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Hey swasan and raglak fans i know nowadays everyone is very much tensed abt mmry loss drama… I am frustated like hell so to take out my frustarion i am writing this. I dont know that this is gud or bad. Jst wanted to calm myself and if u ppl like it then plz comment as i will continue if i get comments.

Here we go.

In this swaragini get to know abt the rajat and they are shown confronting him at cliff..

Swara- why r u doing this rajat?? She loves u and u played wid her emotions.
Rajat- oh plz swara jst dont be so innocent u know why i am doing this?? Now as if u know it then it means i need to kill u both.
Ragini- u cheap how low will u stoop. We will not die bt u will be hanged.
Rajat- oh plz ragini bhabhi. U know i will nt let u die bcz u r literally very beautiful bt ur sis is clever she will play against me so i have to kill her otherwise i was nt interested in killing her also. Saying this he started moving towards ragini and tried to touch her. Bt before tat he get a tight slap on his fce. He turned in the direction and was shocked to see uttara there. While swaragini smiles winningly.
Uttara- i loved u rajat bt u cheated me. I didnt trust my bhabhi bt i trusted u. I am ashamed o myself and she took a rod fron their and started beating him nt letting him speak anything…
After sm tym he fainted and uttara fell on her knees crying….
Uttara- i am vry bad. I am sry bhabhi i have nt trusted u. I am sry and she cries…
Swaragini hugs her.
Uttara- bhabhi why he did this wid me i loved him bt i will never be able to trust anyone now.
Suddenly she stands up and started going towards cliff end and was abt to jump wen swara stopped her.( ragini was nt able to see her going as she has gone on other side to talk to laksh on phone)
Swara- uttara wat r u doing this.
Uttara- bhabhi leave me i shud die. I am nt worthy to live i want to die . She again tried to jump bt swara stopped her. In this process swara fell down from cliff…
Uttara- Bhabhi….

At the sme tym sanraglak comes and they misunderstood tat she pushed swara.
Sanskar toh lost all her minds. Laksh goes towards her in anger and slapped her hard…and she fell down on ground.
Laksh- hw cud u stoop so low uttara u u killed her.
Ragini came towards him
Ragini- laksh wat r u saying swara ko kuch bhi nhi huya she is perfectly alright. We shud search for her… ( in trauma)
She goes towards sanskar and shakes her and ask her that u think she is dead, no sanskr my sister cant die. She is fine. How cud u loose hope??? We have to search her.
Sanskar came in his senses- yes ragini u r right. We will search her. She is fine. And then they three left from their leaving utttara alone on clifff crying….

As soon as they leave uttara goes towards rajat…
And rajat gains his consiousness.
Rajat- uttara u seriously hit me hard.
Uttra- sry baba bt i am nt feeling gud for swara bhabhi..
Rajat – u know uttara u r vry gud thats why u r feeling like this bt u know na if u wud have nt done this then she might have killed him and she was so against me as i belong to poor family. She thinks i am money minded like her that i am using u and shed fake tears.
Uttara- u need not to feel bad rajat i know u more then anyone. I love u and she hugs him..
Rajat hugs her back and said i love u too..
And smiles evilly.
Scene freezes at his evil smile…

Precap- finding swara nd new entry…

How ws this guys??? Shud i continue or nt??? Tell me

Credit to: swaragini lover

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  1. Definately continueee

    1. swaragini lover

      Thanks dr
      will try to continue

  2. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Oh no you make Uttara vilain? Want to read more

    1. swaragini lover

      Thanks dr
      will try to write more 😛

    1. swaragini lover

      Thanks yr

  3. awesome and make rajat fall in love with ragini please

    1. swaragini lover

      Thanks dr
      will try to fulfill ur wish

    1. swaragini lover

      Thanks dr

  4. Wow nice start yar

    1. swaragini lover

      Thank u soo much dr

  5. I think CVS has gone mad I am too frustrated with it I am gonna kill them if they separated swasan and ragluk

    1. swaragini lover

      Thanks for reading dr
      and even i am frustated i will accompany u to kill them surely

  6. Continue
    Its amazing

  7. ragini rajat scenes interesting,laksh TC of your beautiful wife

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