Sia Ke Maheshwaris Episode 16

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Episode 16

Swara’s POV

“He is my ex husband but it is not meant that we are reunited. Still we are best friends.”

K done. This tweet is enough for the next net. Now there is one thing left, exposing my princess. It will also happen soon. I’m waiting for the suitable chance. I looked at my side where I heard a small voice of some solid placing. Oh Ragini placed a cup of coffee on the nearby table. Actually the door was knocked by Laado and my irked hubby left outside. “Swara, your coffee.”…….

She was observing me keenly. It was evident in her wet puffy eyes that her tears came out for me….. “Swara, are you sure that this is right?? This will affect your character and Sia will also misunderstand you.”

The waves of ire again originated in my mind. She is becoming a hurdle across my joys. No Swara, control yourself. She is your well wisher, your sister. You are a possessive sister also. Now she is your responsibility…

“Haan hoon main ek buri maa. At least not a step mother ??na.”

She placed her hands on my hand.

“Swara, I just wished your well being. I don’t want you to become characterless in front of Puppy.

I was dare to say something. “One minute who is this Puppy ??”

Rag: Actually Swara, I told Sia that she is reminding me Pappu. Therefore she told me to call her Puppy. How cute na.

Really, my daughter is a unique medicine. Her presence is making everybody happy.

“Call her what you want and don’t think much about my character. My MIL Sujata hai na. At last all the allegations will go to her and I swear my daughter will trust me.”

I jumped from the bed. And took something from the wardrobe.

“Ladoo, I will show you something.”

Rag: what??

Me: Sujata’s death.

Yes she deserves death??? and after all she is the root of every disaster. I am damn sure that she forced Laksh to divorce Ragini and a second marriage. Yes she deserves death ??.

Ragini’s POV

?? Chachi’s death. Omg Sanskar was right. She is mentally retarded completely. Otherwise my Swara is unable to harm anyone. She laughed like a ghost.

“This letter bomb is specially made by the technicians of Sanskar’s office. Less disaster and the death will be scary. This bomb is using in the process of demolition.Sujata will open it. Then a Big Bang??”

No Ragini, it is your duty to save Shona. Sanskar will hate her if he got to know about it. After all Chachi is his Mom.

I also started laughing.

“Shona, here I wanna thank her and you are.”

Swa: Ladoo what do you mean???

I blushed artificially.

“Swara, at last I met my soulmate??”

She was shocked and my enraged sisoo held my hand.

“I know you’re lying.”

God please help me…. Haan I have an idea.

“Shona, his name is Maanik, Maanik Suryavanshi. A psychiatrist working in Nymph Hans Bangalore. Now he’s a traveller. He has a brother, owner of Suryavanshi jewellery. His Bhabhi is also helping his Bhaiyya. They have a son. You know Shona Manu is very hilarious. I am forgetting the world when he’s close to me”

She showed her arm and gestured me to be silent.

“Shut up I don’t want his biodata. I know you are lying.”

It was unbelievable for her. Perhaps she knows about me more than myself. But God saved me in the role of Manik. He came there for a dinner with us. Fortunately he is living in their 2nd floor flat. Swara compelled me to reveal my feelings if I am sincere……. “Shona, what will he think about me. I am just divorced and how can I confess my feelings so fast??? I want time and boys humhare peeche peeche aana chahiye, hum unke peeche nahi. Jaise ki Sanskar ???.”

Ohhh, I sighed. At least I could change the topic. She pacified and said.

“Ok agreed and if you are lying then it will be the last day of Sujata Maheshwari.”

Promptly Maanik interfered and lagged my hands.

“Swara, I want to talk to Ragini. So shall we??”

Swa: Ok ok??

She left the venue with a mocking grin.

Maan: Ragu, I overheard your conversation. Is everything OK. I know you will not do this unintentionally.

Yes I have to reveal the truth in front of him. He is psychiatrist you know. Maybe it is helpful to us.

“Maanik Swara is mentally unstable.”


Sanskar’s scream??.Omg omg Sanskar is coming forth to us burning eyed.

“Unbelievable Ragini. Today you have showed your real color. I trusted you and you back stabbed me. Come on I will arrange a press conference for you.?? Reveal it to everyone that your celebrity sister is a psycho.”

Actually what is his problem??? Yeah I revealed that but Maanik is a psychiatrist. It is God’s grace and mercy that he is genuine and we know him very well. Swara is mentally unstable and Sanskar don’t have any intention for treating her.

“Sanskar, she is not well and don’t you want her to live a normal life??? She is very dangerous and deserves treatment.

He began to clap….

