Siam n lakshmila: Time machine travel (episode 2)


Present:- The epi starts with Siya bringing water for ram n Lakshman. Lakshman points at urmi n says is she really ur sister? Siya says yes. Sunaina comes n says ur room is ready. Ram nods. Urmi comes n jumps on the sofa. She says didi, I want to see siya ke ram. Siya nods n switches the T.V on. Ram says what kinda box is this? Siya says not a box, its a television. Lakshman says what’s a teelee-viison? Urmi says tele-vision not teelee-viison. Lakshman says ok. Urmi says let me see TV now.

Inside the t.v-
Vishwamitra comes to ayodhya n says maharaj Dashrath.. I need ur help to defeat Tadaka n Mareech. Will u send ur sons ram n Lakshman to my ashram plz? Ram comes n says why not maharishi ji, we’ll surely cum. Lakshman says n I’ll surely goo wid my brother.

Ram says how did u trap us in the TV? Siya says no, it’s not u inside the TV, it’s a serial. Urmi says it’s acting, kind of play. Lakshman says how’s it possible and shoots an arrow ? inside the TV. Boom ‼ it blasts ??. Urmi stares Lakshman. U fool u broke the TV ? now what’ll I watch? Lakshman says how did u know our lyf story? Urmi says what ur life story? It’s the love story of the great king of Ayodhya and the cute Mithila princess bhumija sita. Ram says we also went to Vishwamitra ashram lyk this, maybe its sum coincidence. Lakshman says what coincidence bhaiyya, they’ve trapped us inside this box. Urmi says shut up, how can anyone trap someone in a box? Lakshman says how can our life story match with this teelee-vison? Siya says television. Ram’s eyes fall on the idols of ram sita lakshman n hanuman in a shelf n asks what’s that? Siya says that r the idols of ram-lakshman -sita. Urmi sys same ram-siya whose story was being shown in TV. Lakshman says how come the story of your ram lakshman n our lyf is same? Urmi sys is it important for u to speak in between? Foolish.. Siya says calm down urmi. Urmi says don’t knw what kind of … How can they say that the story of lord ram matches with their story. Oh lord..! I’ll get mad if I stay with them for a single second more ?. Siya says God knows what they’re upto,. Urmi says what about t TV.? U two will bring my TV back. N how that u know. Look at yourself, u r overloaded with gold ornaments, bring my TV at any cost. Siya sys noooo, no need to sell ur ornaments, kip ur ornaments at home then go, someone will steal them otherwise. Lakshman says who’ll dare to steal from the princes of Raghukul. Urmi says u again started ur bakwass… Siya says okok, now u go n sleep. Urmi says TV ?.. Siya sys the first thing u’ll do tmrw mrng is go n bring the tv, n Urmi u stop crying lyk kids, kids kip crying tv tv, take the phone n watch the episode on hotstar. Urmi sys yup..
Past:-Tadaka destroys the tym machine and sys now those Raghuvanshis can’t come back anyhow.. Hahaha. Vishwamitra looks on and says so this is the case. Bt nw the machine is destroyed .. What’ll I do? To bring ram Lakshman back here I’ve to do something. First I need to know where they’re. Vishwamitra sits down for tapasya n sees the location of ram.

Precap:- siya falls on ram. Ram lakshman in the market to buy TV results in chaos.

Plz leave a comment, hope u liked It. Sry if its boring.. Thanks fr reading ?.

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  1. Astra

    Awesome dear

  2. Piyali

    Hahaha , this is so cute story……I am loving it a lot sweetie…….Understanding Siya , Cuite Urmi…….Shant Ram ji and angry Lakshman , make a great combo…………waiitng for next episode………well if RamLakshman fall for these girls…what about SiyaUrmila of Past??? Do reply………..Love you…….be happy………

    1. Vanshika

      Thank uu sooooo much piyali.. Haha ? well ram lakshman will marry siya urmi of past only, and How.. That u’ll know soon… I won’t tell u now, that’s a secret ?

      1. Piyali

        You are increasing my excitement………wouldbe waiting………by the way I posted IshRa ff…… read…Merry Christmas…..May God Bless you………….Love you……….be happy……

  3. ???? this epi was super funny ?. Awesome idea and plot . Omg time machine destroyed ❔ how will they go back but its ok ..the more they stay In 21st century more will b the fun . Lakshman shooting arrow ? on TV was very funny . Wherever lakshmila r they will always stay super cute only . Thank god I am the first to comment . Everytime i b the last to comment in many ffs ?. It is always nice to read ur ffs . I was stressed wid my studies but umade me smile ? through this cute and funny episode . Love u loads . Stay blessed , keep smiling and update asap….☺

    1. Vanshika

      Thank u soooooo much u r still nt first ? No prob akka u made me happy by ur sweet Comment will update asap n yeah they’ll go back, we’ve Vishwamitra for that..

  4. Amalina

    Haha ? this is so hilarious ? and awesome! Your were right when you said in the first epi that if that epi is funny, then I will roll on the ground with this one! So true m! I legit fell off my chair laughing ? like hell!!! Plz continue, I would like to continue laughing like this!???

    Lakshman shooting arrow on tv ? was an expected thing – angry ? young man!???

    Urmila taunting lakshman and siyaram watching their cute siblings fight is just ??????

    This ff in few words is : funny, hilarious, amazing and perfect!
    In emojis: ???????????????

    1. Vanshika

      Hehe so u fall from ur chair ?? sorry for that r???? I hope u didn’t hurt urself ?????.. Thank u for the very sweet comment n I’ll make sure next tym in the market to buy TV will result in more falls…??

  5. Padmaja

    Ha ha ha soo funny dear… lakshmam is hilarious… je destroyed tv… and urmi is just super… and tadka destroyed their time machine.. how will ram lakshman return then??? Update the next asp dear..

    1. Vanshika

      Thank u soooooo much akka,, yup I will update asap.. Not lakshman,lakshmila r hilarious ??? they’ll return surely. Gonna know how? Then wait for the next ??

  6. Inu


    1. Vanshika

      Thank u soooooo much ??

  7. Jayani

    Di, it was so hillrious dat I couldn’t control my laughter??? Can’t wit for d next epi… Plz update soon di…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot dearie.. Will update soon.
      Jai siya ram ?

  8. vanshu plz stop writing like this or else i will die of LAUGHTER!!!
    this ff was hilarious
    i was just laughing the whole time
    toooooooo good
    i love this ff a lot
    update the next one soon vanshu love u soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jayani

      Haha ??

  9. loved it very much…… all time favorite………..
    no word for praise your skill…………so keep it……and post other soon………

  10. Nice one vanshika, I never commented here but today I couldn’t control myself
    Its awesome ??
    I heard news that urmi aka yukti Kapoor is the main lead of zee tv new show Agniphera opp mayank of sapne suhane ladakpan ke??

      1. Jayani

        S di, even I saw dat b4 nd I tried in d internet abt dat serial but I couldn’t find den I saw d link which u sent now… I saw it frm India forums… Nd di wen r u going 2 post d next epi… V r all waiting for d next epi… Plz update it asap…

        Jai Siya Ram

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