“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-25 (NOT the last episode)


Hey guys… I’m sorry for being late…..I did not wanna ruin it so I took time… So read pls… My exams were on, they kinda went well.. So just pray for me!
So here’s E-25

Precap: Sumo decides to propose Shravan, and he’s missing..

Sumo: maybe garden?
Pushkar: woh garden kyu jaega?
Sumo: whenever he’s sad, or upset, he goes in the garden…
Pushkar: waha bhi dekh lete hai..
Sumo: chalo.
They go out

Khushi: aww…how much she knows about shravan!
Dhruv: itna toh mei bhi janta hu tumhare baare mei
Khushi: accha… Toh batao, whenever I’m upset, mei kaha jati hu?
Dhruv: umm..wo… Shravan ko dhunde?
Khushi laughs and goes out with him..

Outside, Shravan is standing outside..

Shravan: kaise batau sumo..kaise batau that I lovve you….. But meri bhi majboori hai,
Jo mei tumhe nai bata sakta….

Sumo goes to him

Sumo: Shravan..
Shravan (tensed): Sumo.. Tum yaha?
Sumo: (crying) Tum batao tum yaha kya kar rahe ho!!
Shravan (giving a sigh of relief) Sumo…..
Sumo: Kya Sumo? Tum jante ho mei kitna chinta kar rahi thi! qutub minar khin ke!
Shravan: Sumo….!!
Sumo: Aisa phir kabhi matt karna, mujhe kabhi chod ke mat jana….
Sumo hugs him
Shravan (pulls her off) mujhe kahin jaana hai
Sumo: Shravan?
Shravan turns and walks away…

Sumo sits on her knees and starts crying..
All the moments she spent with him start flashing in her mind.. The dance, the way they used to fight for the remote, the mangoda scene, everything..
Shravan turns back and looks at her with pain in his eyes.. He was sad, but the fact that broke him, that he was the reason, his love of her life was crying..
He hated those tears .. He had always hated them.. From the start, since he met her.. But what irked him more, that he could not be there to console her.. Moreover, he was the reason..

Preeti wanted to go to her.. Pushkar stopped her..

Pushkar: can I? Please
Preeti nods wiping her tears..

Pushkar goes to Sumo…

Pushkar looks at her… He thinks its not the right time.. He starts to walk away..
Sumo hold his hand, and that very second.. Pushkar turns and sits in his knees beside her..

Pushkar knew that Sumo needed Shravan at that point, but he even knew, that if Shravan broke her down,it was HIM that she needed..

Pushkar: Sumo.. please don’t cry..
Sumo: Pushkar ! Why me? Why is it always me??
She hugs him..
Shravan saw all this from a distance.. Though there was distance between them.. Shravan could feel Sumo’s pain.. He was cursing himself for doing that.. He was cursing himsself for not being there when he needed her..

Next morning

Sumo is sleeping in her room and Pushkar’s sleeping beside her…

Shravan comes in quietly and looks at her and smiles.. He removes the strand of hair that’s coming on her face. He looks emotionally at her with love and pain in his eyes. He remove the tear that falls from his eye and walks away.
Sumo wakes up and her first word was “Shravan”
Pushkar wakes up with a start
Pushkar: Suman…
Sumo: Shravan !?
Pushkar: woh yaha nahi hai
Sumo: nai.. Woh yaha aaya tha..
Pushkar: Sumo…
Sumo: mujhe usse baat karni padegi..

Sumo goes out and sees Shravan talking on the phone..

Sumo: kya kiya hai meine? What is it? How can you ignore me like this?
Shravan: its not you….
Sumo: yea right.. “Its not YOU its ME wala dialouge” Shravan.. I can read you.. So unless you don’t say the truth,
She snatches his phone
Sumo: I won’t return you your phone..
Shravan: ye kya hai Sumo? Phone wapas karo mera !
Sumo: nai..
Shravan: waapis karo!
Sumo: first tell me
Shravan: fine..
Sumo: kyu kar rahe ho aisa?
Shravan: you hate me , right? You hated me from the start? You hated that I gave you that locket.. You hated that I came back ..
Sumo: ye kya bol rahe ho? Since the time you’ve come here, have you not seen me how I have behaved towards you? Tumhe kaabhi bhi laga ki I hate you?
Shravan: lagta bhi kaise, you’re an amazing actor man !!
Sumo: what the hell?
Shravan: oh stop acting Sumo !!
Sumo: tumhe lgta hai mei acting kar rahi hu??
Shravan: nope, tum acting nahi, sach bol rahi ho.. Right?
Sumo: right
Shravan: wrong..
Sumo: you know what? I regret that meine tum jaise insaan par trust kiya.. I wanted to say something to you.. But not anymore.. Tum apne best friend pe bhi trust nahi karte!
Shravan: best friend? Yeah right..
Sumo walks away wiping her tears..
Shravan’s sarcastic smile changes into sadness, a tear falls from his eye.. He broke her again, once again..
Yes guys, this is not the last episode.. It was becoming lengthy.. So 30 episodes.. Okay??
Now stay happy.. And yea, I’m being told that writing a ff on movie is a bad idea.. So if you want me to continue I would, or I could start a new ff.. Tell your views please!

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  1. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hi Nikita! Well, am so so happy that u changed ur mind. U can surely continue that? lots of love. Samajh nahi as raha…so much change that too all of. A sudden??