“Wow Mis Ragini Gadodia main ne ek baat kya keh diya aur tumhaari nazaron mein tumhaari apni behan paagal ban gayi?? Wow. What did you said?? She is dangerous. You know what yahi farq hai mere aur tum duniyawalon ki soch ki. I am treating her like a normal person and you?? Just think Ragini, if this news will spread outside then?? She is a celebrity and she is different from us. If this world got to know about her then what will they about her?? And about the upcoming generations??? Ohh Swara Gadodia, that great singer. She is mentally challenged, right??? The manuscripts of history will glue the word psycho with her. And it is my responsibility to keep her dignity and reputation before and after her death.”

I think he also gone mad. How couldn’t he think about like a normal man. She deserves treatment.

“Whatever, I will treat her.”, I said. He scoffed at me and said with punching on his chest.
“I will not let that happen until my death. There will not any kind of drug like that enter into her body. No electric shocks and hypnotizm. Do you understand??.”

“Tum hote kaun ho yeh sab kehnewale??”, I replied promptly. I think that words have the power of penetrating heart. He turned mute. That sentence locked his tongue.
I continued,
“Her father?? her brother ??or else her husband ??? Haan there is a broken relationship of ex husband. But it won’t sell here. I am her sister; the sacred relationship of blood. I has more right over her than you. Your love and care is just a show Sanskar. You are treating my sister as your mistress. You just wanted a step mother for your daughter.

Meanwhile Maanik was trying to stop us. Suddenly Sanskar saw something and tried to cease the matter there.

“Ragini please stop this please please.??????.”

“Mistress!!!! Stepmother!!!”

Omg Swara overheard our conversation. Me and Sanskar concealed our eyes. Maanik consoled us due to spotting feverishly.

“Guyzz don’t worry. She arrived now. Just heard that two words. Still she is unaware of her diesease.”

Sanskar’s POV

Billions of thanks to God. But this ?? Arrogant Ragini is blabbering again and again. I begged my level best to her that don’t use the words “Mistress and stepmother” both are her weakness. And the spoiler is… is interesting to see what will happen next in our love life …… ?? Uff what I will call this arrogant Ragini.

“Are you able to give her the same reputation. Kya tum usse ek Rani ki tarah rakh sakte ho jiss Maheshwari mansion se usse dhakke markar nikala tha. No you can’t….. Arrey you never thought about a remarriage with Swara. Therefore I am telling you Swara, your loveble caring ex is treating you like a mistress. You are just a step mother of his daughter.”

Swara desperately sat on the bed. She was lost in her thoughts. We spotted her pacified externaly but I know very well that there is something gonna happen next. Sanskar…. be altered… be alerted…. I taught myself.

Maanik punched on my shoulder. “Sanskar it is dangerous to keep her silent. Please make her engaged with some work. Compell her to say something.”

I nodded deceively. Anyway Ragini did right. Maanik was too genuine.

“Swara please say something.”

I kneeled and begged. Suddenly she wrapped through my neck and kissed me. The wondering news is she wasn’t bothered about Maanik and Ragini.

“Come to our room, I will wait for you.”

She left the room without glancing the other two. I bowed my hands to Ragini

“???? As a caring sister ; Ragini, you are right but please try to understand that my Swara don’t wants any treatment. If you are really loving her then please let us live. Jeene dho humhe humhaare tarike se. If you have any complaints about our marriage then I will fullfill it also. The fact was I didn’t get any time to think about it. My work pressure, Gudiya, and your Sisoo is creating new new probz day by day. I was busy with it. Thank you for your suggestions and sorry for the inconvenience. Ragini, Swara’s life is shortened in me and Gudiya. She always wished a complete family like this and not the stardom. And please don’t use that 2 words. I mean stepmother and mistress, might be she would loss her temper.Your Swara is like a normal snake. She will only react if someone will try to harm her joys and her joys are me and Gudiya.

Maanik I am really sorry if I hurt you but I don’t want a psychiatrist to treat my lady love. According to me, she is perfectly alright. I can control her.

Maanik smiled at me.

“Seriously Sanskar?? Who told you that she is a psycho yeah she is more possessive about you and Sia. Yaar Ravan was also possessive about Sita but none called him mad. Nepoliano Bonaparte was possessive about his power and land but instead of mad , people called him ‘despot’. Swara is just an obsessive lover and Mother. No need to worry.”

He side hugged me.

“I know you don’t want a psychiatrist but like a friend I can guide you to do the further duties.”

I nodded thankfully and walked to our room. She called me lovely like Count Dracula. But I don’t know whether it is for kissing me or else sucking my blood??.

To be continued……….


Beginning of a cute little love story.

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