siam love forever part 1


Hi ? guys I m Vanshika n this is my first ff so please tell me my mistakes otherwise How’ll I b able 2 improve ? if there are not atleast 15 people comments I ll quit writing and not post next epi. ?

Scene1: Location:mithila. Sita is desperately waiting for someone. Now who can it be than her to be husband Ram? But why is she waiting? The marriage has been fixed and the ceremonies have started. It’s the haldi ceremony and siya is waiting to see Ram. But fails in her first attempt. After that she is completely yellow, looking beautiful in a yellow sari and beautiful jewellery with a rose/floral decorative mangtika/head ornament, completely coloured in her to be husband’s colour. The gods and goddesses themselves are present at this auspicious occasion of Narayan and lakshmi’s pure Haldi and are adding to the charm. On the other hand our other stars lakshmila, bhavi and shushra r enjoying the ceremony when Bharat and mandvi are fighting and sutkirti and shatrughan r smiling ? at each other. And of course lakshmila r at one moment seeing and other moment shying away from each other. A pure lovely moment. The beautiful sangeet ceremony also happens and the whole atmosphere is more then melodious n great. Everyone is dancing and singing and enjoying the sangeet, when dashrath proposes the marriage of the brothers of ram with sisters of siya, an adorable moment but Urmila doesn’t agree because is angry with lakshman’s behaviour. But siya manages to make her ready and she realises her mistake and all set they are for the grand wedding.

Location: Ayodhya: The mothers are waiting for their sons and their brides and dying to see them. Preperations have been made to welcome the brides and grooms.
Scene 2: Location:mithila. The great wedding is gonna take place and the brides are looking like goddesses in their beautiful attire, the grooms are not less and are looking as gods, and everything is set. Siya and the sisters hug their mother sunaina and dad janak and the grand wedding takes place. The sisters and brothers are pretty good and follow their elders Siam and they do all the ceremonies, varmala/garland exchange, kanyadaan, phere/seven rounds around the fire. Ram applies sindoor on sita’s forehead and the brothers follow him and put sindoor in their brides’ foreheads. Ram puts mangalsutra around sita’s neck n she closes her eyes ? in shyness. the brothers follow ram. The pandit tells them that the marriage ? is over and they are husband wife from this very moment, and will share their happiness and sorrow with each other. And like this the celestial marriage ? is over and the newly married ? couples look magnificent.
Scene 3: Janak is very ? and doesn’t wanna leave his daughters. Dashrath consoles him and tells him that he’ll keep his daughter in-laws as daughters and treat them with affection always.
Later:On the other hand janak describes mithila’s tradition to the grooms and tells that it is trend that they(brides and grooms) have to feed each other by their hands. Sita feeds a bite of roti kheer to ram and ram feeds her another bite of roti. A great romantic moment… And the brothers and sisters follow them.
Precap-Siam feed each other lunch. Janak does his daughters bidaai. Everyone cry ?.

Hi ? I’m sorry if its not gr8. I’ll focus much on Siam scenes as the name suggests. Sorry if I disappointed ? lakshmila, bhavi, shushra fans but there will be seperate ff for them I’ll write n post soon after this one ends. Please tell ur views. First I didn’t plan to post wedding scenes but I’ve done it in short.

Bye ?

Credit to: vanshikha jain

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  1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Hi ? this is me, Vanshika n I know ? this epi analysis won’t b grt as I’m in cls eight only bt I’ll try my best to improve. I’ve posted 4 parts of dis analysis. U can read all n plz plz plz plz do comment if it doesn’t get gud response I’ll quit in 10 parts. Till the vanvas perhaps, or as per the storyline.

  2. plz continue dear

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