    1. Nikita

      Hey nandu !!
      Thank you so much for liking my idea !!
      Thank you for supporting me !!
      Ab change aaya hai, deal toh karna padega naa!!
      Lots of love to you too

  2. Aditya deserves suman,not that spineless,cruel sravan.wake up writtets.a hero should be a hero,not a zero

    1. Nikita

      Don’t be sad..
      There’s a reason..
      Please ShraMan ko door mat karo…

  3. Yuv

    Hii Nikita it’s fantastic I just love it

    1. Nikita

      hi Yuv !!
      Thank you so much!

  4. Wohooo! Finally nikku! 30 episodes! Yayyyyy! Yipppeeee! Wohooo….today’s episode was very confusing, I mean…NOOOOO….the episode was NOT confusing, Shravan’s behaviour was confusing! Bass sab jldi jldi theek kr do….plsshhh
    Love u

    1. Nikita

      yay Laddooo..!!
      Thank you
      Thank you
      Thank you so much !!
      Yep, ab thoda confuse toh hona padega…
      Love you too!

  5. ☺☺????

    Nice one..

    And lot happy..that u r not ending early…??

    But..in fact..I was prepared to face the last part of ur ff…so I’m little confused ????

    1. Nikita

      Thank you Sona!!
      Aww, preparation tod di meine?
      So srry!!
      Keep reading.. you’ll get along!

  6. pretty preeti

    Niki wow ty will love to read it more
    All the best for exams
    Epi was damakedar
    Loved it
    So nice
    Lil short but ok
    I m very happy
    Love u

    1. Nikita

      Thank you meri pretty prettiii…
      Thank you so much!!
      It was short, next one’s gonna be long!
      Stay happpy always!!
      Love you too !!

  7. Marie

    Hey Nikko…!!
    OMG wat n ep….!!
    Fantastic !! Or is se Bhi ziada……!! Bht zabardast…!!
    Loved it…!!
    Yay..!!! Thank god you’ve changed ur mind…..relief….!! I should say ya ya continue how can u not….??!!
    Love u yr…!!
    Acha 1 more thing I followed u on twitter… 😉
    Post ASAP ASAP okkkkk
    Take care…!

    1. Nikita

      hello Marie Di!
      Thank you so much!!
      Thank you
      Thank you
      Thank you !
      Okay, I will continue..
      Thank you for following me.. i followed you back..
      I will post ASAP

  8. Fatimagulesarfraz

    It’s fantastic ep .. luv it .. nd u should continue ur ff ..

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much..
      Okay, i will surely continue !!
      Thank you !!

  9. Sharmansangel

    Continue loved it mumah

    1. Nikita

      Thank you shramansangel!!

  10. Awesome ……..you are a wonderful writer….. I loved the update……you should surely continue with other ff’s as you end this one…..you are a lovely writer……

    1. Nikita

      Thank you Kaya..
      Okay I will continue!
      thank you so much

  11. Ariana

    Y do u wanna stop the ff by 30th epi? So many ffs go more than 60 epis. Carry on. I loved it. Pls don’t stop. Nd what happened to Shravan? Got cracked again? K too much suspense again. Don’t stop epis like this. Post next part asap.
    Love love love

    1. Nikita

      Arre Ariana.. Control di!
      60 episodes.. do you want me to die??
      Thank you!
      Shravan, yep, cracked again..
      Okay, i will post ASAP..
      love you too-
      (aapki choti behen)

  12. Neeti

    Nikki di..thank you length barha ne ke lia
    and woh bhi pls continue karo
    I was also heartbroken after reading dis side of Shravan..pls use jaldi thik kar do, main uske iss side ko par nahi pa rahi hu
    and jaldi pst karo
    ap epis barha hi rahe ho toh main bhi apne os ko one shot ki jagha onek (many) shots bana deti hu bcs woh bhi bara he
    Nikki di meri bff (behen firvi forever) he
    main to akloti unki gf (gadhi filmy-behen)
    unpe nazar na dal behno…
    unke lia main toh possessive hu
    love love love pyaar bhara love- Neeti

    1. Nikita

      Hello meri pyaari si behen!
      Okay, I will try to increase the length!
      haan, usse jaldi she thik kar dungi.. aur koi wish??
      And sure!
      And i’m damn excited for your OS! Posst soon…
      haan, tumhari saari baatein samajh gayi…
      Love you too neeti
      -Nikki di

      1. Neeti

        arre kahe itna serious hote ho gane me samjhe tha iss liye likh diya

  13. Neeti

    gf ke bad *hu

  14. Y.balamirra

    Nice nikita

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much !!
      yes, ShraMan is love <3 !!

  15. Angel_pari

    Hehehe thanku yar now i,m hving mixed emotions happy becoz that was not last part and sad becoz shr…. What happen to him now do post soon and i want conffession part now waiting for so long……


    u should go with that ff it seems nyc 🙂

    1. Nikita

      Aww… Sorry di !!
      I would post soon!
      Yes, confesssion has to come afterall, it’s a LOVE STORY naa!!
      okay, I will continue!
      Thank you so much!!

  16. Sumo

    m really really happy dat u r extending it nikster..!
    n if u noticed in my story sumo chor ke chli jati h , n in ur Shravan.. ??
    anyway, loved it..
    zabardst.. ❤

    1. Nikita

      Aww !!
      Thank you so much di !!
      Haan, idhar ka udhar ho gaya !!
      Anyways, I’m very excited for the next part !!
      Thank you so much !!

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