“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-5


Hey..firstly I would like to thank angel di for writing such wonderful things about me on my ff.. Thank you so much..love you loads.. And you are a great writer too..

Shravan is in thoughts.. He is just remembering his moments with sumo.. Their eyelocks, their nok-jhoks… Just then sumo comes out… Shravan just looks at her..
“Am I in love with her?? What?? I love sumo! Oh my god.. Par mei nahi janta if she loves me or not.. Oh no..!! I guess I should stay quiet for now..mei hamari dosti nahi todna chahta.. I will not say anything until I’m sure she loves me too”

(Guys, I’m not gonna show for now that sumo loves shravan.. It will be shown afterwards.. One heartbreak and after that I will unite shraman.. And after shraman preekar would unite.. But yea, shravan would be a supportive friend though..)

Sumo looks at him looking at her..

Sumo: shravan? (Softly)
No response
Sumo: (shouts) shravannn!
Shravan: hmmm??
Sumo: kya huaa??
Shravan: nothing.. Chalo..
Sumo: okay..

They leave for their class..

Pushkar: preeti, tumhe mei aur lovely kaise lagte hai?
Preeti: perfect couple, (she says jumpingly)
Pushkar: haaainn??
Preeti: (thinks)hmm.. Preeti-pushkar are a prefect couple
She smiles at her thought
Pushkar: (thinks) ye to mere aur lovely ke naam se kitna muskura rahi hai.. Lagta hai jaise ki ye hamari shaadi karwake hi chodegi)

All 4 go for their classes..

After the class shravan notices preeti disturbed..(Oh yea, forgot to tell.. Decided that preeti will take shravan’s help in pushkar’s matter.. That means she would feel jealous but would not tell or show.. Only shravan would know)

Shravan: preeti…
He keeps her hand on her shoulder..
Preeti: (without noticing who is it) pushkar, tum us lovely ko chodd do..
She turns back and finds shravan there
Preeti: shravan… Woo…
Shravan: preeti..!!
Preeti: woh woh.. I like pushkar..
Shravan: whaattt??
Preeti: yes.. Par wo toh uss lovely se pyaar karta hai..!!
Shravan: mujhe nahi lagta..
Preeti: ab?
Shravan: dekh, ab tu pushkar ko total ignore marna.. So that he gives up and confess

Sumo: ab tu preeti ko ignore karna.. Woh confess karegi when she will realise that your absence makes her feel sad and lonely..

Pushkar/preeti: I have to ignore him/her


Shravan: sumo.. Physics ke notes dede..
Sumo: mere pushkar ke paas haii.. Mei leke aa rahi..
Shravan (whispers) pushkarr?? Nahi nahi
Sumo: tu ruk.. Mei la raha..
Sumo: okay..

Next day morning

Sumo goes up to get food.. Shravan notices guys there.

Shravan: sumo.. Tu rukk.. Mei laa raha..
Sumo: isse kya ho gaya??

Shravan(in mind)”mei nahi chahta ki tum kisi bhi ladke se baat karo.. Except……”
He smiles

Precap: preekar ignore each other… Tashn to go on fully.. Lovely to fall in love with shravan…

Confusion to be cleared:

Pushkar loves preeti. Preeti loves pushkar. Pushkar takes help of sumo and lovely to make preeti jealous and make her confess. Preeti takes shravan’s help to get pushkar to confess.. Both ignore so that each other confess


Shravan loves sumo.. Sumo’s feelings will be revealed.. But so far she treats him as a nice friend.. Lovely to fall in love with shravan..

Shravan’s heart to break.. Misunderstanding..shravan would go closer to lovely.. Sumo to confess to shravan..
*will happen after 2-3 episodes*

Please comment.. And thank you for supporting me even if I’m 13..!! Loads of love to you all..

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  1. LovelyLady

    woooww… so nicely wrttn…. last shows d wrtng skill of u…. i m super excited to fal fr shravan πŸ˜‰
    its ok i kn this wll be fr few epi…bt i m gng to enjoy that…. n ha u shd never think that we read n love u even if u r 13 … take it as a cmplmnt … evn though u r in sweet 13 u r doing fab job….

    1. Sumo

      well lovely rnt u excited to fall for Shravan?? n den he will get close to u… but don’t get so happy finally he is mine… ie. sumo’s πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  2. Lovely epi…..

  3. Brilliant nikita !! πŸ™‚ i am in love with ur ff !! Tooooo gud yr !! Preekar confession n Sumo confession also!! Awww i cant wait plzzz post next 1 soon!!

  4. Angel_pari

    love u tooo my sweetoo πŸ™‚

    cmng to epi it was awsomeee ohhhh so lovely will fall for sharvan πŸ˜‰ excited
    and spoilers are really intresting waiting for that

  5. Wowww…Nikki…☺??thanks for considering my suggestion..its really..interesting…u wrote it much better..even I thought..to tell u that..preeti should take shravan help..in this..u showed it too..??☺????
    One more request..pls..write a small recap..as there are many..ffs..and even our shraman names common..evrythng..☺??
    And really..I really..enjoyed today’s..ff..
    Keep it on..ok

  6. Lado_mishi

    Really!!! Shraman u r just 13????
    Yr itni maturity kahan se laati ho….yeh ff padh ke koi nhi keh sakta that it is written by a 13 year old girl….just fabulous…. Keep it up dear…..I loved it to the core

  7. Sumo

    really u compose the story really well .. m so happy to see u.. such a talented bcchaa πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. Bhoomi

    oh no… pushkar and preeti both will ignore each other ???…. Superb one …..
    Thanks for the spoilers… bichara shravan….

  9. Khushi

    Woq Niki….u r superb…..haha lovely di are u excited to fall for Shravan…..??
    But Niki seriously u r such an amazing writer dear….keep it up and yes post the next part soon…love u

  10. Shalini Naicker

    It was Awesome. loved it. Keep writing.

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