Shraman: His voice OS (part 4) *Last Part*

Hey guys, I am so so so sorry for the late update. I was busy yaar! Please maaf kardo. Ok I hope you all didn’t forget my story. So here it goes,

Recap: Shravan misunderstands Suman having affair with Aditya. Later in the canteen Suman hugs Shravan.

Todays episode,
Sumo runs and hugs Shravan. And she cries. Everyone see them. Shravan pushes her and she falls down and says
Get away! Stay away from me. All of you, do you know what kind of girl she is? Never ever trust her even once in your life. She only knows to play with someone’s heart. She is a cheater, a sl*t! one night she sleeps with me and the other with that bl***y Aditya. She is a very dirty minded girl, I don’t even have words to describe her! She is…
Sumo: Shravan believe me please! Trust me Shravan, she says sobbingly. I only love you.
Shravan: oh just shut up! Trust you!! Forget it! That was the biggest mistake of my life! You were the biggest mistake of my life! I hate you! I don’t believe in love anymore, and that’s because of you! And he leaves.
Sumo cries a lot: SHRAVAN… please trust me…
All the students present in the canteen laugh on her. One boy comes to her and sits down,
Boy: hey Suman, no Sumo! I also love you please can you be with me for one night? And he touches her shoulders.
Sumo: leave me, and she stands up. He again touches her, she slaps him. He was more angry on her now he twisted her hand
Boy: how dare you, uh? Now you will have to pay for this. Suman was struggling in pain.
Suman: ahhh.. leave me. He leaves her and she runs away. As she was running one more boy stops her and says
Suman only one night please. Suman runs away from there crying.
The whole night she cries. She remembers all the moments with Shravan and also the canteen scene.
Suman: why? Why? Why did you do this to me Shravan? And she cries a lot.
I hate you Shravan! I hate you!! She wipes her tears,
No more tears for the person who has insulted me, who didn’t trust me!! I hate you! I just hate you Shravan Malhotra!!!
She leaves the college because of what Shravan did! She decides to leave Mumbai and go Delhi with her parents. And after two days as they were going, they met with an accident. And her hatred for Shravan increased even more. They come out of their flashbacks.
Shravan has tears in his eyes.
Shravan: Sumo… even suman has tears in her eyes and she turns away. Shravan goes to her.
Shravan: I am sorry Suman. I misunderstood you.
Suman does not say a word, she just cried recalling all the bitter moments. His dad’s death, accident, her mom’s state.
Shravan: look at me Sumo.. please! I am really very sorry. I didn’t trust you, that was the biggest mistake of my life. Trust me I am very sorry.
Suman does not say anything she turns to go but Shravan holds her hand. She frees her hand from his grip and runs away. Shravan was crying seeing her not answering him. He runs behind her and he remembers,

Aisha came back from her village after a month, and she came to know about Shraman’s breakup. She was shocked. She talks to Aditya.
Aisha: Aditya.. what was all this? Nobody even cared to inform me?
Aditya: its all because of me! Shravan misunderstood her.
Aisha: but what about that card which Sumo made for Shravan?
Aditya: even I don’t know where that card went?
Shravan listens to them,
Shravan: because there was no such card! Its all over!
Aisha: but listen Shravan,..
Shravan doesn’t listen and goes from there.
After the college, Aisha goes back home and as she was keeping all her clothes in the cupboard she sees the card made by Suman for Shravan. She smiles and says
Thank god I found this, now I will give this card to her. He will believe Suman then. Thank you so much God!
Next day she goes to college and shows the card to Shravan. Shravan at first was not interested but when he saw the card he was surprised, shocked and what not! The card was a flashback of all their memories. All the selfies they had taken together with HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE written in bold letters.
If I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you. I love you because you make me feel like I mean something to someone. I don’t want anything from life except you are next to me! I love you to the moon and back! I love you so much Shravan! Please don’t leave me ever. I cant imagine my life without you. I love you!! I love you so much! Happy Birthday! From your and only your Sumo!
Shravan had tears in his eyes. He misunderstood Suman so much. He was feeling so guilty. He kissed the card and cried. Aisha consoled him.
Shravan: I did so much wrong to her. I am so sorry Sumo! I am so sorry.
He takes the card and runs from there to her house but finds it locked. He searches for her everywhere but couldn’t find her. He waited for her for five years and now finally he found her.

