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Helloooo everyone.Neeto ka bday and my 10 ps.nets party milkar dete hai.HAPPY BDAY.we all r writing 2day for u.we gave u gifts.stay blessed…
With ur love I m on my 10 os.I m really happy that u all liked my work till now so I want to thank all of u who have helped me till now.list is really long but I love u all more than here I will begin.First I wanna thnku my wu friends-sona di,Anjo,ALU,Jo,iru di,kittu my elder di,DJ anshi, khush,beas, sonai, bagya di,rt mam,nazu,smile,david bhai, priya, rashi, mino di,roshu di,lily,deo … u.
Sona di has always with me everywhere thnku
Now here my best buddies-maro,riyo,ufu,aru,pari di, Fati,weirdy niyo, Nikko, zainu api,anshu, mirra, sumo di,lovely di,aish, nandu, nets, maria di, ruks, rucs,reema,loga, megan, sanjyoti, anamika, anu, ishu,sriyo, safaq,Sasha, christie, sami,vedika, vaishu, Sandra, khushi,kaya,ankita, shinny,aila, rickie,mithuu,silent reader…thnkuuu

As we all know 2day is neeto bday so this 10 os today…
Shravan is a big business tycone.he is an angry young man.
He was shouting.
Shravan:why can’t u understand.
Employee:sorry sir.
Shravan:I hate sorries
He throw the file down.
Shravan:get out.
Employee goes.
Suman a young girl has came there for interview.
Suman:may I come in sir.
Suman goes wishes him and sits.
Shravo:so u r suman tiwari.
Sumo:yes sir.
Shravo takes her interview.he sometime get angry but sumo gets the job.
Sumo comes out…
Neeti:so how was ur interview sir scolded get angry on u .
Sumo:little bit why he is so short tempered.
Neeti:his problem.he is always angry leave he can never change. I m neeti and u r suman right.
Khushi goes.
Sumo:why can’t he change??I will help him to change..
Some days passed sumo get mixed with every1 except shravo.
Shravo called sumo.
Shravo:suman tiwari what is this?u have made mistake in ur work.?
Sumo:sir it was new soo..
Shravo:soo what.
Sumo:sir pls laugh once.
Sumo:sir has kr dikhaye na.
Shravo:r u serious here u did mistake and u want me to laugh.
Sumo:sir glti PR has lijeye pls.
Shravo:have u came from mental asylum?
Sumo:sir Let me think difficult question.
Shravo laughs on her words.
Sumo:sir always laugh like this only thori c masti kra kijiye dil garden garden ho jayega.
Shravo:thnkss for ur advice miss tiwari.
He laughs.
Sumo goes from there.
Sumo:CHLO aaj ek aacha kaam kiya .

