Sia ke Maheshwaris Episode 13

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Episode 13

“Shall we go ??”, Swara asked again.

Sanskar gazed at her with widened mouth. She was wearing a Bikini ???. Now you got to know na what she did. He was gonna faint……. How couldn’t he??? She seemed like a Greek idol of hotness.

Sanskar: ? Where…

Swa: Arrey beach

Sans: ?? aise

She looked herself…….”Haan exactly. I am feeling comfortable??”

Enraged Sanskar covered her with a blanket.

“What’s wrong with you Sanskar???” She frowned rudely??

Sans: Swara that is public

Swa: So what this is a foriegn nation. It is usual here.

Sans: No I won’t let you do this.

Swa: Tell me clearly that you don’t like I am exposing my body

Sans: Think what you want.

Sanskar left and came back with a new dress.

Sans: You are only mine and I can’t tolerate just a gaze on you from an another guy.Wear it……….

He hurled the dress on her face.

Swa: no no I don’t….

Sans: Want to go out??
Swa: mm? mm?mm……she nodded willingly .

Sans: Then wear it.

Swa: no no no no. She unwillingly nodded like a puppy.

Sans: Then no outing. Stay here with your bikini.

Swa: ni ni jaana hai jaana hai

She started fake crying and jumping while punching at Sanskar??.

Sans: Swara…(frowning) no drama chalega. Obey my orders.

Swa: Sanskar good boy??…. Please. Meri jaanu meri Shona please.

Sans: I said na no drama ??.

Swa: hmm ?? unromantic Maheshwari.

Swara recieved the outfit wrathfully and closed the door with a dashing noise.Half an hour later, she came out. She was in a white Benglori silk full length skirt with pink big flowers and a woolen brown top with color neck and half sleeves.

“Shall we??”

She stared him like a KG class student. Sanskar tried hard to hide his laughter about her childishness.

Sans: kk come on.

She walked before him.

Sans: one minute.

Swa: now what ??

Sans: You are looking stunning.

Swa:? hmm

Sanskar pined her to the wall.

Sans: And what did you said?? I am unromantic. I’m romantic more than necessary. Saaf saaf batao chakkar kya hai??

Swa: Arrey kya chakkar I don’t know anything.

Sans: Don’t try to fool me. I know there is something weird rolling through your mind. Tell me.Kuch toh khichdi tum zaroor paka rahi hai batao mujhe….

Swa: Sanskar I am planning something. I want to known as my Sia’s real mother. Are you with me????? Tell me.

Sans: I will always be with you??. Tell me what is your plan.

Swara mentioned her plan to Sanskar.

Sans: ?? Swara this will ruin ur character.

Swa: Leave it Sanskar. It is already ruined.Mujhe sirf tumse…… aur meri beti se matlab hai aur kuch nahi.

Sans: Does it works??

Swa: 101% Sure

Sanskar took her hand on his hands.

“Swara we are going to betray this whole world. I know this is difficult but not impossible. Whatever will happen we will survive. I am with you”

She hugged him.

Swa: U r unique bas main chahti hoon ki aisa pati kisi ko na mile.

Sans: you selfish ? ….. hmm

So shall we execute our plan??.


Swara was sitting at the shore distressed. There was something missing there. Sanskar is joyfully bathing midst of waves. Some girls are falling for him by seeing his shirtless body. Thank god possessive Swara doesn’t noticing it. Otherwise their eyes maybe would gone forever.

“Swara come on”,Sanskar screamed. Swara gestured she will come soon and hopefully looked around

Swa:?? noo…..

Poor desperate Swara???.

Suddenly she heard something stunning.

“Abhishek, Parvati…..come fast.”

Swara promptly looked there??. A group of Indian youngsters.

Swa: ?? OMG this was what I wanted. I just asked you a flower and you gifted me a garden. You are great ???.

Then she doesn’t wasted a second. Abrubtly removed her skirt and top.

OMG ? she already wore a swimming suit inside. Then slowly walked towards the sea. Our hero was singing.

“Aaj blue hai pani pani pani pani pani pani

Aur tum bhi Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny Sunny……

??? real Sunny….”

Yes, he thought Swara as real Sunny. Sanskar cupped Swara’s face.

Sans: Offo my Sunny Leone….. You don’t know about my sleep starved nights. You awakened me in numerous nights.

Swara slapped him angrily.

Sans:?? Sss Ssss Swa….

Swa: What sss sss sss. ??. Why are you hissing like a snake.

Sans: na na nothing.

