“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-24



Helloo!! How are you? Here’s e-24

Precap: GOAA!!

Pushkar: so Sumo.. Kya karna hai?
Sumo: is sab ka bill kaun bharega?
Pushkar: humara crorepati, Dhruv..!
Sumo: so….Rooom Service!
Pushkar: great …
Sumo: kya khayega?
Pushkar: biryannI.
Sumo: good choice..

Room service comes and gives them biryani…

They are eating biryani, and playing truth and dare and drinking coke

Sumo: okay pushkar.. What’s one thing that you wanna do right now..
Pushkar: (whispers) tujhe aur shravan ko milana..
Sumo: bata naa
Pushkar: to get married to preeti…
Sumo: okay..

Pushkar: okay sumo, if you are given a chance to do anything with anyone person, tu kya karegi
Sumo: Rahul ko thappad marungi.. I hate that guy.. Don’t you remember what he was doing at the party?
Pushkar: toh usi waqt maar deti…
Sumo: maar deti, agar shravan aakar mere saath nachta nahi…
Pushkar: koi nai…. Future mei badla pura karlenge…
Sumo: for sure…!
Sumo: Pushkar your turn!
Pushkar: okay
Sumo: chal beta, tell me your first love
Pushkar: Marie…
Sumo: not Preeti?
Pushkar: 12th class ki crush thi.. Very pretty..
Sumo: accha agar Preeti aur Marie dono tumse shaadi karna chahte hai toh?
Pushkar: ek hi question puch sakte hai
Sumo laughs…

Pushkar: your turn!
Sumo: okay pucho…
Pushkar: Your first love..
Sumo: you don’t wanna know
Pushkar: bata do..
Sumo: kisi ko nai bataega
Pushkar: ha baba..pakka..preeti ko bas bataunga
Sumo: woh chalega, she knows… Its Shravan…
Pushkar: what?
Sumo blushes..
Pushkar: oho… Someone’s blushing
Sumo hits him..
Pushkar: tu batati kyu nahi hai usko…?
Sumo: yaar… I want to….but usne mana kar diya toh?
Pushkar: he loves you too!!
Sumo: kuch bhi..!!
Pushkar: yes he does! He told me so!
Sumo runs out…

Pushkar notices the locket..
Pushkar: yeh second half toh shravan ki keyring hai! They are so cute…awww

Sumo goes to Shravan’s room.. She knocks on the door..

Preeti: Hey sumo!
Sumo: Shravan hai?
Preeti: relax.. Kuch kaam tha?
Sumo: kuch baat batani hai..kaha hai woh?
Preeti: woh toh yaha nahi hai… Wai baat?
Sumo nods

Till the time Pushkar reaches there…

Pushkar: kaha hai yaar ye!
Sumo: last time bhi jab bolna tha, tab bhi chala gaya tha…
Preeti: tu uss time bhi confess karne wali thi?
Sumo nods!

They check on KhuRuv’s room….

Khushi: hume nahi pata Shravan kaha hai..
Pushkar: arre yaar.. Gaya kaha ye?

Sumo starts crying…

Pushkar: Sumo.. Calm down..
Sumo: hai kaha ye!!

Precap: shravan is found in the garden..

How was the episode???
Where’s Shravan? And Sumo tried to confess that time too? Woah.. And how was PushMan’s bond? Next episode’s the last one..

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  1. Sharmansangel

    Awesome episode di but why r u ending it not fair???

    1. Nikita

      Thanks shramansangel…!!
      im very sorry.. i have to.. as i don’t wanna drag this ff.. it’s been very special.. i dont wanna ruin it!

  2. Hats off my jaan…
    U r seriously a marvellous writer…
    A big big hug and lots of love…
    Post the next one soon…muaah….love ya?

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so mucho laddooo…../!!!
      it means a lot!!
      i’ll post soon..!!
      love you too,

  3. Nandini aka Nandu

    Hey nikki! Well am sad that the next part would be the last one but still happy that atleast one part is still left! I think that i have guessed the story of the next part a bit…only.if its true.. well i loved the pushMan’s bond dear. Lots of love. Keep writing. Do come up with another writing. Post soon dear. Super excited for next part!;)

    1. Nikita

      thank you so much!
      it means a lot..
      thank’s for liking the track and pushman’s bond..
      and if you predicted it, it might come true..
      ab dekho kya hota hai!!
      i’ll post soon!

      1. Nandini aka Nandu

        Hi nikki! Well, am glad that it means a lot to you. I just abhi came to know that even u r 13(thank god i didnt call u di!) Well, how are you dear? I had to like the track if the writing is good yar! Just pray that wht i have predicted doesnt comes to be true so that i can get a double dhamaka! Cant wait for 13 aug to pass! Post soon on that day as well coz these people take a lot of time in uploading( only if u want to, otherwise just take it s a suggstion.) Cool. Lots of love. Btw are u from india only, if yes from which state or where????? Keep writing.

