“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-7


Hey guys..thank you for the wonderful comments…so here’s e-7

Precap: lovely falls in love with shravan.. Shravan-preeti’s jealousy track..

Preeti: kab? Haan?? Kab?
Shravan: karega yaar..
Preeti: nahi karega.. Woh kabhi confess nahi karega…yesterday, dekha nahi kaise baitha tha lovely ke saath..
Shravan: jo karna hai kar…


Shravan: sumo…tera koi boyfriend hai..
Sumo: nahi.. Tera?
Shravan: boyfriend??
Sumo: aree nahi girlfriend..
Shravan: nahi nahi..mera toh boyfriend hai..
Sumo: shravann!!

She chases her.. Shravan trips and gets hurt… She gets concerned..

she holds him by the shoulders and helps him sit..
Shravan had twisted his ankle..
Shravan: sumo chill..
Sumo: tumhe apni fikar nahi hogi… Par mujhe hai!!
Shravan: kyu?
Sumo looks on.. They share and eyelock..
Sumo: wo.. Topic mat change karo.. Ruko.. I’ll get ice
Shravan: (whispers) ye pyaar hai..

He gets happy and tries to stand but trips and falls on the ground..
Sumo: pagal!

Preeti: pushkar.. Bata naa..
Pushkar: nahi..
Preeti: bata na.. Lovely ko tune propose kiya tha ya usne…
Pushkar: kyu??
Preeti: mei bhi janna chahti hu ki kaun propose karega..
(In mind- agar tune kiya hoga toh I will not propose tu hi karega.. But if lovely had proposed.. I would propose to you today)
Pushkar: meine kiya tha bas.. Waise kaun propose karega?
Preeti (blushes) tum..
Pushkar: kya?
Preeti runs away..

Sumo: fine..
Pushkar: ok bye…!!

Pushkar: preeti.. Aaj mei confess karunga.. Mana mat karna

Shravan: sumo.. Ab to mei confess kar dunga…

Lovely: shravan.. Ab to mei confess kar hi dungi…

Shravan wears a nice suit..

Pushkar’s texts to preeti: taiyaar ho jao I’m coming @9…

Preeti gets ready..

Shravan goes to pick sumo.. He collides with preeti there..


Sumo: fattu kahin ka!
Pushkar: mei kaise bolu usko??

Sumo sits on one knee and says ” I love you”

Shravan-preeti just reach there and see sumo holding the flower and sitting on one knee..

Pushkar: I love you too!

Preevan are heartbroken.. They leave from there

Pushkar: I. Love you tooo.!! Perfect.. Aise hi propose karunga..

Pushkar reaches the place but finds no one there.. Shravan on the other hand is upset and sleeps crying….

Sumo: shravan… Shit! I love him.. Mei shravan se pyaar karti hu!
She smiles

Precap: lovely comes and proposes shravan.. Shravan looks at sumo who just came out and is in shock.. Shravan recalls how she proposed pushkar and says yes to lovely…

How was the twist guys?? Did you enjoy it??
And how do you think sumo would react?
Please comment..

Credit to: Nikita


  1. maria

    Nahi!!!!!!!! 😀 nikitaaaaa ye kya hai 😀 o my god….. Itna bada twist …… hmm well comin to d ep!!! It ws fantastic really!! hats of to u !! plzz post nxt ASAP!!!!

  2. perry

    awwww :* what an ep … nd pushman’s proposal was epic :-p … awwwwesome 🙂 … nd coming to ur question …i think sumo will b broken nd hide her feelings … 😉

    • shraman

      Pushman’s proposal?? Sumo was jst suggesting him how to propose to preeti.. And thank you!

  3. MissAaira

    Ommmggg !!!!! Itna bada twist….a bit scared but yet hats off to u..one suggestion dont mind pls dont drag much
    Plsss update fasttt

  4. Naina

    Superb yarr…..i didn’t expect this twist but its too good…….. I like it…….waiting to see sumo’s reaction

  5. sona

    Superb yaar…fully enjoyed..
    Enjoyed a lot..badhiya twist daala tuney????☺?
    Well..mujey lagta hai…sumo ka dil toot jayega..par may b vo shravan ko situation samjaney ki koshishbkarey..?!
    I think so..no idea at all..ki tum aaget kaunse twists daalney wali ho..
    Really waiting for it..?☺???ASAP..

  6. Sumo


    |Registered Member

    it was awesome Niki… I feel lovely would be so happy after reading dis.. how cute r u… d ep was fab as always…???

  7. Shalini Naicker

    So sad for all of them. Please Nikita make it a bit long and please update soon.Keep writing.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.