Sia Ke Maheshwaris Episode 5

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Sanskar’s POV

Oo wow Macaroni, Mango filled doughnuts, salad, sandwiches and pudding. Finally a glass of lukewarm milk. Breakfast is ready… Sanskar you are a master chef.Swara and Gudiya will be really happy. Sometimes I would get surprised due to the same likes and dislikes of both of them. How could this happen??? there isn’t a percent chance left for these similarities between the two of my cuties. I came inside calling Gudiya for breakfast. This lazy girl is cutting her class everyday ,today I will forward that drastic step. I forcefully will send her to the school. It is also necessary, if Swara will aware of our father daughter relationship then I don’t know ???.
I took a look at my both adorable corals. They both are sleeping with hugging each other. It was difficult to distinguish between them that who is more cute. I keenly examined both….. Their skin tone, forehead, the way both are using to hug each other. Everything is indicating me there’s something between the two. And……. Both sleeping beauties are crazy about sleep. The important thing is Gudiya’s gifted voice. When ever I would heard her voice it reminded me of Swara. Her voice resembles like Swara. I don’t wanted her to choose the same card which ruined my life so I said music is nasty and kept her far away from the celebrity veil belongs to Swara Gadodia.

The clock bell rang 8…… I stuffed her books and tiffin inside the bag and started to consume the hot potato means I tried to wake up Gudiya but she didn’t… Neverthelessly I didn’t wanted to wake her up due to the way she is sleeping with Swara. It seemed like a innocent lil bird is resting at the shade of her mother bird. Swara’s warm presence is assuring her a care which she had never experienced.

Her shivering eyelashes muttered me ki…..”Paapa I am in a fake sleep”…….. She came here in search of me and stunned to see Swara. She said she’s her Angel. I’m so shocked to hear while she started shouting Mumma Mumma Mumma at sleeping Swara. Suddenly Sia bited her tongue like she did a fault. I waved my hand, my gesture showed a willing sign.

Here Gudiya shaked her head with rapidly tasting her lips two three times like someone is irritating her in sleep but the fact was she is awaiting for a good drowsiness……”Gudiyaaa”…..mmm?? she replied in a peeved voice……..

“The time is 8:20″……….

Gudi: So what Paapa we will go tomorrow. It’s too late na. Mis will slay me.

She concealed her face over Swara’s br*ast and started playing hide and seek. She will look at me in equal intervals. Then with a giggle will shout…… “Meri Mumma hai”…….again and again will return to the shade of her mother bird. I am tottally lost in that most beautiful vision in the universe. Suddenly I reminded the bombardments after Swara’s wake up
I held Gudiya through her armpits and forcefully made her separated from Swara….. ???she started fake crying with moving her hands and legs. Somehow I managed to make her brush and send her for bath.

Hmm ??…. she had gone with staring me rudely. Then I ironed her uniform and arranged her hairbands, watch, shoes shocks and much more. Half an hour have passed but she was still bathing. She is researching in the subject “How to get late”…..and I’m always hearing her principal’s taunting. It is really good that I don’t understand her German merged English. I took the daily for read. OMG this girl na, she mangled the newspaper like the dress of beggars. Madam is a fancier of robbery tidings. In her view, each robbery and thief is different. They have their own purposes for approaching robbery. She has a big record book containing such newspaper cuttings. Uff the time is going on and she is still….. I entered inside the room where Swara is dozing off. There I saw my Princess is weeping badly with hugging Swara. I came close to her and kneeled. She looked at me and I wiped her tears. Yes, it is the time to tell a lie .I touched on of her cheek…….”Beta she is ur Mom. You can call her Mumma how much times you want”

Her eyes were sparkled…..??really????…….

I nodded yes……

Me: But don’t let her know that I am your Paapa otherwise she will leave us

Gudi: Y???

Me: Cz she doesn’t likes me

Gudi: U r so sweet Paapa then y she doesn’t???

Me: Might be due to my character…. Tell me, anyone like me in this world except you??? And they are calling me what???