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Wow wow !!!! Yr what an ep .. tooooooooooooo gud .. u rockkkk every time .. nd very excited for the confession .. OMG !!!! m very excited .. chalo serial me to confession ho rae raha .. apky ff k confession part se hi khush ho jaty hn .. post sooooooon … waitingggggggg .. can’t wait .. just can’t wait ..
    Take care ..
    Nd don’t forget to post very sooooooon ..

    1. Nikita

      Thank you fatimah di so much!!
      Thank you .. thank you…
      glad to know you’re excited..
      cross-fingers, that show mei bhi jaldi se confession ho jae,..
      I’ll post soon..!
      thank you for the love..

  5. Ariana

    Yaar confession ki time par hi Shravan kyu gayab hota hai??? Gotta tie him up with a rope next time. Amazing epi!! nd the marie part…. I just took tht as Maria… I hope she reads this comment. Jk…post next part soon….
    Lots of love nd blessings
    Ariana (di or choti behen-idk)

    1. Nikita

      ???? I swear.. hamesha chala jata hai..
      sure! we’ll be there with the rope next time..
      thank’s.. i wrote that thinking about marie di only..
      I’ll post soon…
      love you too!
      love nikita..
      (p.s: im 13.. what’s your age?)

      1. Ariana

        I’m 14

  6. Neeti

    Uh uh ? ap bhi ff ko Mar dalna chahti he..
    ap logo ko ffs par taras nahi Ata kya…
    bt happy yeh dono phir bhi confess karenge lekin inki shadi hogi Ki nai a sawal mujhe khaya ja raha hain
    philhal main sone jati hoon
    bye love you ittttttttoooooooooo jayada-Neeti???

    1. Nikita

      Sorry meri bhen.. but what can I do?
      chill… they will be together somehow, after all it’s “EK DUJE KE VAASTE”
      Go sleep..
      good night…
      take care.. viral’s spreading…
      love you too sissy,

  7. Wow……nice update…..loved it……..it was awesome……….hope you post soon………. waiting for next update…………

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much kaya..
      i will post soon

  8. Marie

    Awww nai nai nai…..kyun yr nikku kyun end kar rai hai………….chal koi nai agar tu end kar hi rahi hai toh wjo can stop u……..well plz do cm wid second 1 its ur di’s hukum 😀
    now cm to ep…….!!
    Mindblowing…..!! Fantastic….!!
    Love it
    love it
    love it
    love it soooooooo much yr……!!!!!
    U r amazing super awesome…..!!
    Love u sooooooooo much
    n thank u so much fr giving this wonderful ep…..!!!!
    Btw when will u gonna post nxt ep
    plzzzzzzzz post asap asap asap
    ok byyyyy
    take care
    di loves u most 🙂

    1. Nikita

      sorry di..
      but karna padega..
      and chill, i’ll surely be back..
      ek badi behen ka choti behen ke liye hukum hai na!!
      and thank you so much for loving it..!
      i’ll post soon…..
      next ep aaega 11 or 12 tak…
      i’ll take care..
      i love you too!!

  9. Lovely.. ????????????????????????
    Abh..is rahul ka kya hoga bichara..????
    Hey..make sure rahul..will notice shraman love confession..it will b lollllll…??????????????????

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much..
      ab rahul ka toh bhagwan hi jaane..
      bhagwan kya mei hi jaanu, mujhe hi toh likhna hai.
      ab rahul shraman confession dekhega ki nahi..
      woh toh tum hi dekhna!

  10. Sumo

    I to just loved it nikster!
    kB akhir sumo Shravan ko bta paegi .. dat she loves him.. n wat is happening to Shravan!? gayab kyu ho jata h?
    waise I looovedd it.. ❤❤❤???

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much di…!!
      Sumo next part mei bata degi.. nai bategi,
      toh mei bulwa dungi…
      ab shravan ka… uske liye tooh padhna padhega..
      lots of love,

  11. Great one

    1. Nikita

      Thanks Shreyansh.. 🙂

  12. yar yeh shravan hamesha gayab kyu hojata hei??????? well a wonderful episode nikita or rather niki di . whats your age by the way?????????

    1. Nikita

      Well thank you so much Deotima.. Well I’m not anyone’s di here except for Neeti’s cause I’m the smallest one here.. I’m 13

  13. Prettypreeti

    Niki it was amazingggggggggggg
    So interested so cool it was fab deardear
    But next will be last one
    Will miss this ff surely
    Write next ff ok
    I loved this one
    From epi1 to 24 it was fantabulous
    And I know
    Last one will be best one
    Love u
    Post soon

    1. Nikita

      Thank you so much..!!
      it means a lot meri pretty prettiii……
      thank you for loving it from the start… 🙂
      ab last kaisa hai, woh toh tum padh hi lena..
      love you too.
      i’ll post soon..
      lots of love to preettyyyy preeetiii,
      from niki

  14. Y.balamirra

    Nice nikita

    1. Nikita

      Thank you balamirra………..

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