Siam n lakshmila: Time machine travel (episode 3)


The epi starts with.. With.. With midnight. Urmi stealthily enters ram lakshman’s room n… And Lakshman is sleeping. His gold ornaments r kept by the beside. Naughty urmi picks up them n says now my revenge complete for my TV ?.

Lakshman wakes up n finds his ornaments missing. He goes to Siya urmi’s room yelling and screaming.. Who stole my ornaments?
Urmi grins while Siya looks confused. Who’ll do so? Ram comes n says maybe its some confusion, lakshman did u search in the room? Urmi says ur brother jus knows how to blame others not to search. Lakshman says he asked me. Urmi says in a democracy anyone can speak. It’s written in our constitution. Lakshman asks what is this DEE-MU-KR-AZY? Urmi says what a fool u r, don’t even know abt ur own country? Lakshman says just shut up, we live in Ayodhya n know everything abt ayodhya. Siya says but Ayodhya also comes in our country only.. Ram says we treat Ayodhya as a kingdom. Siya says kingdom, but in a democracy how could u practice monarchy??? Urmi says i have my civics interview after one week n I’ll just forget whatever i know if I heard ur foolish talks anymore. Go n bring back my TV..! Siya says urmi, you’ve interview na, go n study. Do u want to find a job? Ram interrupts. Come with us to ayodhya. No one is left unemployed there. Siya sys ok ok, bt now I’ll suggest that u take the train n urself reach ayodhya first, then talk abt us. Lakshman excitedly asks what is this train? Will it make us reach our home? Urmi sys first bring my TV then I’ll talk abt train. Now get lost. Siya says oh god, urmi, wen will u learn manners ah? Do we behave lyk this with guests? Urmi says specially if the guests r mad. Siya says the market is on the left of the main road, three lanes ahead of our home. Ram n Lakshman nod puzzled n r about to go.. siya asks them if they have enough money. Lakshman says first get my ornaments. Urmi says get my TV.
“I said ornaments”
“I said my TV. N bring of renowned company only, not of some new brand. Now go”

Lakshman says not at any cost,I know you’ve hidden my ornaments. U’ll get punishment for hiding Ayodhya Naresh’s son Sumitranandan lakshman’s ornaments. Urmi says OK OK, that will not b acceptable according to our constitution. Now u may go. It’s already nine O’ clock. Sunaina comes n asks what’s the matter?. Urmi says u know na last night he broke my TV…n then.. Sunaina sys ooo ok ok, I’ve some important work. I’m going. I’ve no time to listen to ur tv puran, which will surely b more bigger than the Mahabharata. Siya laughs n urmi looks sadly. Sunaina asks ramlak to first have food and then go to the market. Siya says I’ll go n wash the clothes..
Siya is about to dry the clothes when the rope breaks down. She says oh no, now I’ve to repair it. She takes the ladder n climbs on it to fix the rope. Ram Lakshman come out just then. Siya loses her balance and falls on ram….. Siya ram…plays… Siya ram share an eye lock . Urmi sees lakshman standing n says what’re u doing here, go n bring my TV at any cost. Lakshman says bhaiyyaaaaa get up get up plz we’ve to go. Siya gets up n ram goes with lakshman..

On the way to market .
Ram says so u remember the way to the market? Lakshman says I don’t have any idea. Ram says u came without address? Lakshman says lets ask the ppl. Ram stops one man and asks where is tv market? The man stares ram for one or two minutes n then runs away. Ramlak stand puzzled. The same man comes with a group of people and says we want autograph from u. Ram says what’s this aa-too-graa-f? Other man says why autograph. Well we’ll take selfie with our superstars. And in a moment there were ? camera clicks tak tak n flashing lights phuz phyz.. Ppl were clicking selfies all around while lakshman didn’t lyk the flashing lights at all. The man showed ram the selfie. Lakshman says it looks lyk ppl here r fond of trapping other people, isn’t it,.

Precap:-lord Shiva tells Vishwamitra that it is wrong if the destiny changes cos of Tadaka. Urmi looks at something shocked,

Plzzzz leave a comment dears and hope you liked it. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow dear it is hilarious. … I loved it soo much…. and sira scene was lovely and lakshmilla rocked…. ♥♥♥♥♥♥ amd the market scene was just :-):-):-):-) eagerly waiting for the next epi..

    1. Vanshika

      Hahaha haha thanks akka.. Love u loads n I’ll update tmrw ? with more hilarious scenes

  2. vanshu why do u always like to kill me with your ffs?
    seriously vanshu this ff was epic
    i loved it like anything
    especially the siam scene
    and urmilla is naughty as usual

    1. Vanshika

      Hey if I killed u then how’re u alive ??.. ?? thanks for the comment dear n ya, urmi is naughty even in past n also in future she’ll remain ?

  3. Jayani

    Thanks di… It was very hillarious… Nd especially d part where siya falls on ram, it reminded me skr :(:(:(… Waiting for d next part…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Vanshika

      Hey y r u saying thanks ha dear?? Happy that u loved it. Will update tmrw. Jai siya ram ?

  4. Amalina

    loved the epi! its very funny!??? loved Urmila always spotting Lakshman’s mistakes! haha! and also Lakshman’s funny English pronunciation???????

    1. Vanshika

      Happy that u liked it sweetie ? n more happy that u didn’t fall off the sofa this tym ????

      1. Amalina

        Omg I did! But this time I fell of the stairs???? ❤️❤️❤️

      2. Jayani

        Tc of urself amalina di?… Now onwards never read sumthing while u r walking???

  5. Samarth

    This one is amazing and last one too…sorry I was unable to comment as I am very busy these days on wattpad..but this story is amazing and the selfie wart was amazing..update soon

    1. Vanshika

      Hey bhaiyya u r on wattpad ??? what’s ur wattpad ID? Mine is Vanshikrishna do follow me ? and thanks for the comment. And no sorries ? that’s ok.

      1. Samarth

        I have followed you but if it is not you then pls follow me at RamsiyabhaktSamarth

  6. Piyali

    Aww…….Urmi is just sooooooo cute , cuteness overloaded , I am loving Laxmila and then SiAm , beautiful scene , now what will happen?? Ok let me read…..bye…sorry for small comment…….Love you……be happy…..

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