Sia Ke Maheshwaris Episode 23

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Episode 23

Four weeks passed have them easily. Lots of papers are flying here to there which is proving that Sia is Swara’s biological daughter. Medias celebrated this news in the whole month now they are attracted towards a corruption case and Mis Gadodia is saved from their octopus clutches. But Mr Maheshwari’s promiscuous thoughts don’t have any motive to leave him so easily. Who manipulated that doctors to declare wrong reports. But he did tests more than 10 times. Results are the same. The fact is none manipulated anybody then how be it possible?

And about Swara she is damn happy now. Maheshwaris whole heatedly accepted Swara. The Mansion is getting ready to accept two daughter in laws. Wanted and unwanted weddings.

At that day Swara was dare to take that relationship to a next level but the knocking of door disapproved her desires. Her eyes, heart, everything burned in ire. She furiously opened door. But destiny was saving something different for her. Everybody is smiling at her, that thankful glances were shocking.
Annapurna handovered her hereditary jewelries to Swara. A little bit of regression caused her and she denied. She don’t have any right over it na. Slowly slowly they all were started to loving each other.

Urrfff then what about Sujata n Ragini. Sanskar fried Sujata and refused to accept her as his Mom. Swara’s evil mind is becoming damn happy about Sujata??.

Then Ragini, after that DNA incident, Gadodias again got engaged with their busy life and left to different nations. Dadi left to Bikaner with leaving Ragini all alone and she suffered with a deadly attack. A group of robbers tried to molest her. Thanks to Manik. He saved Ragini. Post a lots botheration from Maheshwaris n Suryavanshis Ragini decided to shift to MM again.

It was Sia’s first day in her new school. And everybody is celebrating it like a festival. Ragini filled the books in her bag according to time table. Food is ready a hour before. Now the next hot potato is to wake her up. Too lazy girl. She lied close to Sanskar.

“Paapa nooo?? I don’t want to go to school.”

Swara remembered their first meeting. Look she is still lazy.
San: No you should go to school.

Sia: No no Paapa lemme sleep close to you. You are always lying with Mumma with hugging her. I am not getting chances ??.

The others were gathering in room began to laugh. Sanskar sheepishly grinned but Swara was standing with pride. She was mocking at this whole world such as “look how I regained him back.”

San: Coral tum bhi na kuch bhi bolti ho. Woh woh I have a video conference.

He escaped and the room filled with their laugh.

Suddenly a call arrived for Swara, she ran towards the television to turn on… It was shocking ??.

Swa: No no I am unable to leave my Sanskar and Princess. Swara jaldi kuch karo.

To be continued……

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