Sia Ke Maheshwaris Episode 30

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Episode 30

Sanskar felt his surroundings… He started enjoying his last moments. He knows that these all are his final moments. He is gonna pay for the massive betrayal. He deserves this punishment from his beloved wife.

He spotted a divine knife amid of white roses. Why she chose white??. She could have chosen red… Ohh it may be his blood will make this petals the bright red.

He walked towards the corner and picked his burned Sherwani… His hands started pampering it… His lips curved for a while…

“Thank you Ram.”

He muttered…

“Uncle that aunty will be her step mother. She will never take care of Sia like Swara Aunty. No no I can’t see her like a Cinderella.”

Ram said midst of suffering from Ritik’s beats and scolds.

Then he realized, it was the time to rethink. Till he only lived as a hubby, now it is the time for a father in him.

The time when Sia came back from school, still it is alive in him. She never shouted like a typical mother, never shared anything like ecstatic.Swara only hugged Sia tightly. Then again turned normal like everyday.

“Sanskar she is my daughter always. I don’t have anything to grant her because I have granted her everything before.”

She said,,…..

Then they lived happily. Finally that day also arrived, their marriage day.

The mehndi ceremony was going on.

“Sanskar please don’t try to meet me. You are restricted to do so.”

Swara shouted in a phone in conversation.

San: I am not believing in such rituals. Aur hamein rokhne wala bhi koi nahi hai.

Swa: But I am believing. I don’t want any bad omen to affect our relationship.

Suddenly Sanskar recieved a tone.

Swara someone is calling me.

Swa: Who is that bad omen.?? don’t forget you are only mine.

San: K meri Maa ?? can I hung up.

Swa: ? k

Sanskar received the call. But the caller cutted suddenly and sent an extremely short message.

“Hii baby, give my best wishes to your would be psycho wife.”

It was necessary to scare him.

Who are you??

Anonymous: Ohh are you eager to meet me. K then come near Howrah. I will wait for you??.

Sanskar rushed to the determined spot and he is shocked to see Kavita there. She smiled at him and came near.

Kavita you!!

Kav: Yeah me. R u so scared??

San: Nnno never?.

He tried to smile. Kavita removed the hand gloves from her arms. Sanskar felt awkward due to the disgusting state of her arm. She started weeping.

“I can’t regain my previous beautiful arm back. My BF also left me.”

San: Tell me Kavita what can I do for you??

Kav: Simple ? giv me a life. Marry me. I know this is not a tough job for you. If you can handle a psycho then I am nothing. In fact I am 100 times better than her.

San: ?? Shut up you blo*dy… May be you are better but not like her and who told you that I am tolerating her??

Look I am not in love with you.

Kavita started clapping and gave him a mocking grin.

“Excuse me. I am also not luv in wid you. I am just avenging that psycho.If you are not willing then okay but I will open up Swara about her illness. Try to assume her lifeless body Sanskar.”

San: Means??

Kav: Means she will commit suicide post knowing about she is a mad woman. Joann uttered me.

San: ?? Joan!! It means is she the one who revealed everything??

Kav: Yes, I offered her money. Soch lo Sanskar you have only this night. Obey me if you want her alive.

Kavita succeeded in her attempt. He said yes.

Swara began to hate him. Slowly her ire and obsession resulted in the thoughts of murder.

Then too he filled her hairline with Sindoor. He arrayed her neck with Mangalsutra.

Yes today is his bridal night and last night in fact her too. But Sanskar stepped back from Kavita’s net because of Ram’s innocent advice. And we can’t conceal the truth once it will come out. He can control her like ever before.

Slowly Swara’s footfalls started muttering in his ears…

  1. To be continued…….
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