Shraman TS || My Promise || Part 3 – Teaser

“Does she even know how to drive?”

“Who gave her the driving license?”

“Is she in any mood to stop?”

“Can she just bring the speed down?”

“Why can’t something happen to that khatara’ to bring down the speed?”

“Have she lost all the brain she had?”

“What is she upto now?”

He had just put a questionnaire to himself.

While he was busy in solving this questionnaire his wife again took a turn and he followed her.

From 3 hours, he was driving like a maniac, following his wife who was in no mood to stop or slow down the speed. Keeping up with her was getting difficult for him since the road was too new to him and he was unaware of the turns. But his wife and her car seems to know all of them. It was too dark but her car moving at the speed of thunderbolt. Her car was going straight earlier but now it was making zig-zag pattern on the road which scared him to the core.

“What if something happens to her??? Is she fine????” was the biggest question mark for him .

He soon found that they were nearing Delhi by a random milestone on the road which again his professionally skilled driver wife was to hit upon.

They were going to cover the journey of 8 hours in just 4 hours! But they still had a long journey to cover which would bring their life to a turn from where none of them can go back. No one know it’s good or bad. It all depends upon time. Yes, time which can destroy or make someone life in the spur of a second.


PS : I have the annual function in my school on 30th and we are already having full day practice moreover even my exams are arriving so couldn’t tell a date when I will be updating. I hope you understand.

PSS : Comments will be highly appreciated and people who comment on this teaser will get a PM when I will update the next part.

PSSS : I have replied to all the comments on previous parts. Sorry for the delay

PSSSS : The links of previous parts is as follows : Part-1 , Part-2

PSSSSS: I have already done too many PSes. No more 😉

Bye for Now,


  1. Diya


    |Registered Member

    U r writing after so many days !! I was eagerly waiting for ur post !! So, awesomeeeeeee as always !! U r fab Abhilasha !!! I’m in love with ur writing ! Please post asap !

  2. Beas


    |Registered Member

    It’s just mind-blowing. Best of luck 🍀 😊 🌠 for your exams. Was missing you very much 😞. Post soon 😊

  3. _pari_alisha


    |Registered Member

    Hey abhilasha!
    First of all sorry for not commenting on previous episodes!!!!

    But they were truely amazing u write really well

    love ur writing style…..

    Though i,m in eager to read further but its ok take ur time and post when u r free!!!!

    Stay blessed take care…

    Ps:welcome to TU family sweetie!

  4. Nikita


    |Registered Member

    So deadly waiting for the part noww
    I’m eagerllyy waittingg forr it!
    Please post soon, whenevr you are comfortable of course!
    Love youu

  5. Ruchi


    |Registered Member

    Hey Abhi
    ahhhh… Finally u posted…
    m so curious to know what will happen next …
    ur note after the teaser has made me more curious…
    try to post soon…
    take care
    Lots of Luv

  6. Reema

    hey Abhilasha
    it was very intreating..
    just awesome teaser yaar.
    but please post soon..
    I just can’t wait..
    lots of love.

  7. Alina


    |Registered Member’s promo was soo good..i can’t wait for next’s damn amazing..u writes soo well dear..Good luck for your exams.. Give your best n come back soon..

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