Sia: Terminator

Me: Like that she also hates me. If she will be aware of our relationship then she will leave both of us.

Sia: okay Paapa
she obeyed me and somehow I managed to send her school.


Swara’s POV

How can a man become calm and quiet after such a horrible betrayal from his beloved wife??? When I wrapped up my sleep thousands of questions are revolving around my brain. Aah… was really paining somewhere. I stared at the mirror opposite to me Above part of my br*asts are fully naked. My neck and chest was filled numerous micro injuries made by someone’s nails. Thighs also showed the same and the most important thing is my lips….. Someone bited on it. Unbelievably I started touching my cheeks and neck. I don’t know what happened in the last night. I only remember Ragini’s call after Sia bid goodbye.

“ohh my God who looted my dignity again”

Suddenly an oracle replied.

“The one who looted early”

But I failed to find the owner of that oracle. In a second difference someone jumped onto the bed where I am seating……..??Sanskar….

We drowned in the depths of each others eyes. Tears started falling from my eyes Iike a lubricant for our years later meeting. I touched on his cheeks but my arms creeped from him. I was unbelievably excited about I rescued him then I wrapped with one hand through his neck and rested my head on his opposite shoulder. Then again and again left the hug and began to untrustworthy cupping his cheeks. My face was wetted with tears. He is remaining like a wax statue, sometimes I felt like he is an illusion like b4. He smiled suddenly, the smile which I couldn’t isolate what was the emotion in it. Leaving me in shock he touched on my shoulder and supressed it. For a while my attention rushed there and it led me to the present. Where I am??? And what about the last night??? Anything happened??? Leave it Swara he is ur love ur life. If he snatched something then teach ur mind that it is his right. He is the man who ruined ur virginity for the first time. I forgot about me, what was I am, my disabilities, my limitations everything.What a stupid I am?? Without thinking about anything I just sinked in our unexpected reunion.

Like a long lost child he started pampering me. We don’t know but we aren’t talking anything yet but we know there is a few things left unsaid now too. I’m amazing in his deeds and misdeeds. Sometimes he will melt in my eyes and sometimes somehow will feed me food. Yes there is a few things left unsaid then too the space for the facts in my mind is vacant, actually it is not vacant but they are invisible.They don’t want to come across the light. But one of his misdeed had broken at least the silence which is humming between us.
I swallowed the pasta but some gravy containing myonaise mingled with cheeze remained on my lips. That scene might be stimulated him. The masculine odour came close to me and the man extended his tongue like a holy serpent. It bid goodbye to my lips in a microsecond. His damn cute lips seemed like an envelope only made for concealing that lined teeth reminding pearls gifted me a warm kiss. An Indian kiss at my lips.

“Sanskar tum……”
That two words and the seconds of silence acquired the rights of so many interrogations. Sanskar y did you kissed me??? Ohh u kissed me after epochs??? Sanskar are you still loving me??? Sanskar ,you led me here?? Sanskar something happened between us???……….

“Woh you were sozzled yesterday”…….He said with wagging the fork through the white plate

What??? Last night!!! I can’t believe this, I hadn’t consumed just a single drop, if he said any other day then I am ok with it but yesterday!!!! Years later I befriended with a little soul and how can I leave her presence. If she will come to know about I am a drunkard then??? So I decided to leave boozing at least until I leave Canada. Cz I am using high efficiency alcohol and sometimes I tried hard to freeing myself from the hangover, due to it’s addiction I lost so many opportunities in my career but I am not bothered about all of them but Sia!!!! ??? How can I face Sia in such a state no no I can’t tolerate her hatred for me. I love her and I want her at any cost, she is mine ?? only mine…….. Swara, Swara come to your senses, Sia!!!! She belongs to someone else and you are a stranger for her. My sanity inside me grumbled but my persistence is not obeying my sanity……. Amid of all these he touched on my shoulder and gestured me what happened.
“Where are you lost???

I suspiciously stared him, “you are lying na??? I hadn’t sozzled yesterday” but he is still blabbering as I did it.

