Sia Ke Maheshwaris Episode 31

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Episode 31

“Sanskar tell me, I am normal na. Woh Kavita she is lying na.”

She said with a begging tone.


“If I am not normal then what ??. You should tolerate me.”

“But Sanskar I want to give you the best.”

” I am your best choice and nothing. That Kavita your BF.”

Suddenly Swara slapped herself.

“Swara how dare you to merge his name with someone else ??.”

“But I know Sanskar there is nothing between you and Kavita.”

Swara spotted the knife between white roses saved for Sanskar.

“No I am not normal. I am a psycho. Varna kaun karta hai aisa. Sanskar I wanted to slay you. She abruptly took the knife and harmed her wrist. Blood started oozing from there.

“No I don’t want to live here. I want to go.”

A smile flourished on Sanskar’s lips. He took the first aid box and approached Swara. Seated her on the bed.He simply dressed her injuries. Fortunately she could only harm the venules and nothing.

“You know I am always roaming with a first aid kit. I know you will harm yourself at any time.”

Swa: Are you tolerating me.

San: Yeah I am tolerating your such activities. Do everything Swara but do not harm yourself.

But I like your madness Swara. I am auspicious cz of you. Nowadays there is only betrayal everywhere but I am really lucky to have a partner like. Who is reliable and do everything for my love. You are adorable.

Swa: But this is big defect.

San: Who told you in fact. It is becoming your ornament. You don’t know how much you are intelligent when you are becoming crazy.

Swa: ? really.

She asked like a little kid.

San: Haan really.

Now be my black beauty.

Swa: You mean mysterious beauty??

San: Yup


Swara came outside blushing and make up. But there was only filled with darkness.


She called but no reply.

Suddenly a candle granted some light for the room. She saw 2 green eyes there. A black shape is coming close to her. It wrapped around her waist. They looked each other.


She muttered. Promptly he pulled her backward.

“Who is Sanskar?? Sanskar is Swara’s. Give him back to her. You are the mysterious beauty and I am the Prince of darkness. Do you love me??

Swa: Haan I love you but meri andar jo Swara hai uska mai kya karoon??

San: Just chill sweetheart. Me too providing a Sanskar inside but look at me, I am cool.

He faced her against the mirror hugged Swara from behind, resred his chin on her shoulder.

“Keep watching our eyes Swara, idea was yours but a great theory is hiding behind it. I wanna watch this world by your vision, our visions will be the same. 4 eyes one vision.

To be continued…….

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