It was lunch time.sumo went near shravan office.
Sumo: sir ji hme andar aane ki izazat hai.
Shravo:sumo u here at this time why eat ur food…
Sumo:sir I like 2 eat with my colleagues .
Shravo:OK OK come in.
Sumo:sir aap aaj konsa khajana laye ho tiffin mei.
Shravo:healthy and oil free food.
Sumo:how could u health conscious r u .
Shravo:so I m .
Sumo:ok.u r looking too calm 2day coz u laugh.laughter is best medicine.
Shravo:suman yeh tum chaploosi toh nhi kr rhi.
Sumo:nooooo kabhi nhi .actually my mom said to me that I should always spread happiness and I was following my mom order.
Shravo: ur mom kaha rehti hai itni mahaan lady.
Sumo:actually mamaa…is dead.
She was emotional.
Shravo:ahmm sorry sorry suman I don’t know I didn’t want 2 say.
Sumo:its OK.BTW sir ji aap sorry bolte hai.
Shravo laughs slightly.
Sumo:OK ab mai chlti hoon boss.
She goes.
It was 8.everyone went to their homes.only sumo was completing something.shravo was coming from his office.
Shravo:sumo tum ghar nhi gyi.
Sumo:sir just going..
Shravo:aao I will drop u.
Sumo:no I will go.
Shravo:no I said na I will drop.
Sumo:no sir ji no need.
Shravo:I said and it’s ur boss saying.
Sumo:OK aur vaise bhi boss is always right.
Shravo and sumo r sitting in car.there was panipuri stand.
Sumo:sir rokho aaj mere golgappe khane ka dil kr rha hai.let’s have some.
Shravo:no this is not gud 2 eat.
Sumo:oh Mr health conscious g CHLO.she comes out and take shravo out.
She takes him there.
Sumo:bhaiya sbse tikha wala.
Shravo:sumo not good.
Sumo:bhaiya do jldi.
Hr gives .
Sumo make shrvo eat it.
Shravo:ahh girl kya kiya.
Sumo:ek aur.
Sumo again make him eat.
Shravo:OK sumo bs itni mirchi pani.
Sumo:aacha bhaiya ab mujhe do.
She eats a lot.
Shravo was seeing her.
At last when she is filled.
Sumo:shravan sir majja aya.
Shravo:konsa majja.
Sumo:OK bhaiya kitne hoye.
Shravo:sumo mai deta hoon
Sumo:khaye Maine aur paise aap
Shravo: I m ur boss listen 2 me.
He gives the money.
He drps sumo to her home.
Shravo:yeh ladki kaisi hai.
He was smiling.he liked the way sumo do everything.days passed both came close.shravo was falling for sumo
Today was presentation.
Every1 was giving but shravan was lost.
Sumo turn.she was giving presentation but shravo was lost in her-her silky hair,her beautiful eurs-her mesmerizing smile.

Sumo:sir how was the presentation.
Sumo:what??sir beautiful.I thought it was for company problem
Shravo:so what??it was beautiful.
Sumo:sir thnku(laughing)
After some days.
Shravo:aaj usse keh doon
Sumo was sitting on chair.shravo comes.
Shravo:sumo I want 2 say u something.
From back a boy comes.
Sumo turns back
Sumo:adi tum
Adi:yesss yes I was missing u so came.
Sumo:but in office.
Shravo:suman who’s he
Sumo:soo sorry forgotten 2 tell he is abhi mera mangetar.
Sumo:sir he is fiancée.
Shravo:oh OK nice meeting u.
Shravo was heart broken .he was again rude.
Some days passed.
Shravo was in his home.door bell rings.
Shravo open it
Shravo:tum jaha
Adi:haan mai jaha.
Adi:I have brought a gift for u.
Shravo:what gift.
Sumo comes
Adi:sir shayad yeh good luck aapke luck mei hai.
Shravo:mtlab u r engaged to her
Adi:but she don’t luv me.
Shravo: phir kise
Adi:yeh lambhi kahanni hai suniye she don’t know but she secretly fell in luv with u.she told me I don’t wanna marry u coz I love I brought ur property.
Sumo was shying.
Adi:sumo go inside
Sumo goes
Shravo:suman what I m listening
Sumo:sir g I love u .u also wanna say me dis only right
Sumo:sir pls say 3 magical word
Shravo:I love u
They hug

The end
Neeto happy bday

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  1. it was superb girl, i never thought even adi could be so good,
    loved the way suman made shravan laugh
    you dint include my name…
    nevermind, it was too good
    keep writing, you will become a great author one day
    i guess the comment became very big… i gotta stop now,
    loads of love and hugs dear,

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Areh Preeti bohot chweet wala one shot hain and yes see u in bigg boss page ?

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwwwww ???
    Cute one ???

  4. Ufaaq

    kia likha h yar congo for ur 10th os yar
    neet should like ur gift thiia is ammmmmmaaaaaaazzzziiiiiinnnngggggg like u

  5. Ariana

    Cupppyyyyyy sssrrrryyyyy! I’m cmntng so late. This cmnt ll also b shrt coz study :'(
    Anyways I LOVED it!!! Congrats!!! 10 os!!! U made it girl. Hope u’ll make a billion more….looking forward to ur superb write ups
    this much for now
    sry for a lil cmnt
    nxt time I’ll give a bbbiiigggggggggg one
    love u

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