“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-3

Hey guys.. Its me nikita (shraman) again..

Recap: shraman nok-jhok moments.. Friends enjoy together and pushkar falls for preeti..

They are sitting together talking.. Everyone talks about career plans..

Shravan: I’ll be a famous lawyer..
Sumo: of course..!! Tu hai hi that questiony when it comes to something..
Shravan throws a pillow at her.. She holds it and keeps it on her lap..
Sumo: I’ll run a catering service named after mummy..
She has tears in her eyes as she remembers her mom..(Who died as in show)
Preeti wipes sumo’s tears..

Preeti: chill.. But I know.. I’ll be a famous fashion designer..!!
Pushkar: I’ll be working at xyz car company..

They 4 discuss and enjoy.. Preeti starts talking..pushkar adores her.. Sumo notices it..
Sumo (in mind) woah! Pushkar-preeti..! Not bad.. Pushkar ruk.. Tu toh gaya..

Next day all wake up and are surprised to see the way they were sleeping.. Coke and popcorn was kept nearby.. Shravan was sleeping on the floor with the pillow on the ground.. Preeti was just sleeping on a chair.. Pushkar was sitting and his head was rested with the bed end.. Sumo was sleeping on the ground just like that.. Her hands and were on shravan’s head, as if she was tapping him to sleep.. They look at each other n laugh…

Everyone freshens up .. Shravan goes out for a walk as their class was 20 mins. later and preeti goes to the library..

Sumo: kya chal raha hai?
Pushkar: kuch nahi..kyu?
Sumo: oh hello! Mei sab jaanti hoon..
Pushkar: ky..kya…kya..kya janti hai tu?
Sumo: tere aur preeti ke beech kya chal raha hai?
Pushkar: mei tujhe bataunga..pls kisi aur ko mat batana
Sumo nods
Pushkar: actually..actually..I love her…
Sumo: what! Tune bataya usko?
Pushkar: are .. Nahi yaar..
Sumo: kyu?
Pushkar: she never notices me..!
Sumo:I have a plan…

Sumo whispers something in pushkar’s ears..

Pushkar: great plan!

Precap: SUPRISE..!!

Thanks for the comments.. And @lovelylady.. A new girl named lovely to enter these ppl’s lives..
And sorry if this was small.. I’m tired typing

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  1. Inu

    nice update.interesting script.good going.

    1. thanks

  2. very nice 🙂 i love it!!! 🙂

  3. nyc i love that tapping part of sharman 🙂

  4. Bhoomi

    Wow… Superb Nikita…. its going to be more intresting.. luv u ?

  5. Lovely epi

  6. Sumo

    finally u back… was missing u .. thanks… it was amazing… just tell me one thing! at wat tym did u submit dis article?

    1. I submitted this days ago.. I posted it thrice but they never posted it back

  7. I was waiting for it from a long time. It was very good. Keep writing.

  8. LovelyLady

    aaawwww sooo cute … n thnx a looottttf u still remembr that 😮
    really love u dear…..

  9. Nice ff…pls..keep it continue

  10. Nyc ….gd script …i love it…keep writing

  11. Madhuri

    Nice one love it

  12. such a sweet ff. nice story

  13. Khushi

    Awesome….. Itna wait kiya but it was all worth… Loved it especially voh sumo ka hand Shravan ke head pe and that sumo and pushkar convo….loved it yr…..post the next part soon and keep it up??

  14. Nice…

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