Sia ke Maheshwaris Episode 4

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Sanskar’s POV

My fingers are walking like a snail through her scalp. The sedatives are offering her a good sleep. Her strictly closed eyes alerted me that she had gone to the depths of sleep. My lips gently gifted her forehead a warm touch. She was resting her head on my chest. We both were sitting on a long red sofa in Joann’s living hall.
She was befooling me since 11 years but why??? Why she left me??? Who compelled her??? Lots of questions but invisible answers Joann poked me and offered me a cup of hot coffee. It is necessary to have a warm coffee in this winter night. Joann read my mind so she is a psychiatrist. The lady seated at the nearby sofa fragile footed. “So tell me about her” I sighed and said.

Joann: So many to say Sanskar but I don’t know I would begin from where??? But I can tell you one thing I have only assumptions in my account not the exact facts neverthelessly I am assuring you that there isn’t any third person amid you and your wife. Sahil is only an imagination, she befooled you due to some reasons and my first assumption is……. Someone compelled her to cheat you cz I am 101% sure that she is loving you from the core of her heart and her condition… I am sorry to say Mr Maheshwari it’s cz of you

Because of me!!!!!! I am stunned to hear the words. What was my fault??? I was also suffering from the exact pain which she had undergone but God gifted me Sia for withstanding my pains and sorrows. I was also happy about her. She was happy in my views. Singing dancing ,going to famous parties, award ceremonies, receiving honours….. From far away too I was also enjoying her victories. I wouldn’t tried to show her my face again. It is not meant that I am hating her. That’s because of she would feel uneasy, she would panic about her social status and here this foriegn lady is implanting all the allegations over me!!!!???.

Joann: Sanskar might be she was happy outside but her inner mind desperately awaited for you. The lonliness of 11 years and the her rythmless lifestyle. These both great things gifted her this disease. Her celebrity status had been covering a veil over her life. Everyone wanted the great singer Swara Gadodia in fact none tried to know about who is Swara??? What is Swara??? She always desired to be with you but you never came close Swara. Your absence made her a psycho only you can cure her
Sanskar, my another assumption is……actually it is not my assumption it is true that someone is trying to harm her in fact someone is trying to kill her. There’s someone existing in this world who don’t want her to be alive. And she is only afraid of that person. As you said foot steps are frightening her, might be it belongs to him. And Swara uttered me that she had faced murder attempts several times. If you can unfold the truth and find the solution of this hurdle then I am assuring you she will overcome these difficulties

Me: Then hypnotize her

Joann: What do you think Sanskar, doesn’t I tried it??? I did it but she isn’t cooperating with me.
Look I am warning you Don’t ask her about the incidents she would get panic. The disease was sleeping inside her since 11 years. As you said some goons were attacked her and she had met you years later, these both reasons were influenced her to vomit the sample piece of schizophrenia. Sanskar, we must be careful the monster is arrived and now it will be the uninvited guest of your lives………..

Again she said something something else to do. Some possibilities some precautions etc etc….. Amid of all these I lifted her and my legs moved towards the car.
“Sanskar, don’t leave her hands ever”
Joann said from behind.Her face was filled with disappointments and lost hopes. I retrospect and smiled disdainfully with nodding my head.


Hmm confession!!!! What to confess??? Even what I did?? Gods turned blind in my case . Who could see, they closed their eyes forcefully and one who I trusted the most, she pushed me into a dark chamber. Irony is… I didn’t wanted to know anything. You are confused na??? okay okay lemme tell the remaining. I took her to my another flat in 2nd floor so I can easily take care of both Sia and Swara and I wanna hide Sia’s mystery. Yeah I hadn’t did any fault…. There isn’t anyone else in my life but Sia is my real daughter. If she will be aware of Sia, she can easily misunderstand me and it will hurt her so badly. I can’t take a chance na

I comfortably made her lie on the bed and turned on the fan. I told you before na that she was in knee length outfit. The electric wind started to flew her fabric in alternate intervals. Knee length that too sleeveless ohh my god what to do??? I was dare to touch her but suddenly I clenched fist in repentance……”No Sanskar without her permission no. Touching a lady with nasty thoughts; it is an offence even it is your wife or otherwise a pr*stitute it is an offence”…..

I rolled her with a blanket half minded. ?? lady Dracula why don’t u wear full length outfits???? ???
I lied close to her then kissed on her forehead….

“Sorry sweetheart you can wear anything you desire but please consider my situation. Your love and care have made me a Brahmachari. Don’t you want to break my celibacy again.

A beep sound has moved my attention from her. A mobile!!!! It wasn’t mine might be belongs to her. I just pressed it’s power button. Offo password even I didn’t wanted to open I just played with it by typing some irregular words. Post every 5 attempts the phone refused to befriend with me. I’m feeling bored so I was just playing with it and I didn’t had a intention to open it. In an attempt, I typed my name and it opened automatically. I was just stunned and her wallpaper ? OMG. It was a photo which was clicked on our first date. We are giving each other an Eskimo kiss. I am cupping her cheeks, she is blushing damn cute. There’s also Shayari garnishing the wallpaper..

“Vaqt noor ko benoor bana deta hai
Chote se jaqm ko nasoor bana deta hai
Kaun chahta hai apnon se door rehna
Par vaqt sabko majboor bana deta hai”

Now,I want to know the truth now. I started to investigate, Applocks were everywhere but password was me. At last I opened her Whatsapp uff again “Sanskar”

Aarathy, Ankita, Shravan, Avni, Nikhil……………. Lots of names but I don’t know anyone. Haan Nikhil is a music director and Ankita is also a Singer.

Ragini was in online!!!!?? Yes I am sure she surely knows something about Swara. They aren’t just sisters they are best friends. I scrolled up their chats. My curiosity increased with my moving thumbs. The chat was only filled with such formal questions and answers about music cosmetics fabrics family and yeah some more gossips. I decided to play a major prank, if my destiny is auspicious I can untie half of this welter. I wanna know why she left me. The one who promised “Sanskar, I won’t leave you ever”

I typed,

“Laado, please chat with me.”

“I am feeling guilty”

I awaited for her reply. Both ✔ ✔turned blue but she didn’t. I closed my vision with cursing my inauspicious fate. Suddenly it beeped again.

“Why Shona??”

So…….the parrot knotted in the net??. Beta Terminator let’s start the hunting.

“I cheated Sanskar na ??”

Rag: Are you my sister Swara???

Ohh no I am overwhelmed in my confidence. What to do now God ….but I was not ready to give up.

“What happened dear”

Rag: Coz my sister won’t use such emojis to show her feelings.

So….. This is what actually happened. It had been 11 years and these whatsapp FB aren’t popular at those days. Even I don’t know these all were established or not at those times. I never chatted with Swara in these social medias. Once I created an account in Orkut. My green eyed wife irked to see the scrap and messages sent from hot beautiful girls there and she deleted my account. I was damn hot u know…….one minute one minute ab bhi main kya kam hoon??.

Me: Nothing Laado I just used it. Ragini it all were my fault. I betrayed my love…

I awaited for her reply and when the truth got revealed Sanskar Maheshwari passed away. The judgement of his trust and beliefs have arrived. It assured him a death sentence……

“I won’t ask you why you did this, I know you have ur own explanations. But I am wishing to ask something. Are you stone hearted??? You don’t have any humanity, have you??? Leave Swara, who am I ??? What I meant for you??? How could you see my painful days in the lack of any penitence???? “………..
The judgement asked my last desire but I doesn’t cared. I am not bothered about it. Mind is only muttering…. Betrayal betrayal betrayal…………

To be continued……………….

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