“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-27



Hey guys.. Sorry for the late update, but now I’m gonna post once a week or once in 4 days.. Actually its not that I’m busy or I’m sick.. Its just that these episodes, I don’t wanna screw them up.. So here you go..and yea, thiss is short so shorry…but major episode coming up.. So be AWARE

Shravan ignoring Sumo but confessing quietly to himself..

– few hours before sangeet-

So, here as you know Pushkar is on both sides, and its Rahul and preeti and ShraMan

Pushkar: deal?
Rahul: deal
Pushkar: you’ll dance with Sumo and Shravan.. And I’ll dance with preeti?
Rahul: yes !
Pushkar: okay !!

Preeti: sach?
Pushkar: haan baba.. Mei tere saath hi nachunga..

They hug each other.. Sumo comes in and coughs…

Preeti: you’re fine?
Sumo: mujhe kya hoga?
Pushkar: you’ve to dance with him..
Sumo: KhuRuv ki shaadi spoil karne se toh better hi hai na.. Yaar, wo mere bachpan ke dost hai.. I can’t do this to them…


The first performance is of KhuRuv..

So Khushi’s looking beautiful
She’s wearing a red lehenga with with blouse and white dupatta.. The lehenga is embroidered, rest is plain.. Her hairs are tied into a messy braid…
Dhruv’s wearing black sherwani and is looking great…

“And the first performance goes to our bride and groom”

Everyone clap..

They dance on Ranjhanaa (same as PreeKar’s sangeet)

Everyone starts clapping and Sumo notices Shravan looking at her… “Why does he do that? One hand he says that he hates me, other hand he looks at me lovingly? KhuRuv.. Concentrate on their marriage Sumo”

Preeti’s wearing a black and white lehenga with black blouse and white dupatta..
Pushkar’s wearing a white sherwani and is looking handsome..

“And the next performance goes to Pushkar-Preeti..”

All clap again..

Pushkar and Preeti dance on sab tera and toota jo kabhi taara (mashup)

All clap again..

“Now we welcome our amazing trio Rahul-Suman and Shravan”

Sumo goes inside to get ready and Shravan comes in..

Everyone’s waiting for them but they don’t come..PreeKar go in the room

Sumo: Rahul yaha nahi hai..
Pushkar : ab?
Sumo: humara trio dance tha.. Kya kare??
Pushkar: wait
He tries calling Rahul but it’s switched off..

Preeti: ab toh kuch karna padega..unka sangeet kharab ho jaega yaar..
Pushkar: last option: tum dono ko naachna padega…

Sumo looks at Shravan and agrees for KhuRuv’s sake.. Shravan hesitantly agrees..
They showed that they’re doing it for KhuRuv’s sake, but inside, they were very happy.. Sumo was kinda irked cause Shravan was acting weird but she was happy too..

Dance Time !!

( Now before you read further I gotta tell you about the dress, then only you’ll understand the dance)

Sumo’s wearing a grey lehenga with black blouse and white dupatta.. Now just imagine that everything’s absolutely plain.. No work, no sequins, nothing !

Shravan’s wearing black sherwani (same in PreeKar’s wedding)

Sumo: kya naachna hai?

“Okay.. So due to Rahul being absent, its gonna be Shravan and Suman ball-dancing” said the voiceover

Sumo: ball dannce? Tumne kaha ?
Shravan: nahi yaar.. Its Preeti..
Sumo glares at Preeti while she smiles secretly..

Pushkar: ab inki love intensity dekhne milegi..
Preeti: hmm..
They both giggle among themselves..

They both go on stage and Gerua starts playing (could not think of any other song)

Shravan asks for Sumo’s hand and she gives it.. He holds her hand tight and pull her towards her twirling.. While she twirls, her lehenga spreads around beautifully.. He takes her other hand and gracefully puts in on his shoulder.. They both avoid eye-contact.. They dance (somewhat like in the show) … Shravan twirls her and her back collides with his chest..

Sumo: kyyu kar rahe ho aisa??
Shravan twirls her and makes her face him.
Shravan: tum kyu kar rahi ho aisa??

He pulls her away then pulls her close.. Her hands wrap around his neck, and his hands wrap around her waist..

Sumo: I don’t hate you..
Shravan: yea right.. I know everything..
Sumo: no you don’t !!

Her hand comes to his shoulder, and one comes to his hand.. He holds her hand and hi other hand goes on her shoulder.. They share an eye-lock.. (Finally !!!)

They dance a little while Shravan notices tears in her eyes.. He couldn’t take it anymore…

“Rang de tumoe gerua” Plays as he wipes her tears and they bow down…

-No Precap-

For now !! Episodes to come up now.. 2 or 3 more to go guys !! Till episode 28 or 29.. Or maybe 30.. Aur ab precap’s nahi milenge.. Get that inside your head.. And haan, ek mei puri KhuRuv marriage hogi with some ShraMan scenes, so pehle hi keh rahi hoon, next episode’s gonna be boring… Sorry..!!

And goodbye !! Tell your reviews..

-Nikki di, Nikko, Nikster, Nikki , Nikku, Nik all in one NIKITA…..

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  3. I’m sad u didn’t give precap???
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    Or Han p ye kya baat hoi Precap nai mile ga….chalo phir..!! Lekin jaldi jaldi post Karna behen mar mat daal na!!
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    1. Nikita

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    Nikkoooooooo i loved it yar!!!!!

    That dance hayeeee!!
    Perfect imagination

    know when ever i,ll listen geura i,ll get this imagination

    loved it

    and plzzz reveal that R na i,m still wondering….

    Post soon
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    1. Nikita

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