Present scene,
Shravan runs behind her and they reach outside the office.
Shravan: please listen to me Suman. He holds her hand, he was facing her back
Shravan: If I did anything right in my life, it was when I gave my heart to you. I love you because you make me feel like I mean something to someone. I don’t want anything from life except you are next to me! I love you to the moon and back! I love you so much Sumo! Please don’t leave me ever. I cant imagine my life without you. I love you!! I love you so much!
Suman had tears in her eyes remembering how lovingly she made that card for him. She turns back, for a second she forgets everything but when she sees his face she remembers how he insulted her, the accident! And she frees her hand.
Suman: and I hate you so much Mr. Shravan Malhotra!
Shravan was stunned by her words: Sumo…
Suman turned and cried a lot remembering everything.
Shravan holds her hand and pulls her towards her, she falls on his chest. He hugs her tightly, Suman tries to get rid of his grip but Shravan was not ready to leave her. Somewhere in Suman’s corner of heart she felt good. She felt peace. But the sight of the accident and everything disturbed her, with full force she got rid of him. She slapped him hard.
Suman: how dare you? Its so easy to say sorry na! I hate you! I hate you and will always hate you.
Shavan: please don’t say like this! It hurts.
Suman: it hurts you! And what about me? It didn’t hurt me? Are you trying to say that? I have had a lot just because of you! Just get lost from here.
Shravan: I know I have hurt you a lot! And I am repenting for that. It was not at all easy to stay without you these five years. I am sorry. Please forgive me.
Suman: I cant forgive you she says crying loudly. I hate you… and she kneels down crying.
Shravan could not bear her crying so much. He sits down with her.
Why?? I know you still love me.
Suman: you don’t know what all happened because of you. She tells him about the accident.
Shravan was shocked. He was feeling more guilty.
Suman: because of you my dad is not with me, because of you my mom is in such state, because of you I could not complete my studies. Because of you I have to work as a slave in my own house. All because of you. Saying so she beats shravan on his chest. Shravan couldn’t believe what all had happened and all because of him. She had to bear so much just because of him. Suman keeps on beating him and finally hugs him as she needed someone to console her. She had poured her heart out. She couldn’t resist, her body turned weak and therefore she hugged him crying. Shravan reciprocated back and tightly this time. Both Shraman were crying, one crying because of guilt the other because she had lost her life.
Shravan: I am sorry Sumo! It was all my fault! I am really sorry! Please forgive me.
Suman was not in a condition to retaliate or even reply him. She felt weak. It was the first time in these five years that she spoke her heart out. All her pains, everything that she was bearing from these five years. She could not say anything.

Shravan: Sumo… she didn’t reply that’s when Shravan realised that she had fainted.
Shravan: Sumo.. get up.. he takes her to his hotel and sprinkles water on her face. She slowly opens her eyes and sees Shravan in front of him.
Suman: (in a low voice) Shravan.. go away.. leave me alone. I …I
Shravan keeps his finger on her mouth and nods in no.. suman tries to get up, Shravan helps her.
Suman: why did you do this? What was my fault in all this? was loving you my fault? Was it the biggest mistake of my life?
Shravan: no Sumo.. not trusting you was the biggest mistake of my life. You are not at all at fault. Forgive me once. I will always trust you. Please come back Sumo, come back in my life.
Suman cries a lot. Shravan wipes her tears and says: now you will not waste a single tear, they are all mine. Suman melts down and hugs him tightly and says,
I love you Shravan! Please don’t leave me again. I love you a lot. They break their hug, Shravan goes close to Suman and kisses his forehead, he slowly moves down kissing her cheeks and finally he goes to kiss her soft lips. He pushed his rough lips against hers and they had a passionate kiss. All their sorrows flow down through their tears and two bodies once again become one soul. They depart due to the lack of oxygen. Suman feels shy and so she hugs Shravan hiding her cheeks which had turned red or pink! And they both unite forever!
The story comes to an end.

