Shraman…the INSEPERABLE bonds.. Two Shot (last part)


Hi guys.. I’m back with my two-shot.. I’m nikita.. So here’s the first part and here’s the 2nd part..also the last part.. Well thanks to @bhoomi and @lovely lady and for supporting me… Anyways back to the story..

Sumo realised her love for shravan..
(Look : actually pushkar likes sumo a lot.. Sumo is hereby, unaware of the fact that her best friend likes her)

Pushkar: sumo..sumo.. I liked you.. And you chose him, shravan? Why? Why?

Just then sumo enters..

Sumo: pushkar…kya hua??
Pushkar: nothing.. Yaar wo.. Mr.shravan’s case is going hard…
Sumo: oh! Shravan’s case..! Oh no..
Pushkar: why? You won’t marry the love of your life who just lost a case?
Sumo: nai yarr.. Its just that I trust you..
Pushkar: seriously?
Sumo: yess… But listen I came to tell you that we are having a reunion party..
Pushkar: I know.. Its a couple entry.. And I can’t go…
Sumo: no.. We both are going together..
Pushkar: kyu? Mujhe laga ki tu shravan..
Sumo: socha tha.. Par he said no… And I’m like mera pushku haii naa.. (She pulls his cheeks)
Pushkar: par mei toh kisi aur ke saath ja raha hoon
Sumo: who?
Pushkar: you!
They laugh and hug…

Sumo is busy choosing a dress for her.. Then she ends up wearing black as it was pushkar’s fav. colour…

Pushkar picks her up and they leave…

They reach there and meet all there old friends.. Suprisingly, sumo’s enemy.. Comes with shravan

(Character Sketch of the friends:
Sonakshi: sumo’s best friend
Ankush: sumo’s buddy
Pushkar: the very best friend
These 3 are a gang
And then Sanskruti, sumo’s enemy: (who comes with shravan)

Sumo: pushkar!
Pushkar: (raises his eyebrows)
Sumo points and sanskruti..
Pushkar is shocked.. He expresses I’ll handle
Pushkar goes to Shravan

Pushkar: Mr. Shravan..? You here?
Shravan: yea.. She’s my friend.. So she brought me.. How are you here?
Pushkar: umm.. Its my school’s reunion party..
Shravan: oh! Tum kiske saath aaye ho

Pushkar points at Sumo who is busy talking with her friends… Shravan is shocked…

Sumo: (goes to shravan) hey!
Shravan: hi…(Lost as sumo was looking beautiful..) You are looking pretty..
Sumo: as always..

Sanskruti is shocked

Sumo: oh tum?
Sanskruti: yes my babe….

Sumo walks away with pushkar which leaves shravan jealous…

Pushkar: I smell something?
Sumo: what?
Pushkar: JEALOUSY!
Sumo: shut up! Let’s make this party rocking..


So the bottle spins and lands up on sonakshi
Sona: dare
Ankush: hug your best friend
Sona: goes and hugs sumo

Next spin: on sumo..

Sona: your bestest buddy…
Sumo: shr….

Shravan gets happy

Sumo: surely.. Pushkar…
Pushkar smiles at her and sumo winks

Bottle lands on shravan

Sanskruti: whom do you love

Sanskruti was hoping that shravan would say her name

Shravan: sumo

Sumo and everyone gets shocked.. Pushkar is just a little upset…

Shravan gets up and goes to sumo.. She stands.. He sits on one knee and says

Shravan: sumo, will you be my girlfriend?

All hoot.. Sumo looks at pushkar.. Everyone shouts “say yes!” Pushkar nods emotionally.. Sumo says yes! They hug….

Sanskruti, irked goes out…

Ankur’s girlfriend enters.. Dance time

ShraMan dance.. Ankur and her girlfriend dance.. Pushkar and Sonakshi dance…

Sona: I like you
Pushkar: I love you!

They hug…

And they live happily ever after…

And now you can see me and my best friend
I am nikki, ShraMan’s daughter and my best friend is Dev, pushkar and sonakshi’s son…


Thank you!

Thanks for all your support and I would post soon my next two shot.. Till then enjoy..!!
And plss comment!

Credit to: Shraman

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  1. Wow… Superb end ??.. Very Happy .. Lovelly when shravan tells he love sumo .. awesome yaar….. I will always support u Nikki .. ?? Keep writing more and more …

    1. Thanks…keep reading

  2. Aawww so cute epi.. jst loved it…..
    N the way sharavan cnfssd his love for suman… was jst awsm… ..
    I cant stopped my self smiling that time…
    Love u……..

    1. Thank you…:)

  3. Awesome episode….
    Loved ShraMan proposing scene.♡♡♡
    You wrote it well…
    Keep writing more….

  4. it was really cute… everything happend so fast yet intresting… loved it..

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