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Part 2

Wen uttara and rajat were talking a pair of eyes was witnessing their talks.. The person was hell shocked and it felt like all the world around him is spinning. He was nt able to beleive tat his swara is fallen from the cliff. He lost all his senses. Bt after sme tym he thought no u cant think like this nothing will happen to ur shona. Thinking this he ran downwards to find swara…

On the other side

Down the cliff their was a jungle type area.
Sanraglak were finding swara. After sme tym police reached the place. And started searching for her. Bt their were no signs of her. Everyone’s hopes were coming to an end..
Sanskar was jst running here and there shouting her name
Sanky- swara!! Princess plz kahan ho tum… Plz dont do this to ur prince…. Jst show asign atleast saying this he fell on his knee and started crying.

Smeone keeps hand on his shoulder and said
Dont loose hope mr. Maheshwari we have to find her…

They again started finding her bt ragini was continously noticing the person as if she knows him bt cant recognise exactly…

After sme tym they found the body of swara lying near a big rock unconciouss. They get a sigh of relief on finding her bt mext ques which strikes their mind makes them shiver that is is she fine???

Then sanky ran towards her and started patting her cheeks
Sanky- shona plz wake up. Open ur eyes.
Inspector – mr. Maheshwari we shud take her to hospital.

They rushed towards the hospital and swara was taken to ot…

Everyone reached their.
Uttara- bhai maine yeh intentionally nhi kiya. I was trying to kill myself bt swa..
Before she can take her name. She got a tight slap on her face from the same person.
Person- dont dare to take her name from ur bl**dy mouth..
Sumi was shocked on seeing the person..
Sumi- sagar tum…. Yeh kya kar rhe hoo she is nt at fault thi was an accident And she reached him and was abt to touch him.
Sagar- stay away mrs. Gadodia. Dont dare to touch me. And ya u r right she is nt at fault. The person at fault is u. U r nt able to take care of my shona in my absence. And always sacrificed her happiness for others either it is ur husband or ur step daughter.
Sumi(shouts) sagar…
Sagar- dont shout and why i am talking to u. Nd he leaves
While this drama was going on everyone person around was shocked to see this. While a person was jst staring continously to the door of ot and was sitting all lost… Ya he is our sanskar only . He was not crying not having any emotions on his face. He was jst blank abt wat jst happened in his life. His life, his soul, his swara was inside that door dont know in which condition….

After sme tym doctor came out…

All ran towards him nd asked wat happened.

Dr.- she is out of danger now….
Sanky- can we meet her.
Dr.- ya you can bt after sme tym and ya plz dont give her any sort of stress her as it can be dangerous for her life….

Aftr sme tym
Sagar and sanskar entered her room. She has gained her conciousness and was sitting on the bed while nurse was giving her medicies nd on seeing the person entering the room she smiled brightly.

Sagar ran and sit beside her while sanskar was staring his life from far wid lots of emotions…
Sagr- tu humesha hi aise kyun karti hai. U know wat how much scared i was. I thought ki i just lost u..
And cries and hugs her.
Swara- sagar stop being a cry baby and see i am f9 i will not leave u this much easily…
and laughs
Swara- aah..
Sanskar who was standing their was nt able to understand wat is happening and who he is?? gets concerned and rushes to her.
Sanskr- swara tum theek ho. U shud be careful hamesha bachon jaisi harkate karti rehti hoo.

Swara- ( shocked)- excuse me! Kya main apko janti hoon??

Sanskar full shocked was nt able to believe his own ears.

Screen freezes on his shocked face…

Precap- mystery of sagar nd some family drama… 😛

Sry guys for no raglak scenes today will try to add them tommorow pakka…

How was this guys?? Leave ur comments and suggestions.

And also acc. To new spoilers swara will lose her memory and she will go to her childhood and maybe we will nt see swalak drama. Plz pray that this news is true as it will be bst for both swasan nd raglak fans.
Fingers crossed…

Credit to: swaragini lover

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