Siam love forever part 2

Recap- siya and ram’s marriage ceremonies take place. The other brothers and sisters wedding also takes place.

Scene 1: Janak is very sad ?. Sita goes 2 meet Sunaina who is deeply saddened. She calls her ma. And tells her not 2 worry. Wat ll u do wen I’m not here. She tells that she’ll take knowledge of shashtras from Janak. Janak cries?? but wipes his tears seeing siya. Siya tells that it is impossible to hide tears from her. Janak accepts that he was crying ?. Siya asks him not to cry and be happy ? otherwise she wont be able to go peacefully. They share a hug.

Later- Sunaina and Chandrabhaga come in siya room where the sisters are in a hug. Sunaina asks them to never forget d values they have got. They talk n siya impresses with her values and promises to never let their head down ?. They hug. Siya tells she will take care of the sisters.

Scene 2: Siya brings food for ram. She asks to come in. Ram replies that u need not ask me as we are husband and wife now. Siya nods. Ram and siya engage in talks. And feed each other. Siya asks ram if he needs anything else. Ram says no. Ram tells her that she showed her extraordinary love ❤ and the world would never call us as ram ke siya, they ll call siya ke ram. They smile ?, Siya and ram share an eye lock. Siya excuses herself. She goes to meet Mata gargi who doesn’t come out. But is it possible that siya won’t b able to persuade her? No. She (Mata gargi) comes out and hugs sita. Siya asks her whether she wont meet her before she goes? Mata gargi replies she cant bid her siya her daughter, y r u going, sita tells her that she only used to say that a person should do his duty and its my duty ma, I have come to ask blessing ma, won’t u bless me? They share a hug. Later sita goes to her birthplace and takes some soil in her dupatta/chunri. And says ma, I m bhoomija, I m ur daughter ma, please bless me ma, i m starting a new journey, when I’ll be in great distress ? ? then u’ll help me. U’ll take me in ur lap. She cries ?? ram looks on. Some soil falls and ram holds it. They share an eye lock. A very beautiful moment. Siya asks ram how’s he there. He says just came to meet u. Siya says me?. Ram: Not u Mata gargi and siya goes. Where! At home.

Scene 3: Janak hesitates in doing the bidaai of his beloved daughters. I’ll be all alone. A very sad ? moment ?? kushadhwaj also feels sad ?. But at last all the bidaai rituals happen. Siya goes to hug her parents a last time. Janak feels sad. She hugs chandrabhaga n kushadhwaj and they cry. The other sisters hug their parents. Ram promises Janak he’ll always kip siya happy ?. ? sadly siya throws the rice ? towards her home ? n has a last glance of everyone there the sisters to do the same. She and her sisters sit in the doli/palaki and siya n sis’s say a goodbye to their house one last time. Ram looks on.

Precap: Siam go to meet shanta. Demons and hawks attack. Bharat gets hurt and gets unconscious. ??

Hope it wasn’t too brief. Or lengthy. Now they’ll start a new journey.

Credit to: vanshika jain

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