Sia ke Maheshwaris Episode 8

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Episode 8

Giving his little princess a good morning kiss, he left to wake up his queen. Although it was a new morning for him. Everything is fine now. She gave him an another chance and he gave her a chance to compose herself. He was descending the steps, the man was promptly leaving each steps behind.He was rushing to her like he updated a story in telly updates last night and he wants to check the comments now. The door was widely opened for him. His blissful eyes rided through the whole room. And he spotted her depending on the wall near wash room. His lips curved and legs moved forward. He gave her a back hug.

“First morning of our second chance. Congratulations”
She turned against him with an evil smile of a devil resembles like she’s succeeded in something. And his curved lips shortened. That eyes were widened in shock. Her spontaneous attire changing made him numbed. What was that??? Firstly his vision went to her eyes. How many eyelocks they shared, now there is a green veil arrived between their eyelocks. Her black outfits black makeups reminding satan. For a while he felt that she also started satan worshipping. But he pacified himself. Her mental illness justified everything. He approached her calm and quiet. Touched on her shoulder with an artificially made grin, then said.
“Wow black beauty”
She nodded unwillingly
“No mysterious beauty”
She smirked in an unnamed joy.

Sanskar brushed his weird thoughts about her mental health and started punching on his stomach.
“Yaar too hungry please give me something ??”.
She looked here and there. Then hitted on her forehead..
“Uff I don’t prepared anything. What do you like to eat”

Sanskar : This is an imposition of 11 years. I will command you one by one. Go go and make some Masala tea for me.
Swara : Sanskar please wait, I want to take a shower.

Sanskar : Ohh yes, I forgot you to mention that. Go and take a bath , I am feeling something fishy with your new look. Go go….

She left with staring at Sanskar in equal intervals like he got to know about the crime she did.


The tea is boiling but they are in some another world. Both were looking so cute in white woolen dressess. The dress is covering their necks to wrist. He is back hugging her. She acquired some heat from the water vapor and cupped his cheeks. He cutely winked and leaned his head. Then gently bited on her lower lips. 110 KV current had passed through her whole body. Suddenly she shivered in the sudden shock. Her body had undergone through an abrupt tremor. He squeezed that red flower and shrugged with biting. Meanwhile both were closing their eyes. Slowly they opened it only for sharing a sweet eye lock.


They are not bothered about anything else now. External circumstances are trying to compelling them but they were in an another wonderland. Both of them are denying to unlock the hug. They are remaining like that, hugging each other, closed eyes. Suddenly someone poked him but no reply. Next Swara felt the same feeling. She opened her eyes and stunned to face Sia. She was giggling madly. Swara pulled Sanskar and he also came to his senses. Both were blushed due to their foolishness and started hide their eyes from Sia. She extended two cups of tea towards her parents.
“Where were you both lost. Here the utensil is burned and I had to make new tea??”
Swara engaged in consoling her.
“Shorry shorry please forgive ur Mumma ??”
Swara held her earlobes putting a pity emotion on her face. Then their chit chat sessions started. Slowly Sanskar understood that he has no role there and quietly he exited the arena. Then he observed them from far away both are making food together. Sia is asking her doubts with pointing at the various ingredients and Swara is pampering her with giving answer calmly…
Sanskar dialled Karan’s number and said him to forward Mr Suryavanshi’s male. He wanted to forward the business to his home nation. Mr Ritik Suryavanshi(Arjun Bijlani) is his first client in India.


Swara’s POV

“R u a famous singer??”
Sia asked me with a lots of anticipation.
“Woh woh beta…….” I started stammering due to I am answerless. Now she will hate me. Would call me a cheater. Would disguistingly look at me. Noo no I can’t afford her hatred towards me. God why did you gave me this inauspicious voice. Am I ur doll to play with your comfort??? I was lost in my thoughts.

Sia: Don’t tell lies, I know you are a famous Indian singer. Papa told me and he loves you Soooo much

Sia hugged herself.

I also stunned to hear it but I didn’t understood the double meaning behind the sentence.

Me : But ur Paapa is hating Indian music na.

Sia: Actually my Mumma sings well. He was angry on her till now. And now their patch up happened so he again started to love you and your music.

Me : Really!!!! Wow it is fabulous.

