shravan to confess his love for sumannnn


hey friends u r super happy to read d title dat shravan is going to confess his love for sumoo
so, u all know dat shravan has realized his feelings for suman
shravan loves suman from childhood but hided it as he thinks dat suman ignores him n cnsider as a friend but he dont know dat suman also loves shravan
thus to stop himself he ignores suman n hide his feeling towards her

NOWW…..v will cm to see dat dey both confront n suman will y he is doing dis with her…dan shravan will reveal dat she always use to do dis with her in childhood
shravan blames suman for always ignoring his love and try to use his feeling
shravan wwil also confesses dat he loves her listening dis suman wil be shock yet full power happy
stay tuned to know more exciting news
comnt below n tell me about your views
i m really excited
n by d way d famous writers who r writing ff on shraman i want to salute u i love evry ff u write just bcoz of laziness i dint cmnt
plz cmnt
if u r also lazy like me dan type * or 5
plz plz plz comment

Credit to: sana

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  1. Superb news..TFS.?

  2. Yes.. They would confess but then they would go to a dance and would share some romantic moments.. But then when they will be happy.. Sumo will bring nirmala and try to clear the misundertsanding.. Ramnath nd Shravan will get angry at seeing nirmala and would blame sumo for all this.. Shravan will try. And purposely hurt Sumo and they would part ways…

    1. omg … poor suman is trying to help dem and shravan is hurting suman
      oops i was so much happy to know dat shravan will confess his love but……….. dis twist

  3. see sana i too wrt ff bt yup i m not famous..
    bt if u read my ff thn plz cmmnt yaaarrr…..cmmnts boost up our wrtng…….
    n ya i m vry much excited fr the love confession of shraman

  4. wow wat a news sana ty for d best news i m so happyyy
    now we will come to see shraman scenes

  5. hi sana……
    i.too wrt a ff but yup i m not a fams wrtr…….
    n if u read my ff( abhi na jao chor k) … thn plz cmmnt yaar…….
    n ya vry mch excited fr shravan cnfssn….

    1. hey lovely lady i read ur ff but cant able to cmnt bcoz evry time i read ff in hurry by hiding from mom dat she cant see me bcoz i m in 10 stdn many times bcoz of lazinessbt plz dont feel bad ur ff is d best actually i can cmnt 1 or 2 ff bt if i will cmnt in sm ff n not in sm ff dey will feel bad naa so sorryyyyyyyyyyy big wala plz accept my forgiveness plzz plzz
      to all d writers

      1. Its ok dear…..
        Bt keep readng ……
        All the bst fr your future…….

      2. Btw thnxx fr readng n liking my ff ?

  6. Super happy about the news

  7. its a superb new… cant wait..

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