ram pulls out a confession from Sita in the temples by asking does she really want to marry him
10) the marriage rituals but no Siam scenes

The diya scene near the lake which is a significance of uniting 2 bodies but 1 soul
11)the shubh vivas with sindoor and other rituals
12) ram feeding Sita
13) ram praises Sita for her maturity in talking to Janak and tells he will be called as siya ke ram
14)ram holds soil an tells Sita that he will
always be there for her and won’t let her loose
15) Siams journey to ayodha
Ram holds the flickering lamp from going off
And he takes her to take blessings from Ganga
And they eat some berries and
They discuss their ancestors and Sita trust on ram when Bharat gets injured
(They were many useful dialogues in these scenes)
16) they go to meet shanta and ram tells Sita about shanta and ram Sita eye talk with understanding when she wants to convey
something to shanta and the explanation to shanta on why she loves ram
16) they enter ayodha with proper rituals
And Sita reads ram letter
And ram gifts Sita a headpiece

17) Sita tells ram about entering the Kaksh and ram talks to Sita in the raj Durban and he tells her that he won’t worry for Dasharath as she is there to care for him
18) Sita tells dasharaths past to ram
And they speak about changes When ram rajya abhishek is announced and sita ram inform family
19) they do rituals carrying pot with water
Bathing in river
Taking promise
And sleeping down on the mat
(In each thing there was Siam dialogue I hope this short summary is enough)
21)ram tells Sita that he wanted to meet her in vishmitra ashram and tells that whatever the situation his love will not change etc etc etc
22) ram tells about his vanvas to the family and when he tells it to Praja, Sita becomes a pillar of strength by assuring him
23) she tells him that she will accompany him to forest and hugs him (a really emotional scene)
24) Sita makes ram ready for vanvas and her bangle gets stuck in his cloth( ram wahin janaki plays)
25) Sita decides to accompany ram and convinces ram by her powerful speech in the Sabha and they take kaikeyi blessing and she tells them they have to live like brahmachari

Enough one more article will be posted for vanvaas scenes choose from this for now

Credit to: Sanjana

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  2. No words to say di very nice how can u get such beautiful ideas . If any one has to watch siya ke ram frm beginning they can read ur poll along wth me.i m getting inspired diii……

  3. Siam fans r lucky to hv u (sanju di)

  4. My most loving scenes are when ram meets sita at gouri temple and when sita come frwrd to accompany ram in vanvaas

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