shrenal’s pregnancy diary — symptoms

4 weeks later:

sanjay and satya: Bhabhi, we need to ask you something.

shrenu: yes say.

sanjay: so karva chauth is coming.

satya: and we thought that this is your first.

sanjay: and not to brag or anything but we are your amazing devars.

shrenu: get to the point please.

sanjay and satya: we want to do mendhi on you.

shrenu: fine you can do mendhi but do you know how?

sanjay: yes Bhabhi, we do. don’t be kunal bro.

shrenu: ok then. but let’s get some mendhi pens then mendhi.

the boys nod and them three go to get the mendhi pens. as sanjay and satya were spending a long time stealing their aunt’s mendhi pens, shrenu felt something in her throat. she covered her mouth with her hand and ran as fast as she could to the bathroom. she started to puke.

sanjay: satya, check on Bhabhi. jaldi.

satya: sure.

he runs to find shrenu in the bathroom puking her guts out. he runs to her and says: Bhabhi, what happened.

shrenu: nothing. bass aisi.

satya: I am going to tell kunal bro.

shrenu: arre nahi! if he finds out, he will stop me from fasting tomorrow.

satya: but…

shrenu: don’t!

satya nods. shrenu uses mouthwash and then cleans up. both satya and shrenu go out and sanjay says: Bhabhi, everything cool?

shrenu: yes everything cool. now chalo. meri mendhi karo.

shrenu sits down and satya does shrenu’s hands and sanjay does shrenu’s feet. just then…

sanjay: arre Bhabhi, what happened to your feet?

shrenu: matlab?

sanjay: they are swollen.

shrenu looks down at her feet and gets shocked.

shrenu: how did this happen?

sanjay: should I tell kunal bro??

shrenu: arre no he will make a big fuss over me.

sanjay and satya nods with concern.

shrenu: now karo meri mendhi.

sanjay and satya: ok.

they do her mendhi:

fourty minutes later:

Image result for mehndi

Image result for mehndi on feet

shrenu: wow this is beautiful. my devars are so talented.

satya and sanjay: thank you Bhabhi.

just then kunal came home,

kunal: hi guys.

shrenu: look kunal, meri pyaari devars did my mendhi.

kunal: wow finally my duffer bhais did something good.

sanjay and satya: thank you bro!!

kunal: so shrenu, excited for your first karva chauth tomorrow?

shrenu: yes I am excited.

kunal: and I am too excited.

shrenu: matlab?

kunal: surprise hai.

shrenu: tell me na!

she pouted. kunal laugh and kissed her forehead saying: just wait tomorrow.

shrenu: fine.

satya: earlier bro, Bhabhi was vomiting.

sanjay: and she also has swollen feet.

kunal: shrenu, is this true?

shrenu: arre…. no…bilkul nahi.. your brothers are lying!

kunal: shrenu…

shrenu: ok, it’s true. but don’t stop me from fasting tomorrow.

kunal: but your health..

shrenu: you be quiet!

kunal checked her forehead and said: pagli, you have a high temperate.

shrenu, sanjay and satya: what?!

kunal: yes she is. no fasting tomorrow.

shrenu: kunal please, it’s my first karva chauth. please.

sanjay and satya: what say kunal bro?

kunal: fine.

shrenu smiles.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    shrenu is showing pregnancy symptoms.but she is hiding it from Om as he may stop her from taking KC sweet of devars to do mehendi 4 her.bczof temperature m told her not to fast.but finally he agreed.waiting 4 a grand KC.On IB we didnt get a proper KC scene of expecting it here

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

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