Siam love forever part 3

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Recap- the grand marriage ? of sita ram, lakshmila, bhavi, shushra takes place. Janak does vidaai of his daughters with a heavy heart.

Scene 1: Siam come across a forest. It’s very dense ???n the sisters get afraid ???. Sita tells them not be afraid of anything. Ram wants to meet his dearest sis Shanta. He tells siya dat she’ll lyk her. Dashrath respects rams wish n decides that he’ll go to ayodhya to give the news to every one and u go along with Sumanta to meet shanta. They start their journey with peace and end in happiness. But the mid part has in it lots of hardships with demons attacking. These demons are united with the princes who failed to string the bow in sita’s swayamwar. Fb shows those moments. Ram strings the bow ? and breaks it. Siya puts the garland around ram’s neck. Fb ends.
The demons wait for a right time to attack and attack but ram manages to save the others. Siya smiles seeing ram, ram builds a security guard strong to save his bros nd their wives and goes to kill some demons. Meanwhile Bharat who is fighting bravely gets struck and falls down. “Bhaiyya” he calls ram Mandvi rushes to him. Please wake up. I’m sorry for I fought with you I’m sorry its the result of my sins. Siya consoles her. Ram comes there and calls”Bharat”, please wake up, u wake up if u r my brother. Lakshan and shatrughan go to the forest to search for a cure from a rishi. Siya tells her sisters nothing can happen when ram is here. They smile ? but Mandvi cries ☹?.

Scene 2: Dashrath reaches ayodhya and tells kaushalaya ram and the others have gone to meet shanta.
Siya consoles Mandvi.
Lakshman and shatrughan reach the demolished ashram and wonder who did it? They search for rishi. Lakshman tells shatrughan that look there are ants coming from an anthill. They call the rishi and tell their problem and apologize for the disturbance. Rishi accompanies them and cures Bharat. Mandvi is glad to see Bharat revived. Ram hugs Bharat. All r relieved ?. Siam thank the rishi.
They resume their journey.
They than meet shanta who blesses Siam, and the rest of them. Shanta and siya talk. Ram tells shanta about sita n praises her. He tells her that she is very compassionate and lover of nature. I m glad to have such a wife. Siya smiles. Ram looks at her. Shanta calls them.
They have food and water. Shanta asks them to wait for a day but ram refuses politely. Siya looks at him and tells shanta that mothers will b waiting. They start the journey ahead and overcome all the obstacles in their way after all Siam r the best. ????
Scene 3: Ayodhya welcomes Siam, lakshmila, Bhavi, and shushra. Kaushalaya does the aarti. Siya kicks the kalash, n the sisters follow her. They step in the plate /Thali filled with kumkum and keep their steps in the palace, desirous of bringing happiness and prosperity. Kaikeyi welcomes siya and asks her to come with her. They(the mothers) take the newly weds to their rooms. Kaikeyi wants siya to be with her. Kaushalya agrees. Kaikeyi shows a letter to sita telling her that ram wrote that for her. Fb shows ram writing a letter ? to Kaikeyi telling her the good qualities of sita. Ram has written that sita is a shadow of Kaikeyi. Siya smiles reading the letter and tells Kaikeyi that it is really d best gift ? she could receive ever…. Thanks ma…. A dasi comes to call them.

Precap-ram and sita meet at night. sita makes food for everyone along with her sisters.

Hope u lyk it.
Thanks. ?☺ I’ll keep on improving.

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