I hope you all liked this story. And again sorry for the late update. I want all the readers of this story to comment! Whether good or bad! Even the silent readers along with the regular ones! Please at least once! Thank you  love you all <3

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  1. WeirdSister

    Omg maria…
    Frankly speaking Shravan didn’t deserve her…but love does strange things…!
    It was beautifully written…
    Loved it..
    Yaah m a bit a angry bcoz of late update..but I guess u were busy..
    Love u loads..
    Come back sson wid another story..
    Take care..!

    1. Angel20

      Well yes he didn’t deserve her! But after all love can do anything right?! Awww I am so sorry for that! Actually I had tooth extraction which was paining a lot! Even today I took holiday as it was paining?
      Thank you so much!?? I’ll be back soon☺☺
      Love yaa…❤
      You too take care☺

  2. This was so cute and emotional. I loved it more than the words could explain. It was so amazing, wonderfully written and brilliantly explained.
    Much love. Take care ??

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Zainab☺☺
      Love yaa..??
      Take care☺

  3. Hey Maria di!
    Honestly, I agree with Niyati di and think that Shravan didn’t deserve her..
    However, the episode was FABULOUS!!!
    The emotions were so beautifully explained????
    I’m so sad this has come to an end, but I hope you’ll be back with another one soon!
    Till then, we have KRPKAB to keep in touch, don’t we?☺️☺️????
    Loads of love!?????

    1. Angel20

      Hey Anshi☺☺
      Well yaa he didn’t deserve her but what to do? They loved each other and so they had to unite.. I hope you liked my story?
      Thank you so much?? and yes I’ll be back soon!
      Yes we have KRPKAB… ?✌✌
      Thank you so much again!
      Love you❤❤

      1. Guess love can surely change things a hell lot!?????
        And of course di, I not liked it, but LOVED your story!?

    2. Angel20

      Yeah love can do many things, that’s my belief☺ awwww you loved it?? thank you so much??

  4. hey di, my b u know me if nt then hello this is Neeti, a faltu ff writer… i am very sad u ended this so soon, I really luv it. their hug prt ws awesome nd the kiss..ummm…. hahahaha sry I didnt cmnt as I ws busy bt last prt k liye cmnt kar diya. pls come back with another ff soon. tc, bye- Neeti

    1. Angel20

      Hey Neeti..
      Yaa i know you, I guess I have also read your ff but don’t remember the name. But I don’t think so it was faltu??
      Thank you so much☺☺ il be back soon!
      Take care…
      Loads of love..??

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey Maria dear !!!!!
    Yar this was ammmmaaazzzzzzzziiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggggg .. awwwwesome awwwwdorable fantabulous fantastic mind blowing .. nd what to say more .. I hv no words .. short of words .. u made these shots soooo special nd spectaculous ???
    U hv done a grrrrrrrrreat job dear ????????
    Keep it up girl ???
    Take care ..

    1. Angel20

      Hey Fatima??
      Thank you so much????????✌✌ I’m so happy that you liked it so much!☺☺☺again thank you yaar!????
      Love you so so much❤❤
      Take care..

  6. Ariana

    okkkaayyy not being biased but Shravu didn’t deserve her. She went through so much crap coz of him…nd he just waited for her… But then ShraMan nd Destiny… I’m happy Sumo will finally find some happiness in her life now. Wonderful shot Maria di. Love ur work. U r soooooo talented. Bravo! Pls make more…
    love u
    take care

    1. Angel20

      Hmmm… He didn’t deserve her but after all love can do anything Na!?
      Thank you so so much????
      Ill try to be back soon dear!☺☺
      Love you❤❤
      Take care…

  7. Diya

    Oh lovely ending !!!! They united and the misunderstanding ended !!! Its so nice !

