Siam n lakshmila: Time machine travel (episode 5)

The epi starts with all the men gathered for taking selfies. Ram asks them where he’ll find a TV ?. The men stare him and then laugh. Lakshman gets irritated and says how dare u laugh on princes of Raghukul..? The men whisper to each other, seems lyk they’re still in their characters. They start laughing irritating lakshman who aims his arrow at them. The man says don’t you know constitution of India, you can’t try to injure us otherwise u’ll b punished. Lakshman says who’ll punish the princes of Raghukul?.
Ram says calm down Lakshman, we’re here to get the TV for urmi, forgot? Man says u’ll find TV in the market. Ram asks where is this market? Man says market is to the left side of the main road, three lanes ahead..

Lakshman says leave us there otherwise u’ll get punishment for disobeying princes of Raghukul. Man angrily asks what’s your problem? Can’t you come out of character out of shooting? What princes of Raghukul are you? Lakshman says I’ll kill u just like I killed those demons in Vishwamitra ashram. Man says you killed them in serial, you can not kill them here Karan sir.. Lakshman gets irritated and says I’m not any Karan, I’m Raghuvanshi Dashrathnandan sumitranandan lakshman. They start arguing. Ram shouts lakshman, y r u fighting..? Go n get the teele-Vison right now. Man laughs and says u come daily on TV and don’t even know pronunciation. Lakshman says shut up, don’t say a word against my bhaiyya. And don’t appear in this kingdom ever again otherwise I’ll take you to Ayodhya where u’ll get punishment. Get lost..

Ramlak proceed to the market. A gang of thieves looks at ram and say who wears so much of ornaments out there in the open? They seem to be of real gold, lets attack them. The leader says lets follow them, will find an opportunity to steal the ornaments..
Finally with loads of confusion Ram and Lakshman reach the market. Ram gives the shopkeeper a handful of gold coins and says give me a TV. Storekeeper says don’t you’ve money ?? Ram sys I gave you 20 gold coins, are they less? Storekeeper says I mean paper notes? Ram asks what’s a paper note? Storekeeper says OK OK give me the gold coins, I’ll give u the TV. Ram gives him the coins.. Storekeeper asks which TV do u want, Phillips, Panasonic, Sony, Videocon, Samsung, LG? Ramlak look in utter confusion, they couldn’t understand a single word what the storekeeper said. In dismay lakshman says give us the most popular one.

Storekeeper says which size do u want? 16 inch, 24 inch, 36 inches, 51 inches or something else.. Ram says what’s that..? They stare the shopkeeper in utter confusion. Storekeeper sys you came to buy TV, you’ve no knowledge abt TV? Ram sys we’re new in this place… Storekeeper says whatever place u go you’ll find TV everywhere. Lakshman says there’s no TV in ayodhya. Storekeeper says do you think I’m a fool? My grandmother lives in ayodhya only, and she told me that ayodhya is being modernised nowadays, there’re televisions in ayodhya as well. Lakshman says we’re the princes of ayodhya, we know there’s no TV in ayodhya. Ram says okay okay, we’ll choose the TV ourselves.
Ram turns to look and chooses one TV. Storekeeper says okay. Ramlak take the TV. Lakshman says how heavy it is..! Ram sys shall I hold it then? Lakshman says no, not at all..

The gang of thieves attack them as soon as they get out..
Siya and urmi r waiting for ram Lakshman, hoping they’re safe.
Mahadev informs Vishwamitra that it’ll be wrong if destiny changes because of Tadaka. We cant create time machine again but we’ve to bring ram n lakshman to present the asap. I’ve a plan……..

Precap:-SUSPENSE ?

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