Siam n lakshmila: Time machine travel (episode 7)

The epi starts with ram lakshman having eaten their food, going to the kitchen to wash hands. Ram looks inside the container and says it is empty. Lakshman asks Where is the water? In ayodhya I it never happened that the pot is empty. Urmi says it is not your ayodhya OK? Siya says Open the tap and wash your hands. I’ll fill up the container later. Lakshman says what’s this ta-ep? Urmi says oh lord Ram, save me from him.. You don’t know a tap? What do you know? Lakshman says we know how to take an arrow and Chop off your head. Urmi says what? What did you say? Repeat it again? Ram moves the tap round and round and gets shocked to see water oozing out of it. Lakshman shouts move ahead bhaiyya otherwise this water monster will drown you. Siya says its not any monster ?. Its jus a kind of machine for getting water. Urmi says yes. And don’t know what you think about it! Ram says ooh ok, nice system. You don’t need to go to the river to take water then, right? That’s good that’s good..
Ram lakshman go out in the lawn roaming and wondering how to get out of all this mess…
Past– lord Shiva is sitting in tapasya. He opens his eyes and tells Vishwamitra a mantra and tells him by this mantra you’ll go to the time where ram and Lakshman are. Reverse the order of letters and you’ll come back with ram lakshman. But remember, no one should be standing around you otherwise he/she will be trapped in the time cycle. And don’t speak anything wrong otherwise you’ll get trapped in another time zone. Vishwamitra nods and goes.
Present:- Vishwamitra comes where ram and Lakshman are roaming. Ram and Lakshman get delighted seeing him and greet him. Ram says thankfully you came.. Don’t know how we came here, and trust me this place is really confusing. Lakshman says and the people are really weird. Vishwamitra says calm down calm down I’m here to free you of this time cycle. Ram and Lakshman stare him. TIME CYCLE!?!? Vishwamitra says yes. Tadaka trapped you here. This is not treta yug, this is kali yug. This is not our time.. Lakshman says what…!? Vishwamitra says yes, come with me. I’ll tell you all but first lets go home. Ram says yes for sure, but let me first tell Siya that we’re leaving. These girls gave us shelter and food. We should at least inform them. Ram goes in and tells siya that he is leaving. Siya says so soon? Ram says yes, I’ve to leave, we’ve lots of important work to do, thank you so much for all you two sisters did for us. Ram goes. Urmi says hey, take your brother’s ornaments.. Siya gazes her. You didn’t return the ornaments yet. Urmi says what’s that, that so called Sumitranandan Lakshman didn’t take them back, now when he forgot what can we do? We cant do anything. Siya says you can. Come and get them. We’ve to go and return them. Urmi says yes.
Vishwamitra says the mantra in reverse order. Siya and Urmi come there with the ornaments. And then……..
They too get trapped inside the time cycle and look around to see that they’re in a somewhat different place. Kind of forest. Ram says guru ji this isn’t Ayodhya nor your ashram.. Which place is this?? Lakshman looks at urmi and sys oh she’s also there.! Urmi says yes I’m. I came to return these ornaments of yours but don’t know what happened and where I came with you. Siya says wherever we are, look at those amazing flowers over there, they’re so beautiful..! Urmi says come on didi, don’t show your nature love here, this is a dense forest. Siya plucks one of the roses and the thorns prick her finger..
Precap:- Tung Tung.. Actually this is the bell of love. It’s ringing. And you want to know where they are?
Even I’ve no idea..
Hey don’t look at me like that.. Ok I’ll tell, they’re in treta yug only, but some years back.
What’ll happen next?
what’ll happen with siya urmi and how’ll they reach back in the original time?
You’ll get to know all in three more episodes.
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    Awesome one dear…. it is veerrrrryyyy interesting…. I am veerryyy curious ABT the next part.. and wow Siya urmi also trapped in time machine…. pls update the next asap… love u ?????

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    nice ff ☺☺☺☺☺☺

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    vanshu as usual u roked this ff
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    sorry for the errors this is what i meant
    vanshu as usual u rocked this ff
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    U rocked as usual nd d water monster part was sooo hillarious?… As usual waiting for d next epi coz I can’t wait for d suspese!?

    Jai Siya Ram

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      Thanks alot dear.. Yep I’ll try to update tmrw only.. So it’ll b posted till Thursday. Love u dear. Jai siya ram

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  8. its very very interesting………..loved it so so much…………too much funny……………..very good job……..keep it………

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    Fantastic. Please update soon

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