Siam n lakshmila: Time machine travel (episode 1)

Note-this fanfic is completely fictional and has nothing to do with reality.
Present- The epi starts with Ram n Lakshman being thrown by the time storm to the 21st century. They’re busy wondering where they’re thrown while a girl comes out from the big bungalow. Ram looks at her awestruck. She’s wearing a pink long skirt and red top and a dupatta is hangin from her shoulder. Her eyes were jus lyk lotus petals and her lips were as pink as a rose. Ram says I’m dashrathnandan ram, can u tell me where ayodhya is? And where’s the Vishwamitra ashram.? The girl looks at his head carefully to make sure he’s not hurt his brain and then says, my name is Siya.. Ram says Siya, very cute name. Siya says r u ok, I mean wat kinda clothes r u wearing, one minute wait, let me check.. She goes inside n takes her phone. She opens Instagram n calls her sister, urmi, hey urmi, come here, see the man standing out, he jus looks like Ram of siya ke ram, doesn’t he?

Urmi takes the phone n looks from the window. Yes didi, it looks same, n that man with him, he looks jus lyk Karan Suchak, doesn’t he. Siya sys OMG, lets take their autograph. Urmi says no first lets ask what they’re here for. Siya rushes to them n sys what’re you doing here lyk this, I mean stars live in big places, not a small city lyk this, n if I’m not wrong u were shooting in Hyderabad, weren’t u? Ram stares her.. What’s this hy-der-aa-baad? Siya says don’t tell me…. U r nt ram.? Ram says I’m Dashrathnandan Raghunandan kaushalyanandan Ram. Siya says u r nt Ashish Sharma??? Ram says no, I’m Dashrathnandan Raghunandan kaushalyanandan Ram.. Urmi says even the address of our house isn’t that long. Siya says r u mad ? Lakshman says don’t call my bhaiyya mad, he’s the son of ayodhya king Dashrath, n I his brother Dashrathnandan sumitranandan lakshman won’t spare anyone who calls him mad 😠. Urmi says we aren’t mad that we believe u. U want to say u r Lakshman of Ramayan?

Ram says what’s Ramayana? Lakshman says who’s this mad girl? Siya sys she’s my sister Urmi. N she’s not mad at all, u two seem mad to me. U claim that u r the ram Lakshman of Ramayana, u r Kaushalyaz son ram n u r Sumitranandan lakshman.. We are not at all fools to believe u, mind it. Ram says Siya, we’ve lost our way, we pressed some machine n we’re here, can we stay here?
A lady comes n says what happened siya putri? Siya tells her everything. Lady says I’m Sunaina, siya’s mother. If u wanna liv here u may, bt not for long tym…. Siaurmi stare her in shock..
Past — Vishwamitra wonders where ram n Lakshman r. His disciple comes n tells him everything. Vishwamitra gets puzzled. It’s some trick of the asuras for sure..! We’ve to investigate…

Tadaka laughs and says very nyc mareech… Now those two raghuvanshis must b trapped in a tym cycle.. Our plan has worked well..! Haha..

Precap:- Siaurmi ramlak r seeing skr. Ram says how did u trap me there? lakshman shoots an arrow at the TV πŸ“Ί. Urmi stares him.

Um so hw r u feelin now?? Hope u loved it.. N sry if it was boring.. Plz do leave a comment below.. Thank u fr reading


  1. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Wow this is hilarious dear….. so funny… loved the convo btw them… and precap seems so funny… update the next one asap… love ur concept and u β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

    • Vanshika



      Thanks alot.. will update soon 😊 love u too 😊 yup Precap is very funny 😁 n next epi will b super hilarious πŸ˜‚

  2. NABANITA626


    |Registered Member

    Hi I am thinking to write an ff regarding May be shri ram,Mata sita and hanuman ji took birth in our india at 18 th century in the form of shri ramkrishna,ma sarada and swami vivekananda …….but we have not identify them.
    In this short ff I will tell you all why I am telling so,it is my personal perception.
    May it be true,may it be not…..but I only want to share my thinking with you all…..
    Please advice me guys……..

  3. Jayani


    |Registered Member

    Di, I seriously can’t control my laughter nd especially d insta partπŸ˜†… Nd d part where sunaina says ramlak 2 stay in their 🏠 nd siaurmi’s reaction… Just imagine if they would have shown it in skr😍 I would b d happiest person in d world!

  4. Amalina


    |Registered Member

    Haha πŸ˜‚ epi was very funny! I love it! ❀️😍 The precap is extremely hilarious!🀣 Looking forward to the next epi.

    Sis I have a question: is siya as sanskari as she was in the old time? Is she sanskari as in the 21st century too?

  5. Preethi12345


    |Registered Member

    wow vanshu amazing i was laughing the whole time .love this concept a lot very unique i love the precap . i am sure that the next epi. will be awesome

  6. joy

    omg…..Fully laughing moment……….The modern 2017 edition of Ramayan…………….The most favorite writer modern Valmiki none other than our @Vanshika……………….
    keep it

  7. joy

    after long time i am back………so share some link…….
    Ram theme song in piano…………wonderfull……must watch…….
    madirakshi latest update…….what can we say her beauty…….
    all of the old member are back…..all of lankans and wanar shena………….
    Hope you like it….

  8. Sara

    Vashikha- it seems Sage Valmiki has gone into your brain .
    Both of your name starts with V and you have started KALI YUGA Ramayan and I can’t stop flying………………………….wow kya fiction hai !!
    Time machine me char ke 2017 landing !!
    new era new story – kya imagination hai. Spell bound

  9. Rani

    Hi Vanshikha little sis -your writing capacity & imagination are superb but I didn’t like the time machine funda.
    Pickle episode was awesome but to internet problem- I could not give feedback.
    But I didn’t like time machine funda as here you mean Ram is Ashish Sharma . Ashish Sharma acted very well. But thinking him to be real Ram is not right in my eyes .
    Otherwise you have good writing skill

  10. Sara

    Hello Rani!! Hope u are doing well.
    Agreed . I too didn’t like Ashish and Karan being Real Ram & laxman of Treta Yuga in this time machine story .
    But they both are fabulous actors no doubt it .
    @ Vanshikha – cuteeeee you write well. This time -time machine ke story – masala kuch adhik hai !!

  11. Piyali


    |Registered Member

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Ram Ji and Siya meeting was so cute……….Present ki Siya aur Pichle samey ke Ram…….interesting……very interesting……..Mocanbo Khush Hua………..I loved the cute fights between Siam and LaxMila………..aww…………..the precap is sooooooooooooooo cute……….I am waiting…………..update soon……..Love you……… happy………..

  12. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    Awesome vanshu dearie . U know I was very stressed wid my studies and I opened ur ff I just laughed and laughed . It really was a stress buster . Thanks a lot fr this ff 😚😚😚.

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