Sia ke Maheshwaris Episode 14

Episode 14

Sanskar’s POV

These 2 months have changed me alot. These days taugt me to smile, patience, humbleness and much more. I’m alerted in each seconds,she is creating sudden probz na. Whatever, I am used to manage all these. I love this psycho girl….. At last, it’s all only for me na and I am already her’s. Post a long time battle with water to become hygienic, I came outside. The candles are waving at me. They are trying hard to survive the darkness.The hotel room is same like I said. A transparent fabric slapped me slightly. I smelt the fragrance, I’m so much used with this familiar fragrance. I dragged that pallu with a hold. Ohh no I have lost myself. I lost in her beauty…… Sanskar you are a genius. How brilliantly you have selected this Saree for her. She was looking a hot and s*xy gorgeous blonde in that off white transparent Saree with mirror worked blouse.
Beautiful….I said. I came close to her and hugged from behind. Gently kissed on her wounded neck. I smelt and tasted alcohol there. Now new melodrama uff. Angrily I pulled her and wore my blazer then.

“Sanskar, where are you going??” she asked startled.
It’s enough. I don’t know how I can double cross her. Her mind is jumping like squarel from this branch to that one. Coming to that previous incident, I dreadfully gazed at the moisture on my palms done by the red fluid…..”Swara….. bleeding”….. Unknowingly came out of my mouth. Promptly I held her bleeding hands. She was seductively clutching her hairs. Forcefully her hands left my grips and rubbed her bleeding neck. She was moaning also…. Her eyes were tightly closing. The psycho hands explored through her shoulder and nearby hand areas. Ohh no there too she tattooed and her touches are increasing the intensity of wounds.
“Swara it is bleeding”
I said again. She was still moaning.

“Let it be Sanskar mmm…… ”

Suddenly leaving me in shock, she ran to the sea and drenched her hands in salt water. My psycho lover shivered in pain given by the salt water. If your wounds when meets with salt……oooohhh you know na how painful it is??? Might be we would go to hell.
“aaaahhh Sanskar your name is melting in me and that pain is cosy.”……

She was rubbing the salty hand on her neck. I saw it, she is turning to a full time psycho in front of me.

“Sanskar I am planning to tattoo my whole body, only your and Gudiya’s name with different fonts and sizes”

Me: Whaat??

Swa: Come on shall we go.

Me: R u crazy Swara???

Swa: No Sanskar bahot mazaa aayega.

Me: Kk do it but I will hate you.

I know this will hurt her alot but this is the final path to withstand. She started crying suddenly like a small child. Started jumping and beating me.

“No no Sanskar no no hatred no no no”

Me: No Swara there isn’t anything left. You are disobeying me and definitely I will hate you.

Swa: No no I will obey you. If you want I will vanish this tattoo also please don’t hate me ??.

Me: No need for that let it be but obey me further and no hatred. Promise…

Swa: Pooomise.

☺☺☺ pooomise… cute was it?? Like 2 year old baby girl.

Me: Obey me no hatred.

Swa: Obey Sanskar, no hatred
Obey Sanskar, no hatred.
Obey Sanskar, no hatred.
Obey Sanskar, no hatred.
Obey Sanskar, no hatred.
Obey Sanskar, no hatred…………

That song lasted for so long like a doll working in battery. Then we arrived in this hotel. The authorities mistakenly welcomed us like newly weds. My orders for decorations seemed like honeymoon na and they are so much conscious about their hospitality. I was dare to change it but she said, “let that be.”
I thought that the tattoo hurdle is also over and look what happened. ??? she applied the alcohol. I scolded her, said something came in mind and was dare to leave. But……

“Sanskar, the wounds are aching badly and I applied some alcohol for getting rid of the it. Alcohol will heal it quickly na…… You know it is so much aching??.”

God you’re great at least she can feel the pain.
Kam se kam usse dard ka ehsaas toh hua. I started regretting for what I said. Some beads rolled out of her eyes. She burst out in crying and sat on the bed. I also sat beside her and hugged her.

“Sanskar, I am a burden for you. I think I should leave to India”

I covered her mouth….

