Sia Ke Maheshwaris Episode 15

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Episode 15

A thorny dilemma was riding inside her. For what she did, definitely has to be punished but how?? She herself wants to punish her but all the doors are closed by him. She can’t commit suicide might be he also will accompany her. She can’t harm her body might be he will hate her which she can’t imagine just in her dreams. She stood helpless and restless in the kitchen. She rubbed her hands in dillema.

“Yes I have to punish this blo*dy hands.”

She applied a large amount of butter on her white silky palms slowly.

Sanskar was feeding Sia. Doctor preferred her light food after the allergic reactions happened by the cashew added brunch given by Swara. For what she did he was enraged on her initially but in meantime he pacified the anger and rethought. She was unknown about the reason due to she heard that harsh words. He pardoned her but she is unable to pardon herself.
“This one spoon please Gudiya”
Sanskar begged to Sia to eat.
“No no? maybe I would vomit”……

Sanskar again tried hard to make her eat but no way. She is also a Maheshwari blood na. “Only your Mumma can feed you wt”
“Swara come here look this Gudiya is…. ”
He yelled but no response. He again and again screamed. Suddenly he smelt burning smell of human flesh. Promptly Sanskar rushed to the kitchen. Ohh my God, she is remaining there like a statue meanwhile she kept her butter applied palm on the hot induction cooker. The butter was melting with making small bubbles…..


He screamed, then ran towards her, forcefully removed her hand from the electronic equipment. Quarter of her left hand was burned.
She was becoming unconscious. Abruptly fainted and thank God he held her. Sanskar called the doctor promptly. The physician checked her and dressed the wounds. Auspiciously she could only burn her left hand only.

Moon surrendered in front of dawn. Sunrays peeped through the window. Sanskar stretched the curtains to close the window. The sunrays were annoyed Swara in the sleep. She groaned slowly, rubbed her eyes with burned hand…. Aaahhh……. Her feeble voice came out. Sanskar rushed to the bed and seated there.

“Swara r u okay??”

She nodded feebly.

‘I told you na it was not your fault.”

Swa: Maybe….. But I can’t forgive anyone who will harm my daughter. If it would be me also. Woh meri Khazana hai Sanskar. She is my life.

Sans: Swara it was my mistake. You don’t even know anything about Gudiya. You can love her, you can care her but you have to know about our daughter.

Sanskar took some documents from the wardrobe.

“Swara this is Gudiya’s documents. Her birth certificate, bank account pass books, her health details……everything. These documents will guide you to do ur further duties.Now it is ur responsibility to preserve these all forever.

Tears brimmed from her eyes.

“Sanskar you don’t know tumne mujhe kya diya hai. How much this is valuable for me.”

Sans: I know……

Then Sanskar opened an old suitcase.

“Who is?? who is touching my belongings”

Sia entered into the room like an efficient smelling Puppy.

“These all are mine don’t dare to touch it??”

Sans: Beta please lemme show it to Mumma.

Sia: No no I will show it. This is mine.

“Mine” that word created a bombardment inside him like a land mine. That was the first time he noticed that Sia is also behaving like Swara. She is also possessive like her.

“Mumma this little shoe is mine.”

Swara cupped her cheek with the normal hand.

“Beta don’t use the word mine. It is the symbol of selfishness”

Sia: But Mumma you are using it. You are saying it numerously per day that “Sanskar you are mine”

Swara laughed for a while.

“I am saying an another sentence also. What is that???”

Sia: I am yours….

Swa: Exactly.

Swara held Sanskar’s hands.

“Tumhaari Paapa ki dill mein sirf main basne lagi jiske badle maine khudko usse saump di. Pyaar mein selfish hona padta hai Princess,but there is no u, me and mine there. If there is something, then it is only “Us”..Am I right Sanskar??”

Sans: Yes, and I didn’t even noticed that my wife is too matured and understanding ??……

Sia scrabbled her head…..

“Kuch samajh mein ni aa rahi mine, you, us ??”

Swa: No worries u will understand once you will fall in love.

Sia: No Mumma I fell in love already. Then also I am unable to understand.

Swa:?? with whom?? ??.

Sia: With my Classmate Ryan Gardener…..

Sans: Haan Swara our son in law is damn hot u know

SanSia did a hifi.

Swa: Tum baap beti ko toh main?? Pardesi ladka and that too Christian boy…..

Sia: ?? Paapa escape

Sia escaped from Swara’s cluthches. Suddenly Swara lost in her thoughts.

Sans: Lo a headache had gone and an another worry started. I know what you’re thinking about. We should leave Canada right???

Swa: Sanskar I am worried about the culture which is rooting inside her. I want to get her married in such a family which has naam khoon khaandaan everything necessary for her and her upcoming generations. Canada don’t have a good climate for our wishes.

Sans: Therefore I am planning to migrate to India forever.

Swa:?? really Sanskar. You don’t know how much I am missing India.

