shrenal’s pregnancy diary — making love OS

family get together:

sanjay and satya: bhai, bhabhi!

shrenal: what?

satya: so kunal’s bros and shrenu’s sisters have something very important to ask.

durga: so as we all know our shrenu didi and kunal jiju have been married for 5 months.

susheel: and they are the cutest couple ever.

kunal: guys, get to the point please.

durjay and susya: we want a choti shrenu or kunal from you.

shrenal: what?!

sunil: yes i think that this is not a bad idea.

shrenu: but papaji, at the moment?

durga: ishqbaaz ended last month and shrenu didi, you are planning not to do any projects at the moment. so it’s fine to have a child.

kunal: but think, a child is a big responsibility.

sanjay: we thought you would say that.

he grabs the remote and turns the slideshow on. pictures of shrenal with kids came on the screen.

satya: see you two will be great parents. you can handle the responsibility.

shrenu: we will think about it.

two days later:

for two days, durjay and susya kept reminding shrenal about babies and this started to change shrenal’s thinkings.

that night:

shrenal’s room.

shrenu entered the room tired and just then she was pinned onto the wall.

shrenu: kunal, what are you doing?

as she felt wet kisses on her neck.

kunal: making love.

shrenu: hmm?

kunal: look shrenu, listening to what our siblings have been saying, i think there is no harm having a child and i actually want someone to call me papa. i want to pamper my child, i want to make them rebel against mama and i will read her stories at night, make her study with love.

shrenu: and i will be the villain?

kunal: pretty much.

shrenu smiles lightly and says: i too want someone to call mama.

kunal: so can i continue?

shrenu blushes and giggles. kunal knew what she meant when she did that. he lifted her up and as he did, roses came down the ceiling. he placed her on the bed gently as if she was a china doll and left trails of kisses down her ear to her neck. he bit one spot leaving it to turn purple red. shrenu left one kiss on his neck and kunal went on top of her kissing her. slolwy their lips met.

soon clothes were on the bed and then the lights went off.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow. here shrenal are married n as IB is over their siblings encouraged them to have kids showing their pics with kids.shrenal conversation was sweet.consummation was romantic

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice

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