Swa: And what about ur sleep starved nights. Did she turned off ur fan or else AC ever???. Stop thinking about other girls.

She seductively touched his chest.

“Because none can treat you better than me. If it is in ur life or else in bedroom”

Sans: But you aren’t giving me a single chance ???.

Swa: Okay Given,…… Do what you want.

Sans: ?? Swara.

Swa: I am aware of you won’t be able to cross the etiquettes. Therefore I am telling you. We are executing our first step. Look there are some Indians swimming there. If they will see me in such a compromised situation. Then……

Swa: Swara no no might be they would shoot it.

Swa: Offo Sanskar. You don’t even know these types of youngsters. They would burn themselves but are unable to harm their mobile phones. Stupid, they are in the middle of water.

Sans: Haan woh toh hai.

Swa: Come on kiss me.

Sans: Swara I…..

Swa: leave it….. Tumse ni ho payega.

Suddenly he suffered with a lip attack. She acquired his full lips such a starved tiger. He also compromised slowly. They forgot the whole world and unfollowed the etiquettes.Spontaneously it became a deep horny french kiss.The vehemence of the kiss increased until she heard some screaming.

“Swara Gadodia!!!!…… Hey guyz look there”.

Swara finally tried to withdraw her lips but Sanskar wasn’t the one who would leave her so easily. He squeezed her lips. Meanwhile his hands were moving through her each and every seducing areas. She again cooperated with him.

Finally both came out of the water. Swara noticed a guy started shooting their video after their departure from the sea. She saw their distressed face. At last they missed an exclusive video na.

“Aww don’t worry. Upcoming days are becoming more and more shocking for you my fans. You all unknowingly will become my puppets….hey one minute, one minute. Let’s make them happy. Let them shoot. Finally world also have to know about what happened here.”

She again engaged with a lip lock just for two seconds. They shot that also. Swara smirked,…… “Now it will be the proof”….

They all came forth to Swara and Sanskar. Swara indignantly glared Sanskar and said with medium pitch voice. So the parasites can overhear clearly.

“Sanskar, I wanted some privacy ?? and you…… R u trying to harm my image.”

It was unexpected for Sanskar. He thought that she will announce their relationship now but look what happened. She placed an artificial smile and approached her fans. They demanded for selfies and autographs but she denied. Suddenly an idea flashed inside her brain. Promptly she recieved a notepad and wrote.

With love ❤❤

Swara Sanskar Maheshwari

Sanskar was seriously stunning to see her dreadful activities. The owner of that notepad was dare to question her about the surname. But an otter one interrupted.

“Mam who is he??”

Swa: Nothing he is just my friend ☺☺.

Sanskar who was already irked by her behavior was dare to leave. Swara understood that the situation is falling out of her hands. She tightened her grip for discarding him from going.

“So Sanskar shall we?”

She said the word “Sanskar” a little loudly. So the others could identify him.

“Mam ur surname???”

Swa: What happened?? She asked pretending unknowing.

Swara was giggling madly in mind. She again recieved the notepad.

“Uff my mistake sorry”

Swara hitted her forhead and riped the paper into several micro pieces. Again tagged her name with Gadodia.
Sanskar grabbed her hands angrily and left the shore. Her ears was busy in between the murmurs.

“There is something fishy guyzz. She is lying. He is not just a friend.I am damn sure”

“Look she changed her surname. Your assumptions are right Renu he is not just a friend for her. Did you noticed her eyes. She is hiding something.”

“Swara Sanskar Maheshwari….. It is a unique combination of names guyzz awesome I loved it???”

“That hot guy Sanskar is her husband. Means they are secretly married???”

“How vulgarly she kissed in public eeehhh disgusting”

“Haha that guy was browsing through her whole body. I think their honeymoon in Canada.”

Swara chirped like a lizard.

“What to do what to do. Ungli thedi hi karni padi mujhe. Society will only accepts accusations what we actually wants to deny. My preys, do ur work. Upload it in FB, IG and much more. Your dear dear Swara is waiting to tweet,like, comment and react.”

She reminded something and stared at her selfie cam….. “Aww my complexion is not much fair ??. It is better to consult some spa next day….. Don’t know, have to commit how many IVs and lives in social medias??.”


Laksh furiously dashed a flower vase in his enraged avatar.

“How could you Ragini??. R u trying to avoid me.”

Angry young man was breathing heavily. He furiously broke the mirror and blood started oozing from his arm.

“And who is ur newborn friend?? ?”

