Sia ke Maheshwaris Episode 7

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Episode 7

Swara’s POV

By hearing the knocking, Rubina opened the door for me.
“How was ur date tonight”

She asked with a grin. She knows everything about me and Sanskar now. My wet puffy eyes searched for Sia. My posture silenty told Rubina about what I am looking for……
“Actually she had gone to her flat. Margarita Aunty na their maid. She took Sia along with her.” I nodded but my concentration was riding else where. The things what I had seen in that restaurant, it is unbearable. How could you do this to me Sanskar?? If you want to date with Kavita then why did you gave me the false hopes. I can’t forget that scene. Kavita is holding ur hands. No no not holding. Her hand, her right hand, it was exploring through your chest cheeks uff even I am ashamed to think about all of that. Meri pyar ko cheenkar tumne achcha nahi kiya Kavita?? you will pay for it definitely pay for it. Whatever Sanskar is mine. Solely I have the right over him. Uski zindagi mein, pyaar mein, shareer mein, takdeer mein….hmm?? sirf meri hak honi chahiye…..
But my sanity again interfered…..Swara, what are you doing?? If they are liking each other then let them live together. Swara, you are not his best choice. Unable to conceive, and that incident…….eeehhhh disguisting Swara u r really disgusting. Leave him okay.
Ohhh I don’t know what to do. Again my terrible obsession is commanding me…..??no he is mine Sanskar is mine. I’m not bothered about what I am and what happened in my life. But I love him and I want him. Jab woh jalkar rakh ho jayega na tab bhi uss par sirf yeh Swara ki hak honi chahiye??

I don’t know what happened to me but I’m aware of a fact that Swara is not existing now. She is dividing into two. I named them; Mis obsession and Mis Sacrifice.

“R u okay??”
Rubina touched on my shoulder. I nodded yes and left to my room in the lack of giving her digesting answer. Later she uttered me that she is going out of town for a week and left.

My body surrendered over the bed. Mind is still reminding me that scene. Kavita is touching Sanskar. When I reached the venue he was spending time with her. She slapped him with finger.
She bited her lips like a seductress. But what about him ?? he was remaining numbed.
“Hey Honey come to my home tonight. This Kavita will fullfill all your incomplete desires”

Sanskar started staring here and there startled. Finally shocked to see me there. I rushed back to the flat. Then I don’t know further what happened there.
I remained over the bed like a corpse. Abruptly I started feeling something. Somebody is lying over me. Two hands are wrapping through my belly from back. Someone’s warm breath penetrating inside my ears. His lips gave me a warm touch. He rested one of his cheek on my cheek.
He muttered.

Sanskar’s POV

She began to sob badly and I again kissed her. Her voice came out so loudly and again did the same thing, kissed her again and again. Unintentionally I am doing it might be this is the prank of almighty. She pulled me when she reached the boundary of her patience. And gave me a rude glare.
She gazed at me like I’m a fossil preserved in the museum. I approached her a little scared bcoz she is a not a human being now but is a cute kitten who don’t even know anything. The chances of unexpected attacks are also high. “Swara”
I touched her for a test dos, I do wanna know whether she will harm me or not. I was dare to touch her cheeks
“Hhhhhhh….. ”
She gave my hand a huge jerk while looking at my eyes.
“Look Swara, I am not your foe. Kavita, she is a flirty….”

She doesn’t let me complete. Garnished my cheek with a tight slap. It was enough to awake my anger. Why did she slapped me. What I did?? Kavita’s visit was a coincidence. She is researching for the chances to intimate with me. Scared of Gudiya, so she isn’t coming to my house. But I couldn’t understood that it was not her anger but was her obsession.
“Meri naam zubaan par sirf meri naam??”

She is becoming possessive day by day, I have to end this. At least just for a second. I said for changing the topic,

“You are looking adorable, loving me na? so you wore this white saree”….

Before she could say something I wrapped through her waist and leaned towards the bed.

Our visions knotted each other. I started to tell

“Leave that girl, she don’t have an importance in our lives. The matter is about us. You are mine and I am yours. None can change it. At least you could trust Sanskar Maheshwari’s promises”

She was trying harder to freeing herself from my clutches and I continued.

“I know a third person came across us.He only wanted your body. He was succeeded in it na. He robbed something from you which you preserved only for me. This is the exact reason that you are denying to accept our relationship again. You can’t conceive it is an another reason.”

My grip turned weakened and she sat on the bed in a sudden shock.

“Hhh…hau….How should you know?”

She fearfully asked and I passed a grin.

“What did you said at that day, after woke up in my residence??? The day when we met 11 and half years later”

Swara: What did I said???

Me: What did you said…… Kya tha kya tha woh….. “Haan who looted my dignity again???” The fear in your eyes indicated me everything…….

Before I could say something, she hugged me and burst out in crying.

