Sia ke Maheshwaris Episode 11


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Episode 11

Sanskar’s POV

Our lives took a new turn. Happy happiness everywhere. Me and my Gudiya are really really feeling blissful. Now she is a good kid. Class topper, punctual, pleasent and most obedient. Do u want to hear her teacher’s comment.
“No no Mr Maheshwari she is off course a prankster but an obedient prankster.”

And about my wife, she is now a possessive wife and mother. So many things to say about her. Sometimes I am also wondering that how could she compose herself to a typical house wife. She has to forward her career. I haven’t any right to preserve this white cuckoo in a cage. But what to do, she is not bothered about it. Her world contracted in me and our daughter. She is regularly rejecting every offer. Forgetting her blessed voice, she is doing the household activities. I will forbid but “no Sanskar it is my duty”. She no longer wants that stardom. The most important turmoil is, she isn’t letting Sia do anything alone even in the matter of food.
“Gudiya I told you na, that I will feed you and that’s final”
Numerous times I uttered that she is a matured girl but who will hear me. Hmm yaar I said you about everything but don’t dare to think that everything happened between us. I’m still a thirsty hornbil. Sometimes Gudiya, sometimes my work schedule and pressure and sometimes her mental health. I’m still a thirsty hornbil ??
Except that, everything was perfect and fine.

But oneday everything were flown out of my hand. Which devil motivated me to take her to office. She was feeling bored, so I took her to my firm. And I wanted to introduce them my wife. Ohhh my God, slay me. Stupid Sanskar, she is a celebrity. She knotted inside a crowd. Mam Mam selfie please autograph please ??. I grasped her to my cabin leaving everybody astonished. I can hear the whispers behind. Gosh!! I had created a new circle of gossips.

“Natasha, where is Karan??” I asked her while promptly she came to my cabin.

“Sir you had sent him to Newyork na”

Me: Uff sorry it’s my mistake.

She opened her mouth in astonishment??.

“What happened???”

Nat: Nothing sir you are saying sorry.

I smiled while giving Swara a romantic back hug.
“Sir you are smiling ☺☺ sooo romantic. Congrats Mam you both are made for each other.”

That words rained inside her mind. She was on cloud nine and blushed ☺?.

“Okay Natasha there is an important announcement, tell every employees come to conference hall. Don’t forget, everyone……means cleaners, securities, bodyguards everybody”

Nat:? okay Sir.
I was trying to intimate with her, suddenly Natasha came back

“Uff sorry sir?”

Me: it’s k, did you did what I said??

Nat: Yess sir, please come. ,She left

“I will not leave you tonight ??”

Swa: Okay ab chaloooo.

She grasped my hands and we both marched towards the conference hall. Initially she was a leopard but when reached the venue she turned a little rat.

“Swara for you, crowd is usual”

Swa: Yes but I am feeling awkward, we don’t know na how they will accept it.

Me: Don’t worry main hoon na. They are afraid of me and they will not ask any bothering interrogation.

Swa: Pakka na
Me: Pakka

Vienna, Austria.

Ragini’s POV

I was not done, I am loving him. I can’t give up it. As a mother I can’t give up loving my son. His pic was smiling in front of me. I started to pampering it. I can only do this, destiny robbed him from me na. Pappu you came in my life as a rain in desert. His smile is hankering me to hug him but I can’t. 3 years you know just 3 years. Theek mujhe Maa nahi bulaata tha… kismat cheenkar le gayi usse mujhse. Aaj 5 saal baad bhi bhula nahi paa rahi hoon tumhe Pappu. Please come back. Do you know ur Maa is lonely now. Your Paapa also left me. Please take me with you.
I became a puppet of destiny in these days. Yeah I knew it that my life gotta a new turn post separating from Laksh but this infinite way!!!. Do you want to know what happened after Laksh dropped me. I was running inside of Baadi. I just wanted to stuff myself inside four walls but fate was also mocking at me. Ghar mein Maa nahin Paapa bhi nahi and that disgusting society lady, she was also not there. I touched the lock, a group of questions are revolving around me. By seeing my luggages, neighbors also gathered at my surroundings. I became a show piece.

“Pati ne chod diya hoga bechari ko”

“Ke hua chori kuch bol”

Something something…… I took my baggage and walked through the streets. What will I do now. I can stay in the house of some relatives and friends. But no I can’t afford their sympathetic vision. Ragini you are strong and be strong. Decisively I walked towards the Railway Station and peacefully seated there after taking the platform ticket. But that was not durable, that ticket will also expire once. I immediately checked my bank account. What to do money money money plenty of money. Mom and Dad are throwing cash in my account. They are avenging Swara and for me, it was a dumb. Swara isn’t bothered about all these more over she is also filling the same. But this was unexpected I never thought that this money will help me like this. Then what I did initially??? Booked a ticket to Thiruvananthapuram. Then you will ask me what happened to you Ragini?? R u crazy?? As you said you has plenty of money then why train?? You can chose Airways for prompt reach then why?? And why Thiruvananthapuram, do you know someone there?? Ok Ok I will tell you everything. There is an one and only answer for all these and that’s shelter.I don’t know anyone there,don’t know anything about that city.I chose Trivandrum cz it is the city situated at the south tip of Indian subcontinent. I can catch flights and trains there easily. The journey will take more than four five days and I can calmly decide what is next. I booked a 1st class AC ticket. There in the train I determined, I will explore this world. I searched my favorite destinations and arranged accommodation and all. My new pursuit started from Trivandrum as I came there so……….Then here Vienna……
Suddenly someone snapped in front my eyes and it awakened my absent mind. Uff I am sitting in this open restaurant.