Sans: Achcha I remembered it with India. Ritik’s bro Maanik is arriving today, will you please introduce him his new residence.

Swa: Why not and after all I promised Shivanya that I will take care of him.

Sans: Now talks are over prepare coffee and breakfast fast. I am too hungry.

Swa: What a Mr husband you are ?? I thought you would lemme rest.

Sans: Off course I would have let you; but tumhe koi kaam hi nahi hai na mujhe pareshaan karne ke alava. So I am thinking to make you busy. If you are busy then that dangerous plans will also leave you automatically.

Swa: Sanskar ???

Sanskar’s POV

Now say tata bye bye to her dangerous plans… It is the family time. Haan thoda possessive toh hoon but let it be. Uff this irresponsible idiot is taking so much time for preparing breakfast. I have an important meeting today. I went to the kitchen. Omg she isn’t prepared anything. At least a cup of coffee ??? No….

“Swara?? what’s going on here.”

Swa: Sanskar just a second, the purifier is purifieng the mineral water.

“But Swara it was already purified”, I said hesitantly.

“No no I can’t take risk in your n Sia’s health”

God??? take me to hell. Aaaahhh look what is she doing. She is scanning the QR code of each masala packets before adding.
Somehow I managed to make her understand that it all were fresh and pure now the next turmoil was waiting for me at the evening……


“Actually I don’t have interest in bussiness.”, He said.

“So what is ur profession??”, I asked with a smirk. I know these types of guyzz very well ??. He seems like a flirty peeping Tom. Meanwhile he replied without noticing my smirk.

“Actually I am a psychiatrist”

Nice?? I replied while looking for Sia and Swara’s return. Both left home morning to consult Sia’s doctor. I looked at the watch.

Omg what did he said ???
??????? Psychiatrist!!!… Ohh no I have to maintain distance between Maanik and Swara

“I used to work in Nymph Hans Bangalore. Now took a long leave for exploring the whole world.☺☺”…..he continued.

Gosh!! I have to do something before he meet Swara and my plan got successful. Somehow I managed to stuff him inside my 2nd floor flat and returned to 23rd floor. Thank God they both came back.

“Where were you ??”, I shouted in ire.
Gudiya started crying badly….. “Paapa this Mumma is too much crazy. She visited 7 doctors instead of one ??.

???? wha wha wt 7 doctors that too just for fever.

Sia: Haan Paapa and look, the tablets are messed up.

She showed me a basket full of multi color tablets and capsules.

Swara came out from the master bedroom. Then beated Gudiya slightly.

“Your Mom is crazy ??not me.”

Sia: It is you ??,
Gudiya whispered.

Swa: What

Sia: hmm nothing. ☹☹ she left the venue.

Swa: Sanskar you know the last doctor was more efficient. He found out a degree more temperature in her body.

??? Stupid how can I tell her that Gudiya’s temperature increased due to travelling ???????

?? She pined me to the wall. Bhagwaan kuch toh khichdi pakhane wali hai yeh??. I gulped the water originated inside my mouth. She removed my shirt buttons…… “Swara,?? Gudiya is here”………I said frightened. She came close to me and placed her knee at the wall. Passionately touched my lips

“Leave it to me baby, I will take care of it. Get ready???.”

She kissed on my cheeks, forhead, eyes, lips……. ???

“How is the trailer?? baby. See you soon.”

Slowly the distance between us increased.

“Means you pacified your anger??”, I asked.

Swa: Hmmmmmm aise hi samjho.

Bhagwaan at last that moment is coming up. Gudiya slept, we are alone, none to disturb. Life is becoming jingalala jingalala???. Ohh no the atmosphere is filled with the fragrance of Yardley lavender perfume. My glance approached her. Her seducing physique is making me Mastani no sorry Bajirao no Dilwale ki dulhania uff ke chod Deewana it is perfect.??. Water droplets are biding goodbye to her drenched hair. She was wearing a s*xy black transparent saree with orange cutch and mirror worked blouse…

“Swa……”, I couldn’t continue the further alphabets. Her frozen hand cupped my cheek.

“I’m feeling cold”

Me: Sssssoooo so

Swa: I want your heat.

I smiled, “as you wish??.”

I increased the cooling level of AC as much as I can. She started rubbing her hands to each other. I removed my shirt. Ohhhh it is so much cool ??.

“Sanskar what are you doing. The climate is already frozen n u??.”

I slowly started to free her from the cloth which is concealing the seducing beauty.

“We can enjoy the small light of fireflies in darkness only. If you want to feel my heat then you have to reach the volcano of cold.”, I said.

Swara curved her lips to below….. “mm interesting”
I leaned my head towards her neck…..

??? once I will explode this whole world. I know what you’re expecting. Meri beevi par ungli mat utana, don’t dare to blame her. . She didn’t did anything. Now you are asking me what happened. Go and ask the one who is knocking the door. Arrey someone is knocking the door yaar….. ??????

To be continued………….

So what are you thinking who is knocking???

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