My Shy Bold Girl… Episode 2

my shy girl….
3rd person POV
The boy saw pragya going away…he wanted to go and ask her but…he felt a hand on his shoulder… was kunj….he called my name…..purab and said….she is same pragya u came for……..he was frozen at his place……he had tears of happiness….he ran to the girl and hugged her….not thinking about his surroundings…..he was hugging the girl and crying….he said pragya..

pragya POV
I was running away with my friends….suddenly I felt a person hugging me tight as he will never leave me…..he said…pragya….I jerked him….and what he gave me box…..I denied but he opened the box…..OMG its the same bracelet ……it’s same…..he is purab……..Omg Omg…..I hugged him as tight as I can……
Narrators POV
pragya:puru tmai kaisa pta chla…..yaha kaisa tm to…..London ma Thai(puru how do u know me?u were in London)
purab….yeah I was searching for u all over India…..when I returned I came to know u left…I searched and came to know u are in Mumbai and then I searched u everywhere in area ur neighbour’s gave and I came across ur name in this college …….as u have unique name pragya arora…I searched and found u….but look at u….u r all grown girl……
Pragya……Omg u searched me and u still saved it… give ur hand
pragya tied it around his hand

pragya and purab shared a hug but all the time pair ofeyes filled with agony,love And jealousy…purab back was only shown to those eyes…
pragya &purab meet my friend/friends
pragya u first
purab no u
pragya u
purab u
and both were looking at each others with finger pointed at each other
others: stop fighting

Kunj said Hy pragya di m kunj Kunj sarna purabs bestie

pragya kunj nice to meet u

pragya (pointing to a beautiful girl curly brown hair purplish pink dress and one piece dress ) she is purvi
pragya(pointing to a boy wearing red t shirt with black jean) he is nikhil and she is tanu his gf(tanu was wearing same dress in pink color as pragya)
and guyz this is purab my childhood bestie cum brother
everyone greeted each other and
purvi said pragu where are they?
purab they?
pragya…they are talking about bulbul and twinkle and him
purab him?
pragya turned red due to blush
at that time purab hugged her understanding what she meant A dashing boy wearing cool friendship bands on his hand black t and black jeans separated purab from pragya and punched him only to be stopped by pragya
pragya abhi what are u doing?
abhi how dare he hugged u
pragya he is my brother
abhi quickly said in this colourful clothes white shirt that is half black and u r saying he is ur brother(pura s cloths were colored becoz of pragya dare)
pra:yeah I actually smashed that colorful water balloon on him coz of ur dare to smash the balloon whoever boy enter the college….to prove m bold….
abhi o so he is ur brother I was getting jealous for nothing :O
puru turns abhi and slaps him
abhi sees purab and said u

precap masti..

I have also wrote different shades of my girl read and give reviews….note:both are different stories with some similar scenss

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