“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-6


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Till now: shravan in love with sumo. Preeti takes shravan’s help for pushkar case..

Shravan: sunn.. You should ignore him..
Preeti: par kyuu??
Shravan: dekh, you will ignore him, usse realise hoga and he would confess!!
Preeti: (annoyed)fine…

At night..

Sumo: yaar..aisa mat kar..!! Meine sab kuch book kar liyaa haii…
Preeti: sorry sumo parr..

Shravan: kya huaa??
Sumo: are we booked a hotel, and now she’s cancelling the plan..
Shravan: mei chalu?
Sumo: um… Okay..!

Preeti (texts shravan)
“Mat jaa.. Me n pushkar n lovely.. Noo!!mat jaa naa”

Shravan: sorry sumo.. Kal mera test hai.. Abhi yaad aaya…
Sumo: ab…
She looks around..
Sumo: pushkar tu chalega

Shravan-preeti: PUSHKARRR??

Sumo; haan to?
Pushkar: chalo..

Sumo gets ready.. She is looking beautiful..a nice black gown.. Open hairs.. Boots.. Long plain white marble earrings.. She’s looking stunning..

Shravan (in mind) itna taiyaar hone ki kya zarwat thi?? Dinner hai.. Shaadi nahi hai sumo..pushkar ke saath.. Ye preeti.. Why am I helping preeti?? Accha khasa dinner ka mauka tha… Aghhh!

Pushkar comes out wearing a stunning black n white coat and black pants..

Preeti ( in mind ) tujhe itna handsome lagne ki kya zarwat thi? Woh bhi sumo ke saath?? Dono ne black pehna hai.. Woh kehte hai naa.. RAB NE BANA DI JODI.. Mere saath kab dinner pe jaaoge?? Chill preeti.. Trust pushkar.. He’s yours.. All your’s

Sumo and pushkar are about to leave when lovely comes in.. They leave..

Lovely, shravan and preeti are there

*awkward silence*

As they three have never actually had a conversation.. Preevan have.. But still..

Shravan starts playing video game… Preeti goes to sleep.. Lovely stares at shravan..

She falls for him.. His charming looks, his height, his intense eyes.. Everything..

(Lovely di… Haha.. You are in love with shravan)


Pushkar is sleeping.. Preeti goes to wake her up.. Pushkar pulls her closer.. Preeti shys and runs away.. Pushkar sits on one knee

“Preeti.. I love you.. Will you be my partner?”

Preeti is in tears..

She starts shouting YES! YES!

She starts shaking… She comes to her senses… Sumo is waking her..

Sumo: kya hua??
Preeti: (realising that it was a dream) kyu?
Sumo: tu pata nahi kya Yes! Yes! Chilla rahi hai!!
Preeti: (blushes)
Sumo: total crack hai tu!

Shravan wakes up and his first words were

Sumo: hmmm?
Shravan: tum kab aai? Or ye chadar? Sumo.. Batana toh chahiye tha.. Kitna tension mei tha mei.. Sumo

Sumo keeps a finger on his lips

Sumo: chup karega!
woh raat mei late ho gayi thi.. Tu video games ke paas soya hua tha.. Maine woh utha ke rakhe aur tujhe chadar odha di.. Ab shaant rahe..

She removes her finger..

Sumo: by the way?? Why do you care?
Shravan: (scratching his head and giving a innocent smile) woh….
Sumo: woh..
Shravan: FRIENDS! We are friends right???
Sumo: yep..

In canteen..

Pushkar is playing lovely fingers.. Their hands are clutched with each other..

Preeti is restless but does not utter a word..

Preeti: irada kab hai?
Pushkar: what??
Preeti: shaadi ka??
Pushkar was drinking water..he spills it out!

Pushkar: k..kkk….kiskkkii?
Preeti: teri aur lovely ki!! You know like Pushvey.. Awww
Pushkar: arre.. Wo..wooo..woo…
Lovely: shravann!!

she stares at shravan as he enters.. A smile automatically comes on her face..

Shravan sits beside preeti… Just then sumo enters..

She looks around.. She finds preeti,lovely,shravan,pushkar sitting.. As only 4 can sit under one table, she sits on the other table.

A guy comes and sits with her and sumo smiles… Shravan gets irked…

The episode ends

Precap: pushkar fed up now goes to sumo and says, ” she does not understand, now I will confess” sumo, “fine”

Please comment.. And yes.. Be prepared for a nice twist is shraman n preekar’s pair..

Plss comment.. And I would try to reply the most as I can.. Keep reading 😉 sorry if this episode was long and you got bored reading..

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  1. Khushi

    Awesome dear….u r just amazing… Niki tune toh kamaal kar diya…..and kya twist hoga yr….kahin toh pairs swap toh nhi Karne wali….just a wild guess …..post next part soon dear… Love u

    1. Thank you… so much.. and keep guessing..:)

  2. Ooy bored kyun honge nikita it was a fav ep!!! 😀 i wish ke aurr long hota…….. Kyun u write soooo well yr fantastic!!! Really n really excited fr next prt plzzzz post soon!!!
    N best of luck fr ur exams!!!
    Loads of luv!!

    1. thanks.. love you too!

  3. Sumo

    got bored reading… kidding me?? it was amazing.. i loved it Niki… lots of best wishes for ur examz… go kill it n come back soon.. ,????

    1. aww.. thank you so much ..!

  4. Nice one.. u juz loved it…

    1. thanks aaira..

  5. LovelyLady

    are sachi me yaarr bore kyu honge????
    nl i loved,falling for shravan….. ready fr the twist…
    all the very bst fr your exams….. love u truck bhr k…. 😉

    1. Thankss

  6. Bhoomi

    Its Superb….
    All the very best for your exams..
    lots of luv ?

    1. Thankyou

  7. Nikki…tumhara….ff ney..Sunday ko boring honey se bacha liya hai yaar..not only u..for all our ff writers..tank you so much. For writing..like this ff..☺???

    1. Made my day.. Thank you so much..

  8. Angel_pari

    it was amazing why we will get bor yar
    i,m excitd for twist and yeah all the best for exams………

  9. Shalini Naicker

    Loved it. Keep writing.

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