“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-26


Hey guys !! Extremely sorry for the late update.. And thank you so much for the wonderful comments in the 2-Shot… Anyways, back to the episode..

Recap: Suman goes to talk to Shravan, he ignores n leaves.

How can he say that? How can he say that I hate him? I love him. I have always, and I always will. How can he just say like that? How can he?

Suman cried..

Dhruv comes to her..

Dhruv: Sumo.. Woh actually.. Bahar mehendi ki preparations..
Sumo: (wiping her tears) I’ll come.. Let me change..
Dhruv assures her everything will be fine.. He leaves

Suman changes into a beautiful dress.. A red salwar with short black top.. It suited her perfectly.. Her hairs were tied in a messy and a loose braid.. She went out..

There she saw Preeti applying mehendi..
Sumo took a cone and went to Pushkar.. She took his hand and wrote a small P on his hand..

Sumo: Preeti..
Pushkar: Thanks…

Sumo’s turn

Woman: mam, do you want to write someone’s name?

Suman’s heart said Shravan, but she said to write a small R…

Shravan grew anxious.. Who does that R stand for? Who is this guy? Wait.. Is that R for Rahul??

Pushkar looked at Sumo’s mehendi.. It was a fine art with delicate thin designs..in her fingers he noticed a S…

Pushkar: Shravan

Sumo nodded..

He smiled..

Pushkar: amazing mehendi..
Preeti said the same..
Sumo: okay.. Ab humari dulhan ki baari..
Khushi’s mehendi was the prettiest.. It started from the tip of her fingers to her elbow.. In one of her fingers was written “Dhruv” .. Dhruv blushed at this fact..

Now next ritual was sangeet…

Pushkar: ladki aur ladko wale ke beech compeition hona chahiye..

(Guys, KhuRuv’s family and this gang was there) okay..?

Preeti: but phir hum sab kiss side se honge?
Shravan: let’s split.. Half idhar, half udhar..

Sumo: okay.. Then..how to decide?

Dhruv: me n khushi will do odd-eve..
Dhruv says odd and Khushi says eve.. Then dhruv takes out 3 fingers and khushi takes out 2 fingers.. Sumo says it’s 5 so Dhruv win..

Dhruv chooses Sumo, Shravan
Khushi chooses Preeti, Rahul
Pushkar stays at both the sides…


Sorry, I know its small.. But kya karu? Accha btw,I’m not gonna continue with that phone call ff anymore.. I’m not getting a storyline with it.. So I have decided that I will write 2-shots and os after this..okay?

What does that R in Sumo’s mehendi stand for?

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  1. Rukhsar

    It was short but it was nice and even the same question comes to my mind what is that R for???? Is that for my name???? Hahahaha just kiding i really have no idea that whats that R for ??

    1. Nikita

      Keep thinking..
      Thank you o much !

  2. Rukhsar

    Bye the way nikita its me Naina i have previously commented on ur ff and now i m a registered member so i had to change my name

    1. Nikita

      Oh okay.. Hii naina di. !!

      1. Rukhsar

        Hi how r u niki,???? Btw whats ur age???? I think we all r of same age…..

    2. Nikita

      I’m great.. We r not of the same age, as I’m the smallest.. Waise I’m 13

      1. Rukhsar

        O really????? Suprising…… U r younger than me in age but elder in thinking i must say that u r really mature

      2. Neeti

        di a apne kya kehdia I’m the smallest person here

    3. Nikita

      It’s nothing like that di..

  3. Ariana

    The epi was wonderful……..I’m still thinking wht’s the R for. There is a S already so ShRavan? Naaa.. Idk… S-R Sumo wRestler? Uhhh!!! I seriously have no clue. Post the next part soon with the answer of the question. And also I want a biiiiiiiiiiigggggggggg epi. Love u

    1. Nikita

      Thank you o much..
      Well keep thinking, that’s all I would sayy
      Next one pakka lamba…
      I will post on..
      Love you to di !!

  4. Nandini aka Nandu

    Oh common Nikki no problems but u have to post soon. Cool, if u don’t wanna continue that phone call waala bit still happy bcoz u will post two shots and is????lots of love. Keep writing and am completely clueless abt the R thingy……. So…. Bye..

    1. Nikita

      Sure nandu.. i would post soon…
      Thank you so much for supporting my decision..