“Sanskar Sanskar…….(She was panicking) you are right some someone raped me. Raped me for a month.
After my betrayal, everybody disowned me even Maa too. That hatred is still lasting. I went to Mumbai and began to teach Music in an aided school. I became tottally alone and the memories with you became my best companions. My only relative was Ragini’s calls in alternate days. Apparently post an year, I mean after I broke all the ties with you, a man befriended with me. He remained my good friend but one day he gave me a glass of juice. Some sedatives were mixed in it. He took me to a dark underground chamber. Whenever I came out from the sedation. I heard his footfalls.It seemed like he is descending the wooden steps. He used to inject me the same drug again and I would faint. After a month he himself took me to my house and said that “The necessities by me are over and I am free then”

Me: And how would you have understood that he raped you.

Swara: I always noticed my disordered clothes whenever I would regain my consciousness. Once I was lying there in the absence of inners and churidar.

She end up in sobbing. The tip of her nose turned reddish. I cupped her both temples. Then kissed her forhead.

“Sanskar please go away from me. I would be your misfortune. I can’t gift you your little one and I am no longer a virgin. I’m disgusting Sanskar, I am disguisting.”

I was still cupping her cheeks. I moved more close to her. Then unknowingly she rested her head on my chest. Still pearls are emerging from her eyes. I kissed on her temple and heaved blissfully. At last she unloaded that huge weight in front me and I am damn sure soon she will reenter in my life. I said with staring far away

“Achcha who told you that you are disgusting. There are so many people in this world who loves ur voice. There are so many girls who wants to be like Swara Gadodia. And about you can’t be a mother and ur virginity. Swara, it’s up to me. I have to decide either I want you or not. If I have no problem then y r u tensed about it”

Then a chain of confrontation at last I worn. She hugged me with a pleasant smile. It seemed like she accepted me

“Will you come with me??”, I asked

“No, I want time to compose myself.”

Suddenly a big storm passed us. It dashed a vace with terrible voice. She hugged me startled.

“No worries, I am with you na”

Suddenly she left the hug and walked towards the cupboard. Returned with something hiding behind.

“Do you know Sanskar I am afraid of thunder and lightning.”

She showed me a yellow
T-shirt from behind. I tried hard to identify it but I am sure. I had seen it somewhere.

“Don’t penetrate your vision into it,It is urs. This gave me the power to withstand that scary nights. Do you know?? his footfalls are always haunting me. There too ur presence saved me. I would sleep with hugging it tightly”

Her fingers were rythmatically running through the fabric.Then she sighed in peacefulness and gazed at me

“I am feeling secure with it.”

I widened my hands like SRK.

“Come on hug me, Now real Sanskar Maheshwari is standing in front of you”

She joyfully hugged me in a sudden. Hundreds of seconds bid goodbye but we are still remaining like that.
Abruptly I felt restless, OMG ? Sia. I forgot my daughter.

“Okay Swara, I have to go home”

She suspiciously asked, “Why are you feeling restless?? Do someone is waiting for you?”

Bhagwaan I sowed the seeds of doubts. Everything is OK now. I know she loves Sia but her obsession is making me feel weird.

“No nn no not home. I mean office office. You know na office is like my home always.” I said with stammering.

“Hmm ?? take care of yourself. You got it”

Then a bunch of chit chats. At last I made her slept. Look how calmly she is sleeping. I am also gonna enjoy a peaceful sleep after epochs

Third person narrative

No Sanskar it is not a good ending but this is the beginning of ur sleepless nights. The things was not easier as we thought. The clock bell rang one time. It showed 1 am. Swara opened her eyes like a vampire in sepulchre. Her eyes showed decisiveness. She saw the previous shirt.
She madly smelt Sanskar’s shirt and enjoyed his masculine fragrance. “You are mine Sanskar Maheshwari, you are mine”
She removed her white dress and wore a full length black gown. Then sat in front of the dressing table. Applied her eyelids some black eyeshadow and terribly opened her eyes. Her pink lips turned dark pink one. She slowly touched on Sanskar’s teeth marks on her necks. For a normal person, it was really aching but she was fully enjoying the pain. She closed her eyes and touched on the wounds slowly. Only for the enjoyment. Suddenly she stared at the mirror rudely then her expression turned sad.
“What to do?? I know everything is okay but I can’t tolerate a single thorn in between us”

Then she applied lenses in her eyes. A green one and again started saying something while applying a black nail polish.

“Woh meri junooniat hai, meri ishq. I can’t give up him at any cost”

Then she stood up and increased her height with point heel sandals. She walked towards the wardrobe and took a bottle of Whiskey.

“Choone ki bahot shauk hai na tumhe??Ab nateeja dekho”

She said with evily glaring at the bottle.

To be continued…………

Guyzz don’t worry nothing happened to Swara. Only Sanskar can touch her in that way

Friends I want an information about a ff.

The plot is Swasan was divorced and they have twin sons who lives with Swara in Delhi .Post they turned 17/18 they came to stay in MM but they fell in family conspiracy. Finally they found out the criminal and solved probz between SwaSan.
Anyone of you know about this ff. It came in TU 2016 May June time period. Anyone of you knew it then please tell me. I want to read it.

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