“You did it”

“No I didn’t ”

“Yes you did”

“No I didn’t ”





At last my patience crossed the boundaries and I dashed the plate. For a while I am also stunned then said sorry and was dare to go but he pined me to the wall
He smiled, but that ever cute smile is soaked in tears today.
“Maaph kar paogi mujhe?? I know I don’t have the right for asking you apology but please don’t leave me”

He crushed me badly but I am still remaining in the shock that finally the truth revealed in front of him.Abruptly might be a devil entered inside me. Unknowingly I am smirking, I also crushed him tightly. Rested my head on his shoulder. Started stroking on his back….. Mrs Sujata Maheshwari at last I worn, look ur dear son is under my clutches. You are the one who threw me out of his life without any reason. Tell me, what was my fault??? I’m unable to conceive, tell me, what was my fault in it. God made me like this, without questioning him, u looted my life from me, my Sanskar from me. You compelled me to do these all extra marital affair melodrama but now look ur plans are spoiled in front our love.

Suddenly he left the hug. I glared at him suspiciously in a fear that “Is it he again started to dislike me?”

“Not to worry Swara, my Mom is the antagonist na??? She back stabbed me; now I will show her what is the real game ???”

We looked at each others eyes, he had seen a lots of hope in my eyes.

“Don’t leave me”

He muttered, we hugged and kissed once again.

“I am your best choice na ????” I asked

“Mm Swara u r my ever best choice” he muttered while riding through our recent made wonderland. Look Sujata Maheshwari, My sweetheart never hated me but your son is hating you from the core of his heart now.I will insist him against you. I will ruin you??……. Swara what are you saying damn it??? Are you crazy, Sujata Mom is innocent. She did what she has to do after all Sanskar is her one and only son and she is also a part of Maheshwari empire. She tried to defame you for forwarding her generation. Finally the real me is awaken. Why I am thinking all these??? But a paranormal power is instigating me from inside……I will ruin you Sujata I will ruin you. You will face a major disaster soon. ??? you wait and watch.

Swara Swara calm down kya ho kya gayi hai tumhe??! Are you mad???……….again my wisdom sad me the right thing
Suddenly I started feel something, hear something…….. foot steps foot steps……
Yes yes he is coming. Swara how can u forget that horrible incident??? You can’t be a mother it’s k but that terrible month!!!! You are no longer a best choice of ur Sanskar leave him and let him live peacefully.

I pulled him back

“No no I am not ur best choice”

But Sanskar wasn’t horrified by seeing his beloved Swara panicking. I ran towards the main entrance and reached near the door. But my hot beloved sweetheart clutched my hands and dragged me close to him.He suppressed himself over me and gazed at my eyes. His lips languidly ease gave me a genuine smile. Meanwhile his hands are stroking my arms shoulder and thighs one another. I wrapped through his shoulder…….
“Make me yours”
I murmured. He smelt me gently on my neck and nuzzled there. His tongue touched on my neck. It began to lick my neck, once I enjoyed it very much, it is tickling me….suddenly he started biting there. I moaned slightly but he wasn’t bothered about me. His fangs acquired it’s right over my shoulder too. Blood began to ooze from the respective injuries. He nuzzled on my cheeks……

My Dirty Dracula said with pointing on my injuries,

” I am booking you again,these wounds are the symbols of that you are only mine. My Swara, Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. Swara is Sanskar’s and Sanskar is Swara’s none can ruin our love. Koi jaldi nahi hai Swara, you can arrive in my life whenever you want, I will be there for you”

With wiping my tears I started walking outside. No Sanskar I won’t come across ur life again. I can’t do that. I am not a suitable girl for you ever. Suddenly my legs stopped it’s work and I retrospect. Gave a dashing smile to my desperate Sanskar and he also reciprocated…… Ohhh come on I am not smiling at him in fact I don’t wanna do that then who is trying to stimulate his feelings ??????

To be continued. ………


Swara finds her hereditary similarities in Sia and Kavsan date for making Swara jealous

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