  5. Sharmansangel

    Kya baat hai yaar mera dimaag pilhaal ke liye hai chal rahi so can’t tell wo r kiske liye hai

    1. Nikita

      Koi nai.. Baad me soch na..
      Thank you

      1. Sharmansangel

        U r13 even I am 13

    2. Nikita

      That’s great.. hi-5

  6. Ruchi

    Hey Nikki..
    Hwz u?
    Awsum epi yr..
    it will be fun to see jealous Shravan..
    Short epi…
    try to post next epi soon..
    Lots of luv
    Ruchi… 🙂

    1. Nikita

      Hey ruchi di !!
      I’m good..
      Thank you so much..
      I know it was short.. Next one will be long..pakka
      I would post soon..
      Love you too di.. <333

  7. R?????? Ammmmmmmmmmmm
    no idea yar if smthng came in my mind i,ll tell u plzzz post soon…..

    And epi was cute 🙂

    1. Nikita

      keep thinking di !!
      Thank you so much

  8. Marie

    Oooyyyy hoyyyyy my nikko kamal dhamaal n bemisaal ep….!!!!!!
    U r a brilliant writer my dear….!!!!
    Loved it to d core….!!
    Aah I don’t knw what R stands fr maybe one of her parents name….hahah wild guess….
    Khair plzzzzzzzz ASAP
    Ek toh itna chotoooooo sa ep uper se suspense Bhi nai bheeee I want nxt to be post jaldi jaldi
    Okkkkkkkkk cause I just cannnnnntttttt wait…..!!!!!
    Love u soooooo much my nikko…!!!
    Take Care….!!!

    1. Nikita

      Oyy di..! thank you so much…
      thank you!!
      Well.. answer toh mai abhi nahi bataungi…
      i will for sure!
      fine,next wala lamba.. ^_^
      Love you too meri pyari badi behen..

  9. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Wowwww Nikita !! Kya kamaal ka ep tha yar .. just ,,, just perrrrfect? .. bt short .. bt no worries next wala should be longer han .. nd ummmmmm hv no idea abt that R ..
    Post sooooooon .. plzzzz plzzzz plzzzz very sooooooon ..

    1. Nikita

      thank you so much !!!
      next time pakka lamba..
      keep thinking

  10. R…
    Sori yaar…still thinking…
    May I will get the answer..after u open up??nice episode?

    1. Nikita

      keep thinking..
      thank you !!

  11. Nikku…ye kya hai…uh r not gonna continue wid that ff? Acha it’s ur prsnl choice…won’t force uh…aur Nikku jldi se agla part post kro…can’t wait to see Sangeet masti! Acha Nikku…ye R for Rahul toh nii hai na? Plsshhh aisa mat karwana….aisa karwaya na toh tu dekh liyo…
    Shravu ko smjhao ki meri Sumo ko aise paleshan na kale…bad boy…huff….aur tu kaisi hai? Achhi hai na? Hona chahiye?
    Love uh? Jldi post kalo…

    1. Nikita

      sure i would post soon…..
      nahi.. R is not for rahull.. i can assure that,,,
      haan.. samjha dungi….
      im good..
      what about you??
      love you too <333
      i would !!

  12. pretty preeti

    Nikki yaar tune dil jeet liye
    Itna interesting
    Mind blowing
    O my shravo so sweet
    Loved it
    Post soon
    Will wait
    Loved it
    Love u

    1. Nikita

      thank you so much meri pretty preetii……
      love you too!!

  13. pretty preeti

    Ya forgotten r stands for for pata nhi please iska mtlab rahul na ho
    Love u

    1. Nikita

      guess karte raho.. but uska matlab rahul toh nahi haii

  14. Neeti

    sry Nikki di again late…
    super rulane wala epi
    I think R is fr Sumo’s dad or kuch bhi ho sakta he
    ye ques sabse puch rai hu to apko bhi : did you watch Dream Girl- Ek Ladki Deewani Si????….
    actually me us wakt ND (Nikita Dutta) ko pasand nai karti thi especially uske bal jo ekdum Kazi Nazrul Islam (a famous poet of Bangladesh) ki tarha the curly hehehehe is liye me guilty hu :P….
    plssss pst soon
    luv u sabse zyada – Neeti

    1. Nikita

      No worries.. Atleast you’re here meri Neeti.. *_*
      And thank you! Well about the R woh to tumhe baad mei hi pata chalega..
      Ummm…no.. Meine nahi dekha woh serial.. Although, I’ve heard about it.. Oh okay..
      Love you!

      1. Neeti

        ND female lead thi usme

    2. Nikita

      Yes i know…… i’m trying to catch up on the series online.. but mill nahi raha.. ;'(

  15. Oh I missed this before.. Just read it was so busy in these two days anyway THIS WAS WONDERFUL. Loved it. Post soon. xoxo

    1. Nikita

      No problem… Thank you so much..
      i would post soon !

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