Sia ke Maheshwaris – Episode I

Hii my dear friends I am back with my new. I know someone of you know me. I told that I won’t come back bcoz I hadn’t a mobile for uploading the story. And I was totally disappointed when my Swasan bid goodbye. So I decided not to write and I understood that Swasan is inside us and I can’t separate me from them. And I bought a new phone also ☺.

Episode 1

Mumbai, India

The clock was jumping to midnight. Swara stuffed some of her fabrics and gadgets in her bag. A micro grin flourished on her baby pink lips when she noticed a small Dairy milk of 20 rupees amid of the clothes. She unwrapped the cover and begun to consume the chocolate. Suddenly a warm hand wrapped around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder from behind. He brushed aside her hair which was an obstacle between her neck and his lips. She tightly closed her vision and nipped her whole body in fiery. His lips gave her neck a repressive maudlin touch

She compressed her body once again.
Sanskar I am leav……
Sssshhhhh ?? he made her mute…..
Aaa meri paas tum raho jaane ki baat na karo…..

Swara’s leg moved hurriedly and it dashed an empty whiskey bottle. She came out from her deep sleep. She was sleeping on the bare floor. Her rythmless lifestyle is evident in her flat. Everything was disordered and no Sanskar. In fact none except India’s top singer Swara. That old lovingly sweet Swara had also left her. And this is just a corpse. She furiously glared the liquor bottle….. You know what tum toh kisi kaam ki hi nahi????.
You regained my addiction in just 12 hours??? I was enjoying with him and you….

The FM radio is also questioning her emotions…..

Aa meri paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo

A couple of pearls have emerged from her eyes…..

Where are you Sanskar please come back………..

Same night no no same day in Ottawa, Canada.

A huge 20 floor building is burying itself in the earth I mean demolition. The process has finished in an hour. An old stout man appreciated a person seems like an Indian in appearance. The shook hands…… Thank you Karan. The process has been done perfectly and the all credit goes to “The Terminator”. Where is he???

“I am here”…….A man with black executive outfit came in front of them. His eyes were blurred with sun glasses. His phone was ringing in every alternate 5 minutes. And he was adjusting the hands free calling conviniently. He stood in front of them like a loyal commando.
Mr Henry : Thanks a lot Mr Maheshwari and congratulations for your 98th project.

After spending sometime there he returned to his firm and lonely spent in conference hall. His eye balls explored through the Forbes magazine.

Top 20 Most s*xiest singers in the world. And the position 13 goes to…….

He furiously threw the magazine to dust bin and yelled in ire…… Natasha Natasha……
The loyal employee stood in attention…. Detain this magazine today onwards okay….. She answered yes and left. Even the protagonist was shivering in anger. He once again handed the magazine from the wastes……. You blo*dy b…… Look look u s*xiest lady you have made me what, A successful living corpse. I can’t call you just a bad word bcoz bcz I love you. Because of you I separated myself from my family. I don’t want to see you again so so I came here far away from my family far away from my nation far away far away…… I don’t know how is my family.

Kolkata, India

Ap n Sujata gathered in the living hall. An yellow garland was garnishing Uttara’s photo. Sujata with teary eyed looked at her daughter….. Jijji 7 years ago my daughter… She leaned to Ap’s shoulder.

Ragini came with a letter…. Her eyes were reddish and puffy…… Maa Gurumaa’s letter…….. She was dare to leave but….
Sujata : read it Jijji I wanna know if any way is left for freeing us from these two sterile sisters. Bcoz of her sister my Sanskar already left me and I don’t want to be happen the same on Lux.
Ragini ran to her room with sobbing.

Ap unwrapped the letter.

Dear Annapurna

I know you are not well but I will always hope for your well being. Sorry to say but your Maheshwari family is affected with a big curse. Brahma hatya shaap.

Generations ago one of ur ancestor accidently murdered a Brahmin priest and according to his curse your 7 generation will last and sorry to say this is the last. But he killed him accidently so the priest told him a solution.

After the final generation a special girl will arrive in ur mansion.Make her a part of your family. Tell her to do that Brahmin’s sradh.
And remember she will be a special girl. The who is innocent and pure like Sithamata. She have 2 real mothers but like Sithamata she will be motherless. Her name is also will be the synonym of Sithamata. Her parents will show hatred towards each other but hardwork will unite them. Circumstances will be different but she will save our sanskar (culture n custom) securely. You can see the reflection of each of you on her. She will fill ur home with joy. In a sentence she will be unique.
And remember one thing do the shradh b4 Naagpanchami. Otherwise I don’t know….. She will come soon….

Ap: Sujata what is this
Sujata: Yeah Jijji 2 real mothers but motherless… Is she exist????


Yes I exist
(Phone in conversation)
and you Miss Kavita Roy stay on ur limits okay?. Don’t don’t dare to cross the boundaries. I know what is my Dad’s happiness and what is right for him. Once I will meet his soul mate and I will make them get married. What a pity that’s not you Miss Roy.

Kavita: Look Beta I love him. You are just 10 years old now. Don’t you want a Mom

Girl: No u r flirting with him n I don’t want a Mom like you. Don’t dare to explore in his surroundings. You know what?? Your daal won’t cook here…… If you will do something which I don’t like then main tumhari band bajadungi. You know na I will do what I said bcoz I am Sia Sanskar Maheshwari…….

To be continued………….

Precap : Swara coming to Ottawa.

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