siam love forever part 4


Recap- demons attack while the couples r going to meet shanta but ram handles the situation. ayodhya welcomes Siam and others. They do the grahpravesh. Siya smiles reading ram’s letter. ?

Scene 1: A dasi comes and tells Kaikeyi n siya dat maharaja has called u both for a ceremony Kaikeyi tells her that she’ll come. Kaikeyi and siya leave from the room. Under the guidance of Rishi vashisht n other learned men raghunandan and janaknandini complete a wedding ? ritual and tie a sacred thread on each others hands, looking into each others eyes ? n feeling the sacred bonding, accompanied by their siblings. Ram looks at siya n they share an eye lock only to be interrupted by Kaushalya who tells siya to go to their room now and shows the couples their way. They leave after greeting the elders and seeking their blessings. ? in mithila Janak worries for siya. Sunaina consoles him telling him not 2 worry, sita is capable of handling everything.

Scene 2: Siya is waiting desperately once again for ram. She looks through the balcony of the room and remembers mithila. Fb shows the four sisters together. Siya senses ram, she turns and sees ram. She smiles experiencing a bliss of our joy ?? n shys away as ram looks in her eyes ?. Ram tells her that he has a gift ? for her. Siya tells him that she has already received the gift ? from groom’s side. Ma Kaikeyi gave me the letter u wrote about me. And saying so she shows the letter. Ram says that he had bought a gift ? for her, and shows her a hairpin. Siya smiles and ram too smiles seeing her. Siya asks ram to make her wear d hairpin. Ram takes off siya’s dupatta n makes hr wear the pin. Siya closes her eyes ? He tucks her dupatta again.
Their siblings also exchange gifts. Urmila tells Lakshman that she’ll never become an obstacle in his duty towards ram. They hug each other. Bhavi m shushra also hug each other. They sleep ? well…..

Scene 3: Siya wakes up n sees ram meditating. She smiles seeing him. She goes to change her clothes. N then she takes the blessings of all Mata’s n asked them favourite food of the family ? members so that she can make it. The Mata’s tell her but wen it comes too ram, all Have different opinions. Kaushalaya asked siya why she is smiling ?, siya said she understood what is ram’s fav food. It is love, anything made wid love ❤. Fb shows ram praising spicy food made by siya. Siya cooks the food ?. And serves it. Everyone eats the food. Siya asks how the food is. The mothers n Dashrath praise their daughter in-law,
N the bhaiyyas praise their Bhabhi. But there’s no comment frm ram n siya is sad. Lakshman asks ram how was d food and ram replies that the food is indeed gr8, crafted wid luv. It’s very delicious ? thanks to d art of siya’s cooking, full of love ❤. Everyone smile ?.

Precap- sita reaches a room following an injured pigeon. The guards try to stop her.

I’ll post the nxt part in may perhaps. Plz kip enjoying it.

Credit to: Vanshika

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