“Ohh hello Madam where are you lost?? The ice cream is melting damn it ”

?? I want to kill this peeping Tom actually who is he?? And what he wants??

“Ohh hello who told u to bring ice cream for me?? R u crazy?? Who will have these ice creams in such frozen climate?? , I questioned

He wasn’t a person to give up.

“Seriously??? There isn’t such law written in any manuscript. Enjoy the taste of ice cream and don’t merge it with climate. It’s not fair”

Unknowingly I began to have the ice cream and he smirked.

“What do u want?? Why are you annoying me?? You are not supposed to leave me in these past few minutes.”, I asked.

He punched on the table suddenly.
“Yeh hui na baat actually mujhe kuch kuch ho raha hai”

I gave him a death glare ?.

“Shut up I know these types of cheap guyss. Leave me, I am not such a girl”

He gave me disdainful smirk.

“Excuse me Mam. I said mujhe kuch kuch ho raha hai. Yeah it is love but life partner wali love
nahi, dosti wali love. Love is in friendship too but the color is different.”

“Friendship at first sight”

Me: Friendship at first sight?? What do you mean??

He: Actually what do you mean?? Only love can happen at first sight. Ohh come on? friendship is also a sacred relationship. So friends

He extended a hand and me also automatically.

He: Maanik Suryavanshi☺(Paarth Samthaan)

Me: Ragini Ma…. Ga…

I was stammering, what will I do now Matarani?? I was lost in my thoughts.

Maan: Hello Madam Yeh “Sa re ga ma pa da ni” ki koi zaroorat nahi.I understood that you are unwantedly divorced. You are Ragini that’s it.

I am so shocked yaar??

Me: Astrologer??

He smirked again.

Maan: It is called commonsense. Look you were stammering. Okay.

Me: ok.

Maan: So first one definitely would be ur husband’s and 2nd would be ur paternal surname.

Me: Intelligenta☺ and unwantedly???

Maan: I can see the pain in your eyes Ragini.

Amid of trying hard to save my tears, a droplet rolled out. But I abrubtly wiped and passed a wet smile. Seriously yaar isse toh doctor hona chahiye tha. Look he is absorbing the anatomy of my mind. I tried to conceal my eyes. Then again my sense knotted on my child’s cute face. Again my emotions rescued that mourning eve. Maanik acquired the photo from the cage of my vision. Then smiled while looking at my Pappu. Sighed and said.

“Ragini, now I am aware ur infinite pain. I am assuring you this pain will hunt you until ur last breathe.Losing of your motherhood I know…….”

Me: How???

Maanik: Due to my Mom. After me, she delivered a baby girl. Unfortunately she was still birth. Mom is a good wife, lucky Mom and moreover a good human being. For external world, she’s a fortunate lady. But we know her. She doesn’t passed even a single day in the lack of my sister’s memory. And this is a cute sweet boy of apparently three years. How could you tolerate it.

I burst out in front of him and he tried hard to console me. First time in history OMG after Swara, someone is worriying for me. Reading my mind. Our times passed together. I enjoyed the day after a long time. Sun was biding goodbye. A call arrived for him.

“Kya Bhaiyya, you know very well right?? That I am not interested in your business.”

“Please Bhaiyya please……. Uff okay. I’ll do it”

A bunch of questions, answers and pleading.


“Ragu, I have to go. Me too don’t want to go but my Bhaiyya is requesting. I can’t refuse it. He is my world.”

Fate, please stop this prank okay. My life isn’t a share market belongs to you. I’m really really irked with your prompt deposit and withdrawal of rejoice.

Maanik: Okay Ragini see you soon.


Sanskar’s POV

Leave ??? I said leave……. I shouted furiously and startled.

Natasha: okay Sir

Me: And announce everybody to leave the office right now ???.

The sirens rumbled united and the office became vacant in fifteen minutes. I rushed to the semi darkened room and shocked to see her. I began to beg her for her life. I just took a look at her, ohhh no she was stabbing her own wrist ruthlessly. I acquired the knife and threw it somewhere. Kneeled and weeped loudly.

“Swara, why are you taking back my life. I can’t live without you. Please try to understand”, I shouted.

I don’t know what happened in these past few hours. There is something provoking occured here in my absence. She slowly walked behind me and the walk slowly turned a race. She ran towards the restricted area where the bombs are preserving.

To be continued…………………

?? Why did Kattappa killed Baahubali???

You all were awaited for more than a year for the answer. Please wait na I will definitely tell you in the next episode. But please don’t expect such intense drama. It is all happening bcz of her small madness but I swear this is the reason which will forward the upcoming twists. Sorry Chunkzz I am too lazy to write further. Then this idea flashed in my mind so……….

Please wait na I will be back soon…..??

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