Siam love forever part 5


Recap- Siam tie d sacred thread on each other’s hands. Ram gifts siya a hairpin. Siya cooks food fr d family. Evry1 praise hr cooking.

Scene 1: A messenger from Kaikeya tells Bharat shatrughan that ashwapati is ill ? n has called them. They leave. Their wives r sad ?. Siya consoles dem…
Siya is walking ? in d corridor. She sees an injured pigeon in pain and our bhoomija can’t c any creature in pain. So she follows d pigeon. The pigeon enters a room surrounded by guards and siya is stopped by d guards… She demands to go inside to help the Pigeon. D guards allow her. She aids d pigeon n sees an arrow ?. Dashrath enters just den n asks her how she entered. She tells dat she came to hlp d pigeon. He tells her to never cum there again. Siya apologizes to him. She goes wondering abt d arrow n daashrath. Dasharath worries ☹. She goes to her room. Ram sees her tensed n asks the matter. Sita tells him. Ram tells her Not 2 worry about it. They smile ?. A servant comes n informs them that Dashrath is not well n has called them. Siam wonder what happened. They leave…..

Scene 2: Siam see Dashrath unwell. Siya tells ram not 2 worry. I know ? d cure for Dashrath’s disease. She grinds some herbs. Ram looks at siya n smiles thinking ? she takes so care of everyone….. And wid siya’s love, Dashrath Is okay ?…….

Dashrath decides to crown ? ram as king ? thinking of shravan father’s curse. He talks about it to vashisht guru. At night ? Siam are seeing the night sky. Siya points to a star ? and says that something different Is gonna happen. It’ll bring some change in our life. She asks ram if he knows about what is gonna happen. Ram smiles n replies in the negative. They look at d night ? sky again. Ram holds siya’s hand ✋. They smile ?. A servant comes again and knocks on the door ?. She informs that maharaja has called both of you urgently in sabha/Meeting. Siam wonder wat it could b. They go in the sabha.

Scene 3: Ram asks Dashrath why he called so urgently. Dashrath holds his hand up ? and announces ram as the successor. Siam r shocked ?. All d ministers in the court cheer for Siam. Guru dev tells dat d auspicious period/mahurat is d next day . Siam leave. D mothers ask them what happened. Siam give them the news. Everyone congratulate them. Mantra fills Kaikeyis ears ?….
Later Siam r in dere room. A servant brings clothes fr Dem n tells dem to change. They change and go to the river bank and take oaths dat dey ll fulfil all the prajas needs etc. They pray ? n d praja cheer for dem.

After returning back Dey lie down on flowered ?? carpets n ram holds siya’s hand n tells her that he loves her a lot n will continue loving ? till his last breath. He’ll have only one wife n his all life ll be dedicated to her. They smile ? n sleep ? holding each other hands……

Nxt day all d ceremonies happen n dashrath is not present . Sumanta goes to call dasharath. Kaikeyi asks dashrath for d two promises he gave. She asks to send ram for 14 years vanvas n Bharat to be crowned king ?. Dasharath is shocked.

Precap- Siam leave for van.

Bye ? guys.
I won’t continue this analysis now. I’ll continue if I feel like but I feel its useless.

Credit to: Vanshika

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