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Sona?☺☺??
      Love you❤❤
      Take care…

  8. RANdomfANCreationz

    Finally all MU got cleared and Loved it loved their love confession aww so cute ?

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Jo☺☺☺

  9. Beas

    It’s awesome di. Really u r an amazing writer. Keep writing like this!!?

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Beas☺☺

  10. It was so..emotional..??
    Sumo made me cry with her..??
    I agree with neeti weird sister..that shravu didn’t deserve sumo.???but..hope he will never break her trust..
    Lovely pair????
    Please b back with new one maria..????
    Will b waiting for you.

    1. Angel20

      Awww I’m so sorry for making you cry…?
      Yaa he will never break her trust now☺☺
      Thank you so much???
      I’ll try to be back soon!☺☺

  11. Wooow …ff ended so soon it should be given an extension
    But ff was fab loved it
    Mu cleared
    Last part was heart touching
    Loved it
    Plzzzzzzz write one more di


    1. Angel20

      Umm.. it was few shots only Na..?
      Thank you so much??????
      I’ll be back soon☺☺

  12. Nikita

    Maria, amazing part!
    I’m sick, and now you made me cry!
    Not fair!
    But yea, seriously, Shravan did something very wrong.. I truly feel for Suman here..
    I loved it.. It was wonderful..
    Awwh, look, now I’m crying again..
    Love you!
    Take care
    -Nikita 🙂

    1. Angel20

      Awwww I’m so sorry for that?? I made you cry… I’m so sorry but I am happy that you felt what I wrote! What more I want yaar☺☺ don’t cry yaar you are making me cry…?? Get well soon dear!!
      Love you❤
      Take care dear…

  13. fantastic one

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much aishana☺☺
      Love you❤

  14. Maha_Aijaz

    Hey Maria! Really very sorry for being late..
    Coming to this episode, my goodness rula deta meno (u made me cry??) seriously those harsh words of sharvan was too painful, I was feeling like *Allah na kare* all this was happening with me!! Because of him, she had to face so much insult, as she raised his finger on her character which is the most unbearable pain!! According to me, he wasn’t worthy of her, because he didn’t trust her when she need him the most, My simplest question *proof is necessary in showing urself true or sacred ?* Wese tw they are master in commitment that, he will never ever leave her but at that time, their fuzool mentality faded their promises and all, huh!! When I was reading it, personally I want suman to slap him harder when he was forcing her and lo!! She did it, her dialogues and harsh words were the perfect punishment for him.. however at one corner suman did good by giving him second or last chance which is necessary in all relationships else stubbornness can ruin the life but loving that person again with the same spirit is not possible as it’s a famous dialogue of Humsafar, *muhabbat mar tw nahe gae hai but kho zarur gae hai ab mai woh muhabbat kahan sey laun* I love this line a lot as Ashar also did same with her.. Idk if boys are reading it or not but I just hope that before taking an immediate decision don’t forget to investigate may be sometimes girl can be wrong but think thousand times, remember ur promises, commitments, her love, her honest and all good things..
    Chalo I’ve become quite typical right now but after reading this amazing update I couldn’t control myself!! Bohat acha tha yeh Maria as somehow u gave a lesson through it.. superb my dear!!
    Thanks for letting me know about this story keep rocking with the same passion?
    Love u loads❤

    1. Angel20

      I’m so sorry for the late reply??
      I so very agree to your point! Many boys commit but at the time of trusting their love they fail! There are some boys which are committed but a very few. Yeah even I think Shravan doesn’t deserve her because he had done too much with her. He should not have done that. And about the slap yeah it was perfect for the situation. Everyone should get a chance and so does Shravan. And that’s why Suman gave him a chance. And thier love won against all odds. I loved that hamsafar line. Its so nice. Didn’t expect that I’ll give a lesson at any point of my life?
      Thank you so much for reading it☺
      Love you❤

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