Siam n lakshmila: Time machine travel (intro)


Hi guys! Vanshika here back with my brand new IMAGINARY ff..
Note:- This fan fiction is totally imaginary and has nothing to do with reality. Just for fun!

Scene 1
Location: Vishwamitra ashram
Ram Lakshman are guarding the borders of the ashram, to ensure not even a single demon can entr inside. Ram notices a swarm of five to ten demons and alerts Lakshman. They fire a shot of twelve arrows and all demons fall down the cliff. Lakshman looks down the cliff and says look at that bhaiyyaaaaa! There was something shining brightly down the cliff. Ram lakshman felt there’s surely something fishy. Ram says Lakshman, I’m going down the cliff, there’s something wrong there, we’ve to save the ashram n all the ppl dwelling there, maybe its some plan of those demons.. Lakshman says no bhaiyya, I won’t let u go alone lyk this… Ram says no Lakshman, u stop here, I’ll return soon. Lakshman unwantedly agrees.
Ram takes a strong rope n climbs down the cliff. Lakshman could only see his shadow getting fainter n fainter.. Smaller n smaller. The cliff is really deep ‼

Scene 2
Location-down the cliff
Ram comes down and looks at the light. It was emerging from inside a cave. He enters the cave and notices a very unique looking machine. He says what’s this? Saying so, he presses one of the buttons n soon got engulfed in a storming whirlpool…
Lakshman shouts from top of the cliff BHAIYYAAAAA ‼ N climbs down… He enters inside and Ram wasn’t there.. He looks at the machine n presses the button.. In seconds he was engulfed in the same storm…..

Precap:- Siam n lakshmila Milan…

So how was it? Plz do leave a comment. Criticisms r welcome n this is the intro so its short. Next part will b longer ?

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  1. Astra

    I just opened looking at title ‘time machine’ and the name happeend to be yours..! ur amazing dear..! you are queen of mythology fan fiction..! keep it up dea…

    1. Amalina

      Yeah i agree! keep it up vanshu sis!

    2. Vanshika

      Aww thanks alot astravellous di bt u r d Devi of fanfics .. Astray Devi

  2. Amalina

    Hahaha I didn’t expect it to be this funny! Well done di! Plz continue, eagerly waiting for next epi.

    1. Vanshika

      Yeah sure sis… Bt if this is funny ? I bet u’ll be rolling on the floor in the next episodes.,..

  3. Preethi12345

    hahah love it vanshu olden times mixed with modern times
    u r the OUEEN OF FFS
    love all the ffs u have created till now
    waiting for the next part
    love u and the ff vanshu

    1. Hi preethi are you?remember me na

      1. Preethi12345

        oh sorry i totally forget u
        of course not tharu didi i have known since so long
        how can i forget u so easily!
        by the way how r u didi
        hope u r fine

    2. Vanshika

      Thanks alot my dear sis bt it cant b better than lakshmila ff ??

  4. Wow..such an unique Siam ff…it’s so interesting…older times and modern times..looking forward…i know I have a very less time in tu still can’t get rid from your ff…

    1. Vanshika

      Aww tharu di that’s so sweet of you….. U know I was so sad wen u said u wont come in tu but now u made me very happy ?

  5. its nice…..loved your new ff too…….you are best ff writer…………….continue it………

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks. Joy da ur very big supporter.

  6. Jayani

    This 1 is 1 of d most hilarious ffs I hav ever read di! V all want 2 roll on d floor di… S, dis is a mix of both olden tyms n modern tyms… Waiting for d next epi.

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Jayani

      N I do lyk d idea of a tym machine?

    2. Vanshika

      OMG am I dreaming?….. O god dear you have given me a heart attack now.. I’m so happy on seeing ur comment.. Jai siya ram.
      will post today only ?

  7. Padmaja

    Wow vanshu u again did it!!!! But this time a bit longer and deeper!!!! U made me fall in love with ur ff dearie…. I just love this concept to the core ♥♥♥♥ … such a awesome writer u are ★★★… keep it up dear..

  8. Samarth

    Waiting what happens next…seems interesting

  9. Supreetha (Soups)

    Nice idea of Time Machine 🙂

  10. its just marvellous dearie !!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope u remember me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how r u ??????????????????

  11. Piyali

    wow…………it sounds so interesting dear , waiting eagerly for next part…………Love you……….be happy;…………

  12. wonderful fiction. Keep it up Vanshikha

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