I said with adding some Garam masala into the dhal. Suddenly something horrible originated in my mind. If they are united, her Mumma is coming to take care of her then what is my role???? She won’t give me the right of her Mumma ever. She would be inclined towards her mother and slowly slowly will forget me. Fate is playing with my emotions. Someone called me Mumma for the first time. First time I experienced motherhood. Sometimes I had gone through a hard feeling that she is my real daughter. No no God ?? I won’t let this happen. You gave me a human birth, you could make me a animal or plant also na. Then y don’t you?? You made me fell in love with Sanskar. I was happy with him but you cursed me with this sterile body. Someone robbed my dignity due to I couldn’t compose myself for being with him.
Then you made me a celebrity. Amid of all that too you didn’t isolated me from gossips. I don’t know they messed up my name with how many guyzzz. Moreover my Maa, who led me to this world. …….she is hating me, hating me from the core of her heart.
What ever I am, l accepted my fate na??? I was following the way shown by you na??? Like an obedient kid…… Then y r u punishing me again and again. You gave me this happiness, I praised ur greatness. And now you are rescuing it also??? If it is your justice then I don’t have any trust in you. Tum apni manmaani karo main bhi apni manmaani karoongi…..


After the video chat with Ritik, Sanskar was vigorously checking the morning online newsfeeds

“Lady bussiness tycoon was attacked by a mysterious woman”

He just read the news and was dare to scroll down. He doesn’t have any interest in such bad news. He is only interested in bussiness and sports pages. But that news was something different. That pic!!!! He know her…… They both had met yesterday too. Kavita!!!!!
What happened to her??? He briefly read the news and reached to a conclusion. Someone burned her right hand with alcohol……. He started doubting somebody

“Mysterious lady………. Mysterious beauty……hmm there were so many links here.”

Sanskar called Kavita for further enquiry. She also said what he actually assumed…….. Green eyes, black long gown, black makeups……… Her target was only Kavita’s right arm and nothing.

Kavita furiously said….. “I won’t leave her Sanskar, she will definitely pay for it”

The call hung up and Sanskar ran to kitchen. But their he found only Sia. She was making house with brinjal, carrot like vegetables.

Sanskar : Gudiya where is Mumma??

Sia: I don’t know Papa may be in her room.

Sanskar rushed to her room. She was standing there with the same previous black attire.

“So….. this is her official attire”

Sanskar muttered and came close to her but this time he noticed an extra fitting on her hands. A white hand gloves. She resembled like a doctor in that. He noticed something shocking in her hands. A little life is startled and breathing heavily. A white mouse was flouncing inside her hands. She ruthlessly smirked then dramatically injected a drug in it. Post a second she released the mouse and it fell on the floor. But it was not flouncing or either breathing. It is already dead. She kneeled and chirped like a lizard while nodding.

“What a pity. Why did you frightened me yesterday. So I experimented my self-made drug on you.”

She pushed on her chest like she is consoling herself.

“Just chill Swara, kisi nirdosh ki jaan nahi li thi tumne……hmm so… Rest in peace. I will pray for your heavenly soul.”

Painfully Sanskar realised the fact that his lady love changed to a full time psycho. Now it is difficult to her to coming out from that dark world. He started to question her while she was busy in mixing some fluids. She isn’t bothered about his rapid questions.

“So you harmed Kavita for touching me. If I will array her neck with Mangalsutra then?????”

At the moment she pined him to the wall and bruised his neck.

“Uski gala kaat doongi???”

Our hero was a lil bit afraid. He begged her to leave him which she did after 5 minutes. She began to breath fastly. Her eyes were widened.

“So so what is this??”

He questioned with checking his aching neck with only for changing the topic. And he succeeded in it.

Swara : Pesticides??, most dangerous concentrated pesticides merged with mercury. An ounce is sufficient for stopping the breathe of a normal healthy person.

She smilingly answered with glaring at the poison filled test tube.

Sanskar : ??? poison!!!!! But for whom???

Swara: For Sia’s parents.

Sia’s parents!!! Sanskar gulped the whole saliva inside his mouth startled.
Sans: Wa wa whaat they did???

Swara: ?? They are my foes. They have to die

Sans: But you don’t have any past enmity with them; then why???

Swa: They are Sia’s parents therefore they have to die. Only I have the right over her. U know they are united. If her Mother would come across both of us then you know na what will happen?? She would stop calling me Mumma and I can’t tolerate it. First time I experienced motherhood, do you know how beautiful it is??? No no I can’t loss my daughter so they have to die. Especially her mother??.

Sanskar learned that everything are going out of his control. He decided to tell her the whole truth.

To be continued…………….

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