“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-4

Shraman-Preekar a LOVE story.. E-4

Hey guys.. I don’t have anything to type so just read the episode

Recap: sumo’s plan with pushkar to make preeti realise her love for pushkar

Recap: pushkar falls for preeti. Sumo gets to know it

pushkar is standing outside airport

Pushkar: ye kahan phasa diya! Now how would I know who’s this Lovely?… Idea..!!

He goes to his car and writes Lovely on a paper and he stand outside…

A girl enters.. Ribbed jeans, a nice slit cut crop top and a jacket on top.. A messy bun..

Yes..!! Its none other that Lovely..!!

Pushkar meets her..

Pushkar: Hey!!
Lovely: hi

Pushkar tries to tell her a plan but she refuses..

Lovely: mei jaanti hoon, mujhe preeti ke saamne tumse chipakna hai.. So she gets jealous..

Pushkar raises his right eyebrow and thinks “sahi bandi chuni hai sumo ne! Preeti.. Chalu hoja meri jaan.. You have to confess to me today or tomorrow”

They reach their college.. Since, lovely could not live with them, se rent a room near the clg.. She took permission from the clg to enter the canteen..(Saare kam aise hi nhi hote)

Shraman are attending their respective classes.. After class, they come out.. They bump into each other.. Sumo speaks irritatedly but then looks up and sees shravan.. They both laugh and pick up their things…..

As sumo picks up her papers, a guy comes in and pushes her, she is about to fall when shravan holds her.. sumo’s paper fall like rose petals.. They share a deep, intense eyelock.. Their eyelock is broken when one of sumo’s papers lands on sumo’s face.. Shravan removes the paper and they continue the eyelock..

Meanwhile, pushkar is sitting very close to lovely.. Preeti smiles at them..

Pushkar: lovy, tumhara favorite kaun hai??
Lovely: tummm…..
Pushkar: aawww..

He takes her hand and kisses it..

Preeti: kitna cute couple haii..!!
pushkar: kyaaaa??
Preeti : haan tum aur lovely!

Pushkar looks at lovely and they both look at each other shocked!

Shravan is holding sumo.. He picks her up gently and sumo collects her papers… They smile !!

Pushkar: (weirdly) h..h..hmm… Chalee??
Preeti: chalo..

All 5 go their room..

Pushkar : sumo…
Sumo: hmm…

She goes to him..

Pushkar tries to tell her what happened today.. Shravan keeps interrupting: kyaa baatein ho rahi haii??

Sumo keeps pushing him…he continues to do the same.. Sumo shouts: go away..

Shravan gets upset.. Sumo: arre sorry..fine.. Akad dikhani hai dikhao.. Jao !!

She listens to pushkar..

Precap: shravan to fall in love with sumo.. But.. Some cold wars, heartbreaks coming up..

Guys.. One question? Should preeti feel jealous looking at pushkar with lovely? Or should she be shown as if she does not have feelings for pushkar?? Keep commenting..

@lovelylady I said that I m 13 yrs old.. 8th class

Credit to: nikita


  1. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Wow wow wow Niki…..u r amazing u r in 8th only and y write so well dear…. I just loved the episode yr….
    Shravan and sumo’s romance was awesome especially when u said that pprs were flying like rose petals… I was taken to my imaginary world and was smiling stupidly and my bro came and hit me and said pagal ho gye ho…
    I just loved it dear… Keep it up??

  2. LovelyLady


    |Registered Member

    thnku fr introducing chractrr of my name wd funny taste….. ๐Ÿ˜‰ shraman romance make7 me smile whole tym…..
    i was imaging n smiling full tymmnm……
    mera ye ffs pdhte hue smile krna ek din marwaega ๐Ÿ˜‰ n u r jst 13 …. awwww….

    • shraman

      Thank you so much lovely..!! It means a lot.. And thank you for accepting me even if I’m 13

  3. maria

    it is fab nikita !! just awesome!! ๐Ÿ™‚ mai toh teri bhi fan ho gai yr!! ๐Ÿ˜€ kya likhti hoooooooo amazing!! n yeah i want preeti to feel jealous cause real drama mai preeti ke dil mai koi feelings nai hain……
    love u dear.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sona

    And..I think..yadhi..tum preeti ko jealousy wali angle mey dikavogi..tho vo routine ho jayegi..na..โ˜บ?
    So..meri..salah..ye hai..ki..preeti..ko thoda..smart banau..?usey..kaho..ki vo..jealous feel karey..par..kab jaataye..na..karey..?unkey(push..lovely..sumo..) sath rehtey hi ..unkey..against..much a is a..plot karey..ki..pushkar..khushi..qubool..karle..pehle..ki..he loves..preeti..??โ˜บ????
    Wt do u say..?
    Its just my suggestion..
    Karna vachi Jo tumey trek Lacey..OK.โ˜บ
    Really..lovely..ffs of all of you guys..??

  5. Angel_pari


    |Registered Member

    nikki it was really nyccccc
    sharman eye lock sence was so,adorable

    hahaahahaha poor puskar ๐Ÿ˜›

    it was really good
    really r u in 8th???? But seriously u write good i hv also read ur ff inseperable bond that was amazing also :)keep it up lots of love ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. shraman

    Guys, I was thinking that maybe preeti feels jealous and tells it to shravan.. So shravan helping preeti and sumo helping shravan.. What sayy??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.