“Sochna bhi mat, I won’t let you go”…..

The explosion of her pains fruited in tears. Yaar sorry to say but she is looking cutie while crying. I caressed her hair and wiped the tears with my thumbs.

“Sanskar, am I mentally retarded?? I don’t know what is happening in me. Sometimes I wants to kill somebody who comes across my joys. Look at this tattoo ,I don’t know when I did it and your harsh words are also making me feel I am mad. I can’t give you your little ones, I’m not a virgin, and I am a mentally challenged woman. I am not able to be a burden on your head. I am going Sanskar, I want to go, I have to go.”

I chuckled, fakely chuckled….. Haha mad Swara?? mad singer. “Sochna padega??. Thodi pagal toh tum pehle hi thi and now. ?? you are right Swara. You are mad really hehe”

She gave me a sudden jerk. “You will pay for it. Here I am talking seriously and you ??.”

Hehe what will she do now. I will do what I want. I hugged her promptly. She widened her hands which made me broke the hug.

“I’m going to sleep now ?? and lemme clarify one thing. I will not let you do that until I could pacify my anger.”

She stuffed her inside the blanket like a tortoise. I also burrowed inside of her shell and my hand moved through her tummy. She furiously separated my hand from her and gave me a death glare.

“I told you that I am feeling dizzy ??. Don’t dare to irritate my sleep.”

Ohh ? God, don’t she has the intention to slay me. No Sanskar you have to be alive. And u can control ur emotions na??. Yup you can control it…….. I also fell asleep beside her. The sleep continued until I felt someone is shaking me. I slowly opened my heavy eyes. She was shaking me and screaming ” Sanskar.”

Swara’s POV.

I was melting like a candle. This restlessness, that horrible day dream; something happened to Sia… She was screaming Mumma… Something gonna happen or happened.
I shaked him and tried to wake him up. I was badly panicking…

“Sans Sanskar gu Gudiya …..something happened 2 her. Come on I want to meet her”

He tried to calm me. Tried his level best to convey me that it was just my imagination. But solely I knew it…..usko zaroor kuch hua hai. I searched my mobile….. Sanskar scrabbled his head…

“Swara woh woh phones disturbed us numerous times previously so I kept our phones in car”

My taunts had propelled him to the car. I changed and checked out abrubtly. Before the exiting I disordered the bed sheets and blankets. Then dumped an empty packet in the waste bin. I saw a cleaner was rushing to our room while I was awaiting for Sanskar on a sofa near the reception after vacating the room. Apparently 10 minutes later he exited happily from the room and gave the same vacant packet to a middle aged man dressed up executivelay. Yes I know this brute very well. His vulture eyes were staring us when this hotel welcomed as newly weds. I spotted him near corridor beside the steps. Now you and your media communications will become my robots Mr Alan Awasthi. By God’s grandeur I am achieving my goals. Fate led you here for me. I overheard his conversation with that cleaner. He ordered him to check the room after our departure. Now he got something shocking??.

“Wow an empty packet of contraceptive!!!”

Mr.Awasthi signed a check leaf and completed that employee’s payment…He came forth to me and I also reciprocated. We both were smirking, he smirked like a winner but the actual winner is whom???? Me na??

“So…… ”

Me: Yes Mr. Awasti

Awa: Hidden marriage right?? Then why don’t you declare Mis Swara Gadodia.

Me: Zaroori nahi hai Mr Awasti,…ki mein apni har koi baat duniya ko bataa doon………

Awa: I know Swara You are something hiding from us. Soon I will find it.

Me: Do what you want ??

I walked in slow motion. This is what I wanted now he and the stupid medias will forward my job…… ??.

What happened to me??? I am again and again feeling restless. Sanskar rushed to the reception to check out but I stopped him and said I did the job. He furiously started the car….. I dreadfully faced his enraged avatar. He increased the speed.

“Sanskar please tell me what happened to Gudiya??”

He rudely passed me a death gaze and again drove the car.

“Sanskar please…..”

San: Don’t dare to say a word ???.

To be continued………”

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