He obtained the lappy and asked to Facebook uncle. Uncle brought the infos of almost 12/13 Maniks.
And there he is…….

Manik Suryavanshi.

Ohh no …… Laksh saw a shirtless human being with 12 packs. He looked himself….. “Arrey yaar only 6 packs…..means he is 2 times better than me.”

He reminded Ragini’s words.

“Laksh, I am in love with ur six pack”

Lak: No no I have to spend more in Jim.

And his cover pic??. Laksh Maheshwari gonna fell unconscious.

Mr Suryavanshi is standing amid of numerous s*xy blondes. It seemed like a party. All are gathering with bottles of champagnes.

He read the caption.

“wID mA ColLeAGuEs oF Nymph Hans”

(Guyzz Nymph Hans is a famous mental asylum in Bangalore. And please don’t mingle it with Swara kyunki aisa kuch nahi hone wala???)

Then again Laksh scrolled down.

His status wow……

“Kya karoon ladkian fida hai mujhpar”

Laksh furiously closed laptop. “Now it crossed the all boundaries”….He urgently typed some numbers and called his PA

“Joy, I want the complete details of Mr Manik Suryavanshi within an hour. His biography, family, qualifications, likes, dislikes, horoscope everything”

Joy: Sir is it some marriage alliance.

Lak: ?? yes proposal for my spouse. Shut up and do what I said.

Joy: Sorry sir, you asked his horoscope. Therefore I asked.

Lak: It’s k. Do it.

Joy: Kk sir I will……

The call got disconnected.

Lak: Uff what I said….. Proposal for my spouse ??. No no I can’t just think about that.

He tried to call Ragini but the same replica “Switched off”.


Sanskar’s POV

Waiting waiting waiting…. How much I would wait for this careless girl. Why she is consuming so much time for changing. You know na that we are reunited after long times later. I don’t want more but at least 20/ 25 lip locks and 2 consummations per day…. Regular dates per week… Enough, sufficient for me ???. Poor me…..

“Hii Bhai what’s going on”

Wow Karan!!! What a coincidence. My loyal employee no no more than my own brother. And after all he is better than that irresponsible Laksh Maheshwari.

“Happy to see you back, I missed you so so much.”

Kar: Where is my butterfly??

I said Gudiya is fine and mentioned something another.

“Karan, I’m leaving Canada forever”

Kar: I knew it jab mera Bhabhi ayegi tab apko lekar vapas zaroor jayegi. Where is she??? Introdoce me na.

Me: She is here, wait will come soon

Kar: Her good name please???

“Swara”….. Suddenly a interrupted us.

“Kk Natasha, I will there. Bhai I have to go. The raw materials are arrived”
He left. 24×7 work work work. I donno how he produced two kids. Here I am hungry for just a touch ??.

There she is….??….

“Where were you??”
She got ready in the previous skirt and top.Grinned at me, then said.

“Shall we ?”

I glued the mask of a fakely furious individual. And looked another side with twisting my hands.

“Sanskar shall weeee”

Me: What shall we shall we shall we. From today morning you are giving me super shocks and commanding shall we shall we shall we….?? Wow??.

Swa: Sanskar what’s wrong with you.

Me: What’s wrong me?? What’s wrong with you?? You introduced me as just a friend.

She disdainfully smirked. “Ohh hello I’m a well known celebrity don’t you know?? We celebrities are like this ?? Our relationship will connect through a series. Strangers, just friends, best friends, then life partners.

This girl na ajeeb hai….

“Clarify please”

Swa: Offo stupid hubby, I introduced you as my friend. This is enough for the society. We aren’t married again. But they are talking about our hidden marriage”…….

My stupid brain doesn’t clarified me but I am believing my intelligent spouse.

“Tum dekhna Sanskar duniya khud hamhari doli utayegi”

I smiled and clutched her hand and tugged…

“So shall we ?”

I clutched her hand more hardly and dare to walk. She started moaning.

“mmm Sanskar please hold my hand more hardly”

The new storm signed the attendance. Now, what I did?? I am damn sure, I didn’t did anything provoking. My attention had gone to my hands. It is drenched with the reddish fluid. I tremulously gazed her. She was closing her eyes, madly stroking her neck. Blood is also oozing from there. She removed one of her sleeves…. Almighty, her chest is also bleeding, I mean a little above of her chest. Her fingers of right arms r also wet with painful red liquid…..


Promptly I wrapped her with my whole body. She reciprocated the hug.

“I’m yours Sanskar, I